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  1. RIP rediii's account after this message
  2. Completely fine with that. It takes an entire day worth of grinding that thing to unlock one level, let alone 25. Which means 25 days of full grinding (is it a job?). Please lower the amount required. I grind Privateer fleets for the woods, not to put the wooden chests to make them disappear lol Victory marks can be bought. In general small clans don't own any crafting port and Victory marks are SURELY not the bottle neck. The wooden chest is. I like Anolytic's proposal, you should consider it.
  3. you mean "Better create a proposal so admin answers you NO" ?
  4. The question is why did you add them in the first place since literally no one wanted them and they remove balance from game?
  5. If you played the game you would know Nassau is uncapturable... now I have my doubts.
  6. If only this game had 3k players online at the same time... Wouldn't be much of an effort. But we know it's not like that and increasing amount of boring PVE won't increase server population... Sorry.
  7. if you want to max it out it's 1250 wooden chests.. do the math yourself (it's turning into a PVE game, just sayin')
  8. Not a fan of 55 points ports becoming 80 points, giving us opportunity to have max investments on everything and unifying different configurations for the different ports. Most importantly, now investments have no purpose anymore as every ship will have the same. For the rest... it sounds exciting! Really looking forward to trying it soon.
  9. Yeah remove some more content, please!
  10. I used to play before wipe. I was pve'ing because casual PvP was not even a possibility. If you think it's fine that a released game should have 300 players online, then you might have a problem. @admin Can you do anything to get back some players? Instead of removing hostility without saying when we'll be able to RvR again and removing screening with the new patch... or maybe something like making RvR total wars less exhaustinging (increasing cooldown maybe) or finding a way to prevent huge multiflips.
  11. That's true. But logging in and finding 290 players online in a morning (usually there were like 600...) is discouraging and people just log off because they can't hunt anymore.
  12. I don't see butthurt and frustration in this message. P.s. frost never beat his chest on sweden, you idiot.... stop writing in forum senseless stuff, we all see you have no clue. (that's not a coincidence you're in PURG3) Please, this is getting embarassing! p.p.s. are you capable of putting any commas in your senseless messages? It gets hard to read.
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