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    1. Click on the Games tab in the upper left corner. 2. Click "Activate a Product on Steam..." 3. Click Next. (Might also have to click "I agree" after that.) 4. Copy and paste the game key, and then click next.
  2. Hello!!! Somehow, I've been unaware of the existence of this amazing looking game until today. I just pre-ordered it and wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I played Pirates of the Burning Sea until about three years ago. I played as a naval officer and participated in port battles as well as group pvp. After a few attempts to get back into it, I finally gave up as it didn't seem like the game it used to be. Off and on I've searched for a proper substitute and was never able to find one. However, it seems as though my search might finally be over... From what I've seen, this
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