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  1. beagleplease

    DLC ships

    You really think that creating paywalls to compete is a good idea? Crafted ships have to be comparable, I'm starting to wish I hadn't bought this DLC. Basically if you enter the Nassau patrol in anything other than these ships you are next to useless. The br ratings are a joke the herc is twice as good as a rattlesnake hvy and the requin is arguably even better. Not to mention if pvp is dominated by dlc ships (future non shallow ships included). That give pvp marks when they sink, just creates more net gain and makes the games currency mean even less.
  2. beagleplease

    PvP marks and the seals

    What stops players sinking alts? What stops Players on different nations agreeing to sink each other? There is not really a way to stop this if they are sneaky enough about it. As long as fighting creates a net gain it will be exploited. Fighting should reward less than the ship sunks value. The Conquest needs to be the way to gain. You have to balance it so no one can get steamrollered but having more territory is better. None of these problems the game has are simple they all intermingle with other parts of the game and you have to fix all of them at the root cause. Applying small bandages to a mortal wound is not gonna do anything.
  3. beagleplease

    PvP marks and the seals

    remove pvp marks, increase rewards from fighting ANYTHING outside safe zones. and also what this guy said ^
  4. Just a good example of how stupid and imbalanced the skill book system is more than anything..
  5. beagleplease

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Do you think this is a serious discussion... We were talking about flags on the moon a few posts ago lol.
  6. beagleplease

    'Flag DLC'? Ok. GOOD. Also 'Paint DLC' release plz.

    Perhaps it should have a special pink refit called astonish!
  7. beagleplease

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    I actually agree with you as a brit I'd be willing to change for the greater good. Now admit that your dates are silly 😋
  8. beagleplease

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    I know you are working on the Ui and then hopefully boarding? I'd put sorting out ow and roe 3rd in my list personally.
  9. beagleplease

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    I think it is worth consideration but be careful. Length of season and how long it takes to (I hate the word but) grind, is super crucial and random is dangerous, it needs to be balanced in some way. Also how do the dlc ships fit into this. Redeemable hers and requins off the bat will be silly op. Even if you wipe xp.
  10. beagleplease

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Makes more sense than mdy.
  11. beagleplease

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Feel free to use mm/dd on the moon On Earth we do things proper.
  12. beagleplease

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    Well actually it can be used to create a cycle of varied gameplay. Early game is a mix of light ship battles and a rush to lineships, in a well balanced way this can make all ships in the game useful rather than just sols. Then you get you're mid game which is a war of attrition with sols until eventually you hit late game where one or two nations have come out of it with a first rate zerg. Varied gameplay is good but implementation is hard. Making this actually work is a nightmare, the losing nations may just quit until reset unless you come up with some reason for them to stay.
  13. beagleplease

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    You can't do a reset right after a sale, wanna lose all those new players go ahead. I'm sure if I spent the last week getting into my first big ship I'd be extremely upset.
  14. beagleplease

    Is this really what you wanted?

    How is buffing the armour and guns on a hvy rattle time consuming? You change a value in a line of code done. At the moment a herc can rip half a. Roadside off a tough hvy rattle vs taking superficial dmg in return. As for the requin. I boarded 3 people in a 10 vs 5 then got away easily in a live oak white oak requin. Tough as a medium frigate, only faster requin can hope to catch it then that requin is miles upwind from any help and the tougher requin can turn and batter it till it disengages.. Only the herc can even last a few rounds in boarding with my requin most shallow ships get 1-2 shot by me.
  15. beagleplease

    Why doesn't the map show where I am?

    As far as realism goes I think it's incredibly stupid to think that someone put in command of a vessel would be unable to figure out basic navigation methods like figuring out ones location. If you want to add a bit of authenticity to it make an observation button or something, pointless if you ask me. Everyone just uses the coordinates anyway, super realistic. Also realism does not always make good gameplay. It takes too long to sail anywhere in this game. We shouldnt need a magic tow button to move ships around to compensate for how long it takes. Its already unrealistic how would making it faster hurt. If anyone wants to sail around this map in real time they are mad.