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  1. Indeed, as Panik, just said, I am not able to login and sail to Matina
  2. Hello, we finished a hostility mission for Haulover (taken from Great Corn, we are in the Russian nation) at 7:38 server time on 24 Feb 2020 with 5 redoutable, 1 Pavel and 1 Bucc but got no hostility % up. We are surprised and expected to flip the port. We did some F11 reports. Can you please have a look? thank you
  3. Hello, the content obtained after taking loot in the wreck ship of a sea bottle does not match the content shown on the explore action when clicking on the wreck.
  4. Interesting idea, but right now I would prefer players to organize themselves as they wish. In addition: French and US players may play at different times, France is squeezed between 3 countries of the same coalition, Spain is far away numbers of players per nation may strongly differ at release (e.g. there might be a significant new wave of US players) at least one nation can be removed (Poland)
  5. Concerning how damages are displayed, it is a bit hard to see the icons on top of the screen. They are rather small, too high on the screen, and they do not last long enough. This is particularly critical for leaks, I would say, since leaks play a strong role in some important decisions during fights. What about having them displayed directly underneath the boat target on the top right side of the screen? I have not checked how the boarding looks like now but it was rather dry when the patch was initially deployed. Otherwise, great job and interesting additional content - thank you!
  6. I am playing on both servers Redii and the players are extraordinarily different. The PVE community is quiet and focused on simple tasks with having fun on TS. They love boats and history. They hate drama and ganking. Many of them come from the PVP server but yet would probably not be happy just "swimming" in a small pond around FR, Gustavia, etc. Please see the PVE server as complementary and useful for player retention and training.
  7. very fair question. I think there are potentially interesting mechanisms here - just as an example: let's say a clan might be able to raise hostility and win a PB, and then might be able to set a tax and see the port assigned to that clan in a way that is invisible to other players in some sense every clan on the PVE server can do the same without any conflict this can add some content to the PVE server without introducing any competition between clans or nations there could even be a random attack of that port by an AI fleet time to time there are probably more ports than active players on the PVE server what do you think?
  8. would be great to have some port conquest mechanisms on the PVE server. I guess taken ports would need to be left opened to all nations/players and some limitations would be potentially needed to avoid one or a few large clans to take too many ports. Please Devs, consider this option! thank you
  9. Very interesting concept - good luck with your project!
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