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  1. There is no extra grind at all but yes people sailing gold ships may be more likely to run from pvp. We may as well delete the other 4 quality types if we are not going to use them. That is my whole point. At the moment Ship A costs 100K (simplified obviously) for a basic version and 200K for an exceptional version but you can basically make the cost of your gold ship in 1 fleet battle. Keep the Basic version of Ship A at 100K, no change, no effect on the grind, ship availability, player enjoyment etc. Increase the "price" (be it labour hours, material, crafting notes whatever) of
  2. Ok, the problem is simple, 95% of player crafted ship are exceptional, the simple reason being a Exceptional ship is exponentially better than a basic ship and the cost in labour and resources between a basic and exceptional is minimal. Players can easily acquire the money and resources to build and purchase Exceptional ships so that is what is used almost exclusively. There are 4 quality levels which are not utilised and I believe should be. There are numerous solutions to this problem but in essence I suggest each quality level of ship should be exponentially more expensive in both lab
  3. No flags! No Br! No 1st rate cap. The entire pb system needs a revamp, the current flag mechanic is fubar
  4. Port battles! Scrap the whole flag and timer mechanic and start from scratch! Port battles! Because the current system is absurd! Port battles! Because it is THE end game content
  5. It would be good to add this until we get proper pvp rewards like gold upgrades of crafting notes or something that can pnly be obtained through pvp
  6. There is no such thing as faction diplomats, every player is free to do as he or she wishes.
  7. You sir! Did you take your medication this morning?
  8. Good to see the Brits gathering together do we can sink them all at once ????
  9. Dude, your post is not appropriate, it's way out of line, your attacks on the developers are not appreciated and won't be tolerated. Looks like you may have some great ideas though. Maybe head over to the suggestions forum and make some constructive suggestions.
  10. Ahhh I heard about that story, didn't know the name though, I only played eve for a year, what a legend.
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