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  1. Hey man I made 3 albums with pictures of the kronprins gustav adolf model if you are interested 1. http://imgur.com/a/owdwV2. http://imgur.com/a/HZAzk 3. http://imgur.com/a/PsBkK I hope this ship makes it into the game because it would be the only ship I would sail
  2. Found this randomly while on google, its from a Russian site and I have no idea what its about but my guess judging from the Swedish ship is that this is the war between russia and Sweden around 1790 or something like that. If you know Russian this might be an interesting read http://topwar.ru/45334-admiral-aleksey-greyg.html
  3. As a Swede I approve of you attacking that Danish merchant hehe
  4. is that really the flag Sweden used back then? I mean I thought the Swedish navy always used this one? But hey I might be wrong
  5. Probably not going to happen since it was a failure and there is no reason for her to be added, however her sistership was kind of successful but its still an old design for this game so I would rather see the never Chapman 64 gun Wasa since that one was actually a good ship
  6. Narva

    FAQ - The 'Open World'

    They said that next week people who got to Santisima Trinidad during the trials will be invited to open world testing. My question: Will people be allowed to stream open world and make videos on Twitch and Youtube or will the game be under that protection that I cant remember the name off?
  7. Wow that is a nice ship and I have never seen it before, is it full scale?
  8. tror inte en Finne hade upskattat att jag sa östra Sverige
  9. Actually Sweden had alot of ships but the problem is that for some reason Swedish museums have not uploaded plans for ships or you have to be a member of the museum to see the blueprints
  10. I know in Sweden we have the east indiaman replica: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6theborg_%28ship%29 And then of course Vasa built between 1626 - 1628 : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasa_%28ship%29
  11. As a Swede I want this in the game so that I will be able to sink it unless Sweden and Denmark decides to work together in open world then I will only be able to accidentally shoot it hehe
  12. And it already has a white flag huehue, no but in all seriousness that ship looks beautiful and I would love to sail it someday
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