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  1. Lack of motivation got me. Ah well I've moved on to games in which I find more fun and engaging. I raise my glass to Naval Action, a truly magnificent game, with a truly magnificent cycle of repetition. Doing the same shit over and over - is the definition of insanity after all Legends should be fun indeed. See you guys when that comes about. Adios Compañeros.
  2. @Teutonic I admire your commitment. The problem I see with a thunder dome of sorts is that, it was tried before on PvP2. I cannot remember the exact date but the nations all decided that Tumbado would be the place to go and get a good fight. And for a long while, it worked. However this idea of a thunder dome to break the hug box can easily be ruined by the groups of people who use it, last time it ended due to a pure distrust of one another and that was it. Maybe I'm being pessimistic about the success of an arrangement such as this but I do have doubts. People gotta learn to overlook pa
  3. I move to rename the server back to PvP2. Seems nothing changes.
  4. Lets get back on topic please & Everyone should please respectfully leave emotion at the door in regards to tribunal.
  5. As a vile pyrate in this particular incident; I don't think this person was an alt; given when consulted about the tag he and his mates backed off and screened away from the main fleet. I could be wrong however; thus is the point of this thread. @amplify This is not concerning you; and I ask you to respectfully not comment any further. If this was an ALT account it could well be any nation and thus if that is the case my good sir, you would have no knowledge. This is not an accusation of any wrongdoing on your part P.S. Nice screening guys! Had heaps of fun
  6. The usage of alts for trading in any way is not (as far as I know of) against the rules. If it's a resource such as the crooked cedar for example; people must simply play the trading game. I agree with @Wraith; Should be moved into the Economy section to allow for greater discussion.
  7. Stop trying to be @Sir Texas Sir Skully. He has transcended the forum. Every hit of the pray button gives him power. #prayfortexas
  8. Where; you philistine? Where does it prove we cheated? Get over yourself you lying, cheating prick. That's right. We Know. Cheater. Christendom the Cheater. Shame. Will you be at Port-au-Prince? Or too busy taking an undefended port?
  9. Funny thing is; for all your bullshit preaching and so forth; everyone on the server knows you YOU really are: A traitor to his nation and an imbecile who flames global constantly when he knows that his 'pvp1 pedigree' means absolutely nothing in a global server. Your shit flew on PvP1. However on global; all it shows is that you are exactly like the grand despot from old - Lord Roberts. Do you remember him? I remember. Glad to see you again Roberts. Should rename your clan the Sons of Britain and keep up ordering GB around. History shows that it tends to go well. Keep up the basel
  10. And who are you? If you cannot field a fleet of First Rate SOLs after having a grand number of ports with more than ample resources that simply goes to show that you, and the US nation are simply too stupid to realize what is needed to defend certain ports on the map.
  11. Come on guys lets be frank here. A group of players, nay, a community of people who are at present comfortable with the nation whom they play and the role they play in that nation will not seek to move from a comfortable position. It is called being human and we humans want a comfortable environment in order to play the game. Some people are comfortable in an uphill battle against all odds, being the underdog. Others are comfortable playing in a large nation with security and so forth. Therefore to force a community of players to switch is ludicrous. Those of us whom are not in the l
  12. Good Luck Devs; I await patiently. I mirror the sentiment of my comrade Jean Pual; Somehow need to revitalize the current population until this patch arrives.
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