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  1. I believe there is already a game in development doing exactly what you describe. It's name escapes me at the moment, but it's on moddb.
  2. Ah yes, there will be no official pirate nation, but rather groups of rogue players who may band together or not, depending on how they wish to play.
  3. Hawke


    Yeah, It's really very sad, POTBS was very fun to play several patches ago, it's sad to see it destroyed in this manner.
  4. Hawke


    I was reading up on the new eco post and I couldn't believe it. If they had deliberately set out to kill the game, they couldn't have done a better job than what they have done with all these patches. I am absolutely confounded by their development direction, instead of working on Avcom, PVP encounters, Port Battles or even getting the basics like a new website/forum or even the bloody user content back up they instead messed with the eco which worked fairly well, introducing huge, sweeping changes with no documentation and it's completely screwed the game.
  5. Take all the time you need to get it right mate, we'll wait.
  6. I'm not sure if it's been suggested yet, but HMS Lively would make for a great addition as a crack Royal Navy Frigate.
  7. Oh I see. I'm not sure about that, as far as I know players will not be directly in control of the Nations, as a Naval Captain you would only be involved in that admiralty of your nation.
  8. We used to have "Mass Battles" organized here on the forum, but sadly they have fallen off lately. Hopefully with the influx of sea trial players we can have more large scale engagements again.
  9. I'm not totally clear on what you mean. If you're asking if historical nations and factions (like the East India companies) will be in-game, yes they will be. I believe all the major European powers will be represented and there is a planned economy and explorer options. Additionally if you wanted to go pirate all you have to do is sink and capture friendly ships, and eventually nations will outlaw you, so there is your "rebel fleet" scenario.
  10. I believe some of the development direction will depend on the popularity (and consequently, the funding from game purchases) this could possible dictate the development of the true open world, or the system we have now, with closed battle instances.
  11. I'm rather surprised that game is still in this kind of shape, considering it was moved from "early access" to complete release back in October. I hope these hiccups don't hurt sales.
  12. Welcome to the forums Captain!
  13. I second the idea of night actions in a port, although I'm not sure what you would be attacking besides NPC ships, since players will have logged off once in port. But it would be an excellent place to implement the mortar towers, as well as the fire ships that were discussed in another thread. Sneaking aboard an enemy ship and then sailing it out right under the nose of the enemy would be very exhilarating.
  14. Flat bottomed girls are where it's at. That rounded stern would have be throwing me off if it was included.
  15. Jingles is a great guy and I'm sure he'd have a strong interest in this game. Good idea.
  16. I would like to have a skipping effect to the cannons, a skilled gunner might be able to skip a shot or two through the enemy's hull. It would also be nice if there as an audio cue besides the whistle to let you know your broadside had reloaded. Someone shouting it out perhaps, I know I'm often zoomed in on my scope and not paying too much attention to the reload meter.
  17. Has anyone set up a steam group for people to join? That way you could send out announcements organizing battles between people.
  18. Those are certainly troubling figures. I was aware of the issue of ordnance such as land mines, grenades and bombs left over from various wars, but chemical weapons in the seas seems like a much more significant issue, I'm frankly surprised I haven't heard more about it.
  19. I always loved sailing the smaller classes of ships in POTBS. The snow was a personal favorite.
  20. I'd never even considered this before, but I can see now how that could be a huge issue with all that unexploded ordnance.
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