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  1. Raspoutine

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Political situation
  2. Raspoutine

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    "Syndrome of the little Napoleon angry" But hoooo that yes, we prefer that😁. That the "syndrome of the little Corporal psychopath with a little mustache"😉
  3. Raspoutine

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    totally wrong, they were in the screen of this pb and so they could do it. The rest of your blabla is watching you
  4. Raspoutine

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Thanks to the British for the fight last night, especially the SOL (ex-UWS). Very disappointing of your level, but thanks anyway for the 430 PvP marks obtained by 6 of our captains. See you next Saturday;)
  5. Raspoutine

    insulting name

    Indeed, I also find the nickname insulting. Even if it's just humor, it's out of place and disrespectful. Moreover, he will be excluded from the Clan, trust and respect is important to us
  6. Raspoutine

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    Hello friends from Spain, the real ones, I ask you to think well about the future, the night guard is very expensive for you, so imagine if the day guard EU enters fully into this war ... Do not give in to the songs of the sirens of your new false friends who serve only their own interests and who, when the time comes, will leave in another nation. Take the path of reason and peace before it is too late, a hand is handed to you take it.
  7. Raspoutine

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    10 sec.... and we missed the 20-point win, it's really that you've been smart, so smart, that there are still brown marks behind your ships. See you soon
  8. With delay in the subject, but to bring some information on the Buc poured by 3 princes, I was one of them and the Buc made big mistakes, he paid in cash.He loses more than half of his weapons in the fight with our passes in the back and does no repair to restore them. Bad management of the wind, no attempt to board at low speed, while he has almost 3 times our crew, it is based on his DD. Demist how to say, bordered in the water or in the clouds. And many other mistakes and he's just trying to escape, here's how to lose a 2nd rank against mosquitoes.For us, 1 is improved in PvP and 1 has learned that it is possible to do it.Aventador, thank you for this training and try the new pacth on a big ass.Finally, ships that are no longer invincible and that these fights become fun
  9. Raspoutine

    Cheat suspected

    For Zhou STX To indicate the mentality of these players
  10. Raspoutine

    Cheat suspected

  11. Raspoutine

    Cheat suspected

    I confirm the explanation of Groslulu, I participated in this fight and since the terrible desmat of the god Lenin PvP, a single word comes to mind "impossible" since the overhaul of the armor of the ships.At 100 meters or 50 meters, almost all the damage did nothing, the passages at the rear of the ships killed only very few crew members.We have for one hour 30 minutes to insist like crazy on the same flank to be able to sink them ... and remake another to be able to sink them all ...VOLVO and the members are pretty much in the very basic PvP gameplay, and 2 hours later we did a PvP fight with redii, pala, pinsel and other good players and we did not have big problems like that. in their style of play that everything else has chosen and we know they build, "them", their ships rather well.I want to believe (naive) that some are learning very quickly at NA and the subtle profession of ships, but we are passing more or less efficient ships, to yamato battleship class ...I almost never ask questions about it, but I ask you to research these players because they cheated or the good players of NA have become ridiculous next to them ...
  12. Raspoutine

    The Running of the French

    11h / 14h Specialist GB timer loose / fearful / frightened, that's all. here's the intelligence of cowards who divert the mechanics of the game to avoid getting smashed you want pb and game, put your timers at 20:00But I already know your answers the losers
  13. Raspoutine

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    you still have not understood anything, a priori, dude