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  1. I like the book a lot, and the stuff written in it is awesome... but: it's overpowered... you should make it with some useless stats, so that everyone has it saved forever, but it's not gamebreaking. The purpose is to remember Seeferkel, not to get overpowered ships in his name... right? Thanks again devs, that was nice.
  2. Thank you for the 2nd server down-time in 4 days. Because of it I noticed that my girlfriend is still breathing. She seems so nice and I would have never realised it without this opportunity you're giving to your playerbase. Very kind of you. Sincerely yours, Frost
  3. Sekiro, with your complaints you're only defending your gameplay, not the economy nor anything else. We all know you don't give a hello kitty about it, but you ignore that removing doubs from that will make crafting more attractive. Think about that: less redoutable spam (I don't spam redoutables anyway, if you say so you're an idiot, you know why we used so many in the past). I used one yesterday since I didn't have other ships available in the short term, for the rest I use them ONLY for Patrol. The truth is that you see so many around (and that's why now I stopped using bellona, wasa and similar, it's literally impossible, I use only inger and stuff like that), because Redo is best in its class, AND because it's convenient. Why convenient? Because if you redeem you spend nothing, if you craft it requires 7.5k for an Implacable (same ship). Maybe reals will be now the way to craft ships and make crafting more attracting than redeeming a DLC? Who knows... but frankly, reading all these tears from a lot of people before this has been introduced makes me worry about this community: one day you cry for too many DLCs, the day after you cry when a solution is offered. @admin really looking forward to having more details, please. Also one solution to make crafting more attractive might be buffing the other third rates, as you announced more than 3 months ago, but never did? I think it takes not more than 30 minutes to edit stats and BR for ships...
  4. Let us contemplate Sekiro whining for it but I'm sure this is a step in the right direction. They probably want to make crafting more convenient now with the DLC spam happening. At least that is my hope, and everyone should hope for the same, instead of crying to keep the old system, because it's clearly not working and after Redoutable release I stopped crafting completely apart from a couple of ingers and a couple of Bucentaures and Snows for PBs. Let's be honest, crafting is pretty much dead, getting it for reals will revive it as the bottleneck was the amount of Doubs required.
  5. You forgot buildings such as shipyard (85k in total!), workshop, academy, forge.
  6. Pssssst... you buy a ship because you want to sail that ship, not because you want to grind new woods from her.
  7. @Liq admin will tell you it's not pay to win as long as the same resources can be crafted by players that don't buy the DLC, which is an interesting definition. The problem is that it means however that the more Victory DLCs a nation/clan owns, the more it gets competitive compared to others in the short run. I think all nations will have the same percentage of active players buying it, so it will, once again, give advantages to the big nations, giving them possibility to replace seasoned PB ships in no time.
  8. RIP rediii's account after this message
  9. Completely fine with that. It takes an entire day worth of grinding that thing to unlock one level, let alone 25. Which means 25 days of full grinding (is it a job?). Please lower the amount required. I grind Privateer fleets for the woods, not to put the wooden chests to make them disappear lol Victory marks can be bought. In general small clans don't own any crafting port and Victory marks are SURELY not the bottle neck. The wooden chest is. I like Anolytic's proposal, you should consider it.
  10. you mean "Better create a proposal so admin answers you NO" ?
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