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  1. The HMS Victory may be the oldest commissioned warship in the world, she's stuck on dry land. Until she reaches drydock later this month and again once she leaves drydock in 2018, Constitution is and will be the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world! What's interesting about this is that within the US Navy's official register(s) of currently active ships, Constitution shows up and ends up creating some very unusual entries, like this one: http://www.nvr.navy.mil/nvrships/details/oldiron.htm Some examples of information that seem pretty funny when compared to the other ships i
  2. Thank you for all of that information, Alex! I confess that I am very new to the business of Age of Sail combat; I'm a bit better-versed in terms of 20th century naval combat, but there's a lot more I want to learn there as well. These ships probably weren't parts of a "class" just like the original six frigates of the US Navy weren't a class, but I figured there might have been enough similarities between them, like the similarities between the original six frigates, to name the thread title what I did. I was under the impression when I made this topic that these ships would be more a
  3. Indeed, I like the imposing look they give. I would compare it to a lizard opening up its flaps when it scares away predators.
  4. I'm a newcomer to this subject, so all I have are public domain documents (the Internet), and don't know where to search for plans of lesser-known or incomplete vessels, but the ships got along rather far in their construction, to the point where it was claimed that the ships were run up in 42 days. I would think that there would be some plans to these ships in an archive somewhere. Apparently, New Orleans in particular remained in this state in the navy yard that was building her for almost 70 years: There's even a picture online of the document that ordered the construction of thes
  5. Yeah, that's the video series I watched. I would quite like more videos like that, if there are any.
  6. Once again, the Pennsylvania was 1837, while the Chippewa and New Orleans were laid down in 1815. This thread is about the Chippewa and New Orleans, not the Pennsylvania.
  7. The problem with Ohio is that she's a ship from 1820, which is undeniably after the Napoleonic Wars. And hey, I rather like stern galleys of the six original frigates! They're decorative, but not over-designed to the point of tackiness!
  8. I was focusing on the Chippewa and New Orleans, which were planned to fight in the War of 1812 (essentially the American equivalent to the ending to the Napoleonic Wars), and were laid down in 1815 in anticipation of doing so. They fit the era far better than Pennsylvania would; I only display the Pennsylvania so much because she was the only ship of this class to actually be completed, and therefore the only ship of the class that I can find multiple pictures of. The first naval gun designed to fire exploding shells came almost a decade after these two ships were laid down.
  9. This might be a gray area as to whether these ships fit the era of the game or not, since these ships were laid down within the last year or two of the Napoleonic Wars, and thus they teeter on the edge of inclusion, not to mention the fact that the ships that were laid down in that time weren't finished, but I am outlining these ships just in case they're allowed in. The first two ships of this class, the USS Chippewa and the USS New Orleans, were laid down in 1815 but were never finished. The finished ship was laid down considerably later, but she was finished, so it is this third ship, U
  10. Each of USS Constitution's guns, if not crew, moving according to, or in a similar manner to, this gun drill on the actual ship during reloads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQSBxQiLSyQ#t=1m44s (0:43 in the video shows a drill from overhead and explains each step) Also, an option for Constitution and her sisterships to unfurl all of their sails for even more speed, as they were used to outrun a squadron of British vessels during the War of 1812: I have yet to see any screenshots or game footage of Constitution using these extra sails.
  11. I was always a fan of CGI- and/or reenactment-heavy documentaries. Are there any such documentaries that can teach me a thing or two about the maneuvering physics of sailing ships? I'm used to the later powered ships, and have only seen one video on some of the basic maneuvers (tacking etc.) of a sailing vessel. I'm still not quite sure how a sailing vessel would maneuver if it wished to travel in the direction that the wind was blowing! (such as if it left a port with the wind in its sails, and then wished to turn back without the wind shifting by very much). I also very much like to see docu
  12. How about PvE combat scenarios involving shore bombardment? For example, the attack on Fort McHenry (although the bombarding side were not successful in making the fort surrender): Or the shore bombardment of Tripoli during the First Barbary War: Shore targets could have an HP meter, and challenge can come in the form of the defending ships or shore installations, either of which can fire back at the player!
  13. USS Constitution is a beautiful and powerful frigate, but she often overshadows her five less-successful sisters. I imagine Constitution might get lonely if Chesapeake, Constellation, President, United States, and Congress were all left out! I don't know of any other game out there to have all six ships together (or even any other ships of this class besides Constitution), but it can give the US a slightly larger variety of ships even though the US didn't use the British six-rate system for frigates! I say this because even though they're all technically the same class and are all collecti
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