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  1. Guess we're getting more people. The more we get to reply here, the more the staff will consider this request. Thank you all.
  2. I'm not the guy who plays hardcore or professionally, I'm mostly looking for no requirements, a group where anyone is free to join and play when he wants, with the change that you can organize events of some sort. Usually to solve the problem I just play with a couple of friends, and that's enough for me, but of course I'd enjoy more company!
  3. Too many requirements, I'd prefer a group where anyone can join and play together.
  4. Didn't find anything (english-speaking) either...
  5. A lot... maybe in future someone will mod that out.
  6. Around a week ago I mailed the devs and I bought the game, I suggest you do the same! When you have the game, if you go France (although I warn you it has very few players) we might play together. Remember it's a closed alpha so the main purpose is to test the game, so that there are as few bugs as possible when the game is officially released. (That doesn't mean you can't have fun playing!)
  7. Not only more sunny days but also brighter water, because speaking of the Caribbean the current water is way too dark. ^^
  8. Hello, me and a friend tried to play few minutes ago, but apparently whenever we try to connect in multiplayer by either selecting "Find Opponent" or "Invite Friend" it infinitely says "Connecting.." and it never loads. Thus I assume servers are offline, and I'd like to report this in case you didn't notice yet. Regards
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