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  1. Stand by for some photos from me. We will be escorting her into Baltimore in a couple days on the Pride of Baltimore 2!
  2. She logged over 11.2 knots the other day
  3. It's the preventer or "spring" stay for the fore. slightly smaller diameter than the forestay. There is a lot of safety and redundancy built in to this era of rigging, every stay usually has a preventer stay in place in case one fails or is shot away in action.
  4. I might get to see L'Hermione! I'm going to sail on the Pride of Baltimore 2 this summer starting in June and we might go to Philly for the tallships festival. I'm soo excited!!
  5. very cool. In other news, it looks like I'm going to sail on Pride Of Baltimore 2 this summer, stand by for performance report.
  6. Its ludicrous. Really frustrating to me as a Canadian. Not only did they use tropical hardwoods on the structural components, they chose to have the belowdecks lavishly furnished in solid bloody exotic hardwood trim, if you see pictures below decks she looks like she was fitted out to be a Rockafeller's yacht, not a faithful replica of a fishing schooner. Sadly most of our tallships in Canada have this tendancy to reflect more of millionaire yachting culture in the way they are built, manned, and operated than simply preserving our naval heritage. The other thing that makes me nuts is W
  7. The only government funded ship in Canada the Bluenose two has become a complete debacle, poorly managed, orginal rebuilding costs estimated around 5 million and now they have spent 20 million and climbing, on a fishing schooner.... It pains me, and the people who live in Nova Scotia who's money the government has spent. The Canadian public that know about tallships usually are not willing to spend public money to fund them, we only have a small handfull in the country anyway. The Lady has Catharpins setup on the lower and topmast shrouds, when the shrouds are slack you bowse the catharp
  8. Unfortunately theres almost always a political side to these things.
  9. Here is a quote from the article that makes me smile every time I read it. This is the designer of the ship "She arrived off president roads in a brisk and squally northwest wind, having outsailed the motorship supposed to tow her, and proceeded to beat up into Boston Harbour, logging 11 knots close hauled with little stern wave (vindicating my shortening of her run) and tacking without difficulty. There was some hitch in the gear that prevented bracing the course yards to the intended limit, and too few in her crew to see properly to her topgallant yards, so she looks a little haywir
  10. I would have doused the main topgallant, and the main topgallant staysail, and set the main topsail in that situation. Those two little sails put huge pressure on the topgallantmast together, especially in any kind of real sailing breeze like in the photo. And the main topsail would likely provide more thrust than both of the little sails together. It could be that they simply hadn't run the sheets and gear for that sail yet, in that photo she only is just getting to Boston from Lunenburg for the first time.
  11. Alright guys, you ready for some hot and heavy Not safe for work photo action???? Here ya go
  12. I recall Captain Bailey talking about Rose awhile ago, saying that the last time he saw her many of her structural members are little better than sawdust, and it would be cheaper to build a new one. I always dreamed of sailing on Rose, it broke my heart when I first got to see her in San Diego in the winter of 2013. Let me get those pictures. This magazine is my treasure, it also has an article of the building of Lynx and Lady Washington.
  13. We boxhauled Lady Washington all the time in battle sails with the Hawaiian Chieftain, the amount of stress is dependant on wind speed of course, the most intense boxhaul we ever did was in 20-25 knots in redwood city inside the San Francisco Bay during a battlesail. I have an article in an old magazine called pacific time machines that talks about when the Rose was built, the young man who had her commisioned negotiated with the shipbuilders in Lunenberg over the design and they sneakily hollowed out her bow section just below the waterline, significantly more than the admiralty design,
  14. Ahgg. I have to sail on this ship. Surcouf do you know if they have started working on some kind of programming for after the current voyage yet?
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