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  1. Yep, and we should equip our ships with torpedoes and missiles, PvP would be faster.... The new fire spreading is an other very bad choice if not equipped with fireship, revert back please.
  2. They lied for 3 years about xp and rank, we've been manipulated to keep playing and testing their game. They sold us valuable DLC ships and then they turned them into crap with an update. Yeah, yeah, it's early access bla bla bla... And now we'll get a Pandora that may be turned into shit in a few weeks, and finally no garantee that there won't be others wipes after release. People keep thinking that there will be tons of new players in this niche game, visible on steam for 3 years and with negative reviews....that's just fantaisy....and old bored players will leave too. We are just idiots and have to deal with it.
  3. Rage boarded first ship, repaired and recrewed then destroyed second ship by letting him run after me with 45 degree angle, managing my speed to keep at a medium distance. Each time he fired his broadside at 45 degree angle, I turned and fired him a parallel broadside. Repeat and he will sink fast. Hard but doable.
  4. Extreme grind, overpriced ships and crafting, PvP marks return (aka Combat Medals the new game poisonning), useless and boring trading if you don't have ALTs....very pessimistic for now...
  5. Strangely it's not the first time when swedes are about to loose a battle...
  6. Sacre, ne perds pas ton temps , une seule solution pour se soigner quand le fofopicote:
  7. Perhaps it's exactly what we want to happen
  8. Disabling Friendly fire ? Why not add in the battle shells, mushrooms and bananas (mario kart styled) ? No, no and no ! You don't solve a problem by creating a new one.
  9. I'll will not. Seriously, in 2018. It's a multiplayer game and removing communication tools one after an other is not the answer, that's simply moving backward. As many other games, we should even have an ingame vocal chat...
  10. Si cuisiner se résume à boire du rhum, je ne fais pas le poids effectivement....
  11. 8 knots boarding ?????? Really ???? This time, after 3 years, I'm OUT of this "game", can't stand how it's turning into a massive mess.
  12. Ok then, let's fight Spain, then we will be friends again and we will focus together on perfid Brits, especially Mauricio Pinkflower. But for one more week, I'll take advantage of Spanish beaches, drinking Cuba Libre and eating tapas till the end of the night @Jorge: If you see a kayak fishing in Peniscola, Don't shoot at me, I only trade fish meat
  13. Staun, you should put you beer in the fridge !
  14. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  15. Forbin

    War and Peace

    @van Veen : I love the idea, this would need some serious tuning but I admit this could be very very interesting.
  16. Les écrits c'est une chose, mais le sentiment d'être pris pour un con, ça c'est nettement plus préjudiciable pour le jeu....
  17. Je te crois volontier mon Dédé, en Espagne aussi ça chauffe bien
  18. Achète le DLC "Vaseline building" à 19 Euros, tu verras ça passe mieux Dédé Comme quoi ils ont parfois du bon sens ces Allemands
  19. Not having friends is the price to pay for sailing the wrong side of the waves and eating chicken with jelly mint Prussian have good beer at least, even if their ships tend to polute more than authorized by admirality
  20. ??? Where did we said night crew were not venerables captains ??? "Day crew only" only applies to the declaration, not to the adjective "venerable"
  21. Stop reading one word about two. This is not diplomacy, this is a statement of what the day crew will do now and for the next few days, not a week ago. If you have a problem with Bensalem, deal with night crew (UWS-WO-BLANC) but if you read correctly day crew will defend if they can. Beside that, people who are not Spanish or French, keep your advices for yourselves, we don't care. Opinions are like assholes, everyone got one
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