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  1. Whatever, it sounds better than the current situation with basics ressources, that's good
  2. Veteran players will make money to gather ressources in order to craft first rates as soon as possible, spend time in patrols or PvE missions to get CM. Farming noobs in cutter is irrelevant.imho.. Stop complaining about DLC, they can be bought, even by a noob.
  3. Yep, the same for me. She's good now, but no garantee she'll stay like this…..will see after release. The Le Requin and Hercules DLC expérience dissapointed me so much, bought usefull ships and ended with pointless ones.
  4. Don't split players, bad idea. And for mods, woods and so on….that's not magic... we worked hard to get them, .no pain no gain !
  5. Because Encyclopedia and art of ship handling desn't matter much between a new player and a veteran, but matters later. Grinding these books is a pain. Not sure that players that have grinded thousands of hours will want to grind all over again. A complete wipe will mostly wipe a lot of players.
  6. Ça doit venir de l'éducation Suédoise....
  7. Yep, and we should equip our ships with torpedoes and missiles, PvP would be faster.... The new fire spreading is an other very bad choice if not equipped with fireship, revert back please.
  8. They lied for 3 years about xp and rank, we've been manipulated to keep playing and testing their game. They sold us valuable DLC ships and then they turned them into crap with an update. Yeah, yeah, it's early access bla bla bla... And now we'll get a Pandora that may be turned into shit in a few weeks, and finally no garantee that there won't be others wipes after release. People keep thinking that there will be tons of new players in this niche game, visible on steam for 3 years and with negative reviews....that's just fantaisy....and old bored players will leave too. We are just idiots and have to deal with it.
  9. Rage boarded first ship, repaired and recrewed then destroyed second ship by letting him run after me with 45 degree angle, managing my speed to keep at a medium distance. Each time he fired his broadside at 45 degree angle, I turned and fired him a parallel broadside. Repeat and he will sink fast. Hard but doable.
  10. Extreme grind, overpriced ships and crafting, PvP marks return (aka Combat Medals the new game poisonning), useless and boring trading if you don't have ALTs....very pessimistic for now...
  11. Strangely it's not the first time when swedes are about to loose a battle...
  12. Sacre, ne perds pas ton temps , une seule solution pour se soigner quand le fofopicote:
  13. Perhaps it's exactly what we want to happen
  14. Disabling Friendly fire ? Why not add in the battle shells, mushrooms and bananas (mario kart styled) ? No, no and no ! You don't solve a problem by creating a new one.
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