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  1. Didn't you hear? Roberts and the rest of SOB ran away to PVP 1
  2. ... our Victory player went AFK right before the flag was launched. Saltiness was abound in the following hours.
  3. Yeah, we knew we were going to lose the battle, we just wished for more ship to ship fighting.
  4. If anything, being lead ship is glorious, you have bragging rights, and the balls to show for it, to your entire nation. Our major issue was not continuing to the 5th tower like we started doing, instead we turned around to go back to the 1st tower... which was against the wind. We like our Extra Hammocks and Crew space enhancements, especially when in a fully crewed ship, it significantly increases performance.
  5. Yes, that helps, but there were also things among the French tactically wise that I would like to review. Yes, a video was mentioned, I would appreciate reviewing it, if you have voice communications recorded on it, you can easily strip the audio, it would help us show show newer French players what went wrong, and how to prevent it in the future.
  6. I am not accusing you of stacking undercrewed anything in a port battle, a month ago that would have been a valid tactic, but now I'm quite sure Britain has plenty of players high level enough to fully crew 25 third rates or higher for a port battle. Again, I would like to request a link for the Fredericksted port battle, for our own internal purposes, pretty sure a France player left the battle right after joining, and other things we would like to address within France. Thank you. I appreciate the level of maturity all Nations have kept in this topic. (At least recently)
  7. Yes, sorry I forgot to put that he has 350 crew, and long 9s on each deck. I will talk to Jackalope later and see if he got a screenshot, that way you can bring him to trial.
  8. Jackalope and I captured a 3rd rate 3 days ago near La Mona, unfortunately I did not get a screen cap. I do not remember his name, only that he was a [WIP] member, and put up quite a fight. You have a video of this fight? I would like a link so we could review the fight internally. (As long as your voice comms were not recorded as well)
  9. Because the Sverige and Danmark-Norge Nations need to have ports, otherwise they will stop playing, and we already have a server health problem, we don't need to make it worse.
  10. That's exactly what we did, we talked to the Swedes and Danes separately about their goals, and this is the product of our discussions.
  11. Exactly, and if one or both of those nations grow, I am sure we can "allot" additional ports to the area as needed, but for now this will give those two nations plenty to do.
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