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  1. Although i think the over all soundscape is fine I miss the general chatter and shouts of a crew in battle and just sailiing, hauling lines and general stuff. I added a few extra flavour and context voices to a vid to see what you think?
  2. Still by a country mile the best and most realistic Wooden ships wargame ever. Pity it wont run on windows! Still here is hope for the future of Naval gazing!
  3. Im not a tester so i could be mistaken but viewing the utube vids it appears the raising and lowering the sails appears far to fast. Changing the sails is a labour intensive job and I think if the time taken could be reflected by the quality of the crew. This could add an extra dimension in the tactical decisions made during a battle?
  4. Elite Dangerous Beta....Love it and its gonna be AWSOME on release. Napoleon TW sea battles only cos im rubbish on land! Ship sim extreme has its faults, looks nasty but it has a good (best) real sailing model. WoT only casual player as my E100 is nerfed to death. War Thunder got back into it for the tanks. War Of The Vikings.....I have a love hate thing going with this! If the devs would just stop the cheaters!
  5. Realistic wind modelling and its effects on the ships. I want to see ships "locked in irons" when they do a poor manouver and end up facing the wind.
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