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  1. I don't think rewards for these missions are too high, the problem is that "real trading" rewards way to low and it is pointless : all goods weight the same, profits are only made by distance...no more trading as it used to be...
  2. Forbin

    No town management

    Exactly, and Clan Creator.
  3. L'humour chez nous, pour ne pas finir en bière, c'est minimum 4.5°.....
  4. NA is not a AAA game, it belongs to a niche market, let's face it. NA has been visible on steam for more than 3 years, sales and DLC increased periodically number of players, but those players were mostly lost in the following weeks. All players seeking for such a sailing game have probably already bought it years ago, and most of those who left are unlikely to come back. So what do you expect from a "release" that is just an other update, an other version number of the game ? Thousands of new players ? I would like, but I have serious doubts. Plus, if you upset a large number of remaining veterans by forcing them to grind all over again, noobs won't be protected, they will be smashed for XP grinding...and probably leave. Fresh start feature has always been available, it's called "New Character" in menu. Ultimate point and I stop talking, how can you finish the game (Raid, BR limits etc etc) if no one is able to sail appropriates ships before weeks/monthes ? i bet more wipes are coming... I wish you good luck, we'll see how it turns, hopefully for the best.
  5. He tagged us all day long with his Le Requin just to insult, with no intention of fighting at all...can't remember he shot a single canon. Despite the very inapropriate (*) language, that's what I call GRIEFING. Tag, insult and run, rinse and repeat. If this was posted in Tribunal, it's to let you know what kind of person he is. Of course this was reported ingame, of course he'll probably not get a game ban (Tribunal decision) but a chat ban would be great at least... (*) i see a big difference between usual chat trolling and insulting your mother, your dead father and so on, there are some limits you can't cross.
  6. Hidding symptoms don't solve the problem and my life is good thank you.
  7. Nothing more interesting things to say ? You should not read french correctly, it's not about scraping our knees, it's untolerable. Some kind of constant grief just to insult badly players should be punished. Of course he has been reported ingame....
  8. And after insulting, griefing and insulting my dad who passed last year... DEVs, I ask for a definitive ban for KURTZ
  9. He should be banned immediatly, he insulted us non stop !
  10. When you spent 5000+ hours on the game, starting all over again with ships, books, knowledge is not a pleasant thing. Don't care being a better player, i'm just a very BORED player.
  11. Remove Sextant, or make it only usable at night once a day.
  12. Deleted, no point here. hmmm what i read from you screenshots is that he thought YOU were a russian alt "come to me russian alt".
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