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  1. These kinda things never work as advertised. I remember when the Dutch declared a certain Dutch player/alt be hunted down on sight in global..it not only looked dumb but made no difference.
  2. I'm currently taking a little break from the game. A combination of being bored to tears with the lack of pvp and some medical issues (got surgery on Monday). I will be on Conan Exiles server 74 where I am guaranteed great PvP from the Wolves and other sundry raiders. If anyone wants an invite to the clan, give me a tell here. Until then, best of luck to the new emerging nations and to my Pirate buddies...happy hunting.
  3. Lots of pissing and moaning about having no resources and allies helping but we could see OneEye and Cordova having some quality alone time in CKA TS. Yes we do have eyes everywhere! I'm sure that CKA can produce all sorts of ships for the Dutch and even if they can't, GB and US resource ports are available for the Dutch to build ships in.......or, get this...you could declare war on someone and take their ports for yourself. It's called PvP and it is good! I really don't get how these people play Conan Exiles by the way they play here. Perhaps they are on a PvE server there. I'm on one of the most brutal PvP servers there and I get ganked and raided with much more frequency and regularity than I ever do in Naval Action....fight dammit!
  4. Bottom line, don't let anyone tell you that you can't fight if you're in GB, Dutch, or US. You deserve to PvP if you want to. If the big clans choose not to fight, it's on them. If you don't have the numbers and sink in battle against us, your not only going to gain our respect but we may see that your ship is replaced.
  5. Some people post the same way they play. If you can't can't count, can't tell the truth, or can't post anything but memes, you probably suck at the game as well....just say'n
  6. Who is "everyone"? Secondly, you are aware it's a PVP server right? If you're not fighting the US, GB, or the Pirates, that just leaves you bullying the underpopulated nations...grats, how brave!
  7. Bottom line, you don't want a discussion thread on a forum discussed, don't post. When you post fake victories and other inflammatory content, expect some response. You have nowhere that you can hide either on a forum or in game when you resort to questionable behavior. Have you considered a private Steam group to post your propaganda?
  8. It's not just a game, it's a PvP Based mmo for those of us on the PVP servers. The competitive spirit of the players in a PvPing environment and the resultant expressed emotions are not unique to mmos which have a PvPing element. When you have factions fighting each other, expect lots of salt.
  9. When one can't respond with logic and common sense, I guess they have to resort to posting trite memes. Van Der Decken, I want to congratulate you for showing up to recent PVP battles. It is a remarkable step forward for you.
  10. You seem to care. It's a pity your allies seem to have deserted you.
  11. I guess when you are desperate, you have to get your thrills or wins however you can. If it motivates you to fight on, then by all means consider it a win.
  12. So we have dev's who don't have the resources to really develop the game efficiently, we have moderators who don't want to moderate a forum which understandably gets heated, and players who are reluctant to PVP on PVP servers....?
  13. Wish I could have been there. Grats Pirates! Keep up the good work of wiping smug little complacent smiles off of carebear faces and delivering much deserved real PVP back to a region/nation where it was lacking. With some luck, I may have Internet hooked up in my son's new apartment tomorrow. Save some more Dutch for me@
  14. Fact 1. Since Operation Cameltoe has begun, active players in the Pirate faction has grown. Fact2. Strangely many of the 1st rate ships taken or sunk, have come from the same players(non NPG,non IGG clan) over and over again. They seem to have an inexhaustible supply and a total lack of survival instinct. The same can be said for the other ships. The biggest US clans understandably mostly hid until the port battles. There are some new US clans who are showing a lot of promise for the future of their faction and now it's time to let them grow strong so they can fill the power vacuum that now exists in the US.
  15. Given your lack of demonstrable math skills, this does not surprise me..
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