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  1. GG Swedish, was fun. Yes yes yes yes !!! Wait what ? Any surrending statement from Spain ???
  2. i quote your Youtube channel : "These players' speed and fire damage are very abnormal. We seriously suspect him of cheating. Their ID is [NN]Busard, [SDT]Lt Sekiro, [NN]Raspoutine" This is ridiculous, all is server side calculated. So there might be a bug (Dev will tell), but no cheating.
  3. Forbin

    Quarantine Stories

    To balance toilet paper shortage (was laughing out loud yesterday in supermarket seeing people with tons of toilet paper in their arms or liters of cooking oil..), you forgot to mention "Coles-Bentinck pump" and "Additionnal brake pump", these items will be sold millions in the next days. Seriously, this virus seems to make more damages on brains than on lumbs...People are nuts. Darwin, if you read the forum... PS: I'm not minimizing the potentiel issues, but be rational for god sake, people crazyness spreads much faster than the virus
  4. Magistral, tu viens de confirmer que le rêve continue en effet.
  5. Yep, that's what we thought after a while. @admin : can you confirm please ?
  6. Aller en zone PvP pour fuir et sortir du cercle sans tirer un coup de canon et marquer des points pour avoir des combats medals.....tu m'étonnes qu'ils se moquent de toi. Par ailleurs, je ne vois aucune insulte. Après, si tu es trop "sensible", réduit fenêtre de tchat au minimum ou met ces joueurs en "Ignore List", tu ne verras plus les messages.
  7. Hi, I made a little softwar DESCRIPTION REMOVED BY MODS
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