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  1. Dont sail near enemy forts or towers.
  2. Not to mention the new frontline system when functioning properly would make it even more limited. If a forced alliance system that does not change is implemented this games population with fall into a digressive state. Might as well make it a PvE server. I know I might not quit the game but I do know my time playing will significantly drop. Less targets to go after because of population decrease and less nations to go after I wont be bothered to spend time doing long hunts. Creating less to do in the game is not a strong factor for progress. Only regression.
  3. Now that I read this out more, this is a poor idea. Fixed alliances is what the old US 2 server had. Nations never broke from their alliances for months and one alliance trashed the rest, especially when the Pirate clans went on hiatus. Population took a huge drop. Granted there were other factors for the population drop but the alliance system was a factor as well. Then there is another factor of forged papers. That will easily change the population to the point where one alliance is superior and will dominate the server. A rigged alliance system is a server killer. Either keep it player based or create a flexible system or an alternating one. Nothing should be accepted as permanent when it comes to diplomacy.
  4. Still have scars from last alliance system. Needs to be better and more flexible if one is even considered to be introduced.
  5. If Anolytics wanted more RvR he would leave the Russian zerg and join a smaller nation.
  6. Why would anyone though? The rewards for RvR are minuscule now. When PvP is far more rewarding thanks to the changes to Victory Marks and Combat Marks. Snuffing out a nations crafting region too has more downside than upside unless you just like farming easy PvP like a few groups do. Before today, the main goal for RvR was to control resources like the rare woods and to set up a port where a nation can easily PvP from. Now that I am able to invest in ports to have all the resources I need and I do not need many ports to PvP from I do not see much of a point.
  7. so clan delivery missions are pointless now and so is extensive RvR. What would be my motivation to do any serious RvR now that I am able to hold all the rare woods, resources, and reals in a single region and have a two or three ports for PvP? Apart from copper and cartegena which you state you are reducing the effects of mods there really is no point.
  8. Nothing should be done apart from fixing the issue in the hostility system unless the party in question failed to report the bug/loophole properly themselves to the developers. If they failed to report such an issue in a reasonable fashion then this tribunal is worthy to being looked into. Such people that fail to report an issue and exploit the bug/loophole for personal gain should be found accountable for their actions since if they mean to exploit parts of the game, bug, loophole, or otherwise, now, then they will most likely look to continue such actions onward past release. A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad act the good. Each should have its own reward.
  9. What time zone do you play in. Sweden, although having a slowly growing US timezone population could always use more to help it become a more well rounded nation. It has been stated though by That Great Britain is over populated. Russia is over populated. Espana tends to disappear along with the Dutch who stay in their little corner and it is looking like a portion is leaving that nation as well. Poland is a mess internally. Pirates are a viable option although I do not know what the EU timezone is like. Prussia I have no clue. Prussia may seem dead at times then would surprise you by emerging with numbers. Danmark is getting HAVOC and I think FENIX said they will follow. USA is okay. France is another option but cannot tell you much about them.
  10. Just started to experience this issue both on PC and Phone browser.
  11. This will not help with the issue at hand and potentially fix the issues at release if this is the sole solution.
  12. Yes. Other changes Combat medals are now only granted for mission and patrol completion.
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