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  1. You can fight any Dane you want. There is no PvP agreements. Few of the minor non-HAVOC supporting clans refused to agree to a very small non-PvP zone so it's open season.
  2. Also there have been multiple clans shifting to other nations already so things are still fluctuating after the wipe.
  3. I was not attempting to call you out or place you in some nonsensical drama. It was just a simple question with no ill intent. I think we can all agree that Dutch and Russia easily have the largest RvR capable force any nation can call upon. With the two nations owning the majority of the map it makes it difficult for any nation to go and create RvR without sacrificing much in the process. Not to mention being ganked is not enjoyable and with Russia able to field multiple screen fleets and the Dutch likely to be able to do the same it is difficult to even justify trying.
  4. How many of those regions owned by Dutch and Russia?
  5. They are going Pirate. Lot of chuckling when Sweden heard that.
  6. I am not Prussian, Danish, or that idiot clan in Great Britain. Every nation Russia has gone against including Danmark now has seen multiple clans leaving either going to nations that Russia has pressured into being docile or the Dutch. Excluding Prussia since they self-exploded due to conflicting desires more than the external pressures of Russia although both are contributing factors. If this trend continues the server will end up in a similar fashion to the former US PvP 2 server. Can you say you are even having fun when no one can actually challenge you and when someone does you beat them down quickly into submission where they become no longer a viable nation? I guess though I am a monster for even suggesting it though, so whatever. Sorry for even giving a shit about the server.
  7. Majority of the Dutch are PvE, alts, and Econ players, with a good sized RvR presence. Russia has two of the largest RvR clans which is why Russia splitting would balance the server out. Not many RvR clans can say they have close to 200 members let alone a nation having that many active RvR players. If one clan leaves Russia is still a powerful and viable nation. Granted they would not be what is presented an unstoppable force where any opposition feels punished by screens just for playing against the largest region owner currently, but one that would have a lot of enjoyable RvR battles which can go either way much like we saw today at Santo Domingo.
  8. If REDS or BF went to a different nation like Prussia or Espana, the server and especially RvR content would be much more interesting. Not as much of this one sided affair. Just saying, because right now it seems Danmark is struggling to fight Russia because of multiple screen fleets and the Dutch who are probably the only other nation that could match Russia are being...well, Dutch. This is not an "Anti-Russia" post but rather just an observation with concerns about server stability and game survival.
  9. @admin will there be any adjustment to the sell value of trade goods such as Jutland Amber, Stained Glass, European Books, etc?
  10. Difference is your nation is not condensed into such a small area. Your crafting is not at Jamaica. At least it shouldn't be.
  11. Go ahead if you wish to continue discuss old stories where others will contradict based upon their own viewpoints, personal grudges, experiences, etc. All it does is continue meaningless discussions that contribute nothing to the current environment of the game and even the politics. Stay in the past bickering or you push on forward. The wipe and release has drastically changed the balance of the server. Espana lost complete control of the Gulf, the Dutch are a viable strong nation, and Prussia had a major exodus just to name a few. The Union of Santo Domingo occurred as well. These are the things that should be discussed. Not SLRN or RDNN.
  12. It is pointless to talk about pre-release. It has little to no effect on the current post-release politics. Much of the clans listed are gone. Time for new tales to be formed.
  13. Didnt want to fight him but he decided to chase me down and tag me. Less then 15 minutes it was decided. Fun duel, "gg" at the end.
  14. Not asking for complete peace. Just a filter. Sweden and Danmark it could work. Both nations there are very few clans and control is quiet easy. Granted slip ups do occur. But again not looking for complete non-pvp.
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