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  1. 39 going 40 but have have a temper like a teen girl
  2. Well it is both Danish and Swedish in this threat, but the thing is that the players wont to help the Nordic player even though we play for Sweden and Denmark-Norway. I would probably say that if i see a Swedish flag i wont shot the first shot (unless the person is a pirate that is known as so have shot at me or others before), i know that there are players out there that will take that and use against me and be a pirate. It is just a idea and we can talk about it more if people (Denmark-Norway and Sweden) wont this.
  3. Hejsa nordiske spiller. Nu hvor open world er tæt på kan vi jo snakke lidt om der skal være sammen arbejde mellem os alle i de nordiske lande. Ved at historisk har vi haft vores krige. Men så vidt jeg husker var der vist en del handel mellem vores lande og det var vist mest kongerne der ikke lige kunne enes om meget. Vi starter meget tæt på hinanden og er meget små så lidt sammen arbejde kunne måske være på sin plads. Will now translate it to English. Hello Nordic player . Now that the open world is near, we can discuss if we should be working together all of us in t
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