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  1. Sink,take or burn anything afloat, and who cares if you lose a dura!

  2. [TRU] on PVP1 attacks everybody and takes no prisoners. All members have bounties placed by other pirates. Tired of the ridiculous notion of the "Pirate Nation"? So are we. Sail with us and raid everything afloat. No friends other than fellow [TRU] brethren. PM in forum or ingame for info. No single member is in charge. All members of [TRU] are encouraged to come and go as they please, and are welcome to raid with other members or go solo as the mood strikes. No orders are given, and no member is required - or expected - to do anything beyond enjoy a life of freedom and camaraderie. Rememb
  3. It certainly does and it certainly should. I took another pirate sailing in a gold live oak Trinc which I sold for 80k. Pirate friends of mine have raided unsuspecting pirate traders worth millions in total. Why is that people seem to not equate piracy with villainy, crime, theft, murder, pillage, and all manner of debauchery against anyone who is unfortunate enough to be victimized? Pirates have no need to be a nation. They should be played as what they are: roving bands of lawless cutthroats. Pirates should be thought of as gangs and outlaws. Sure they can band together if they want, but n
  4. Well that's the magic of this game - or more specifically the magic of the pirate faction. It's a unique experience within the game because it allows you to group together as a clan rather than a nation. I know that it isn't a really popular opinion, but relying solely on your clan brethren is a lot of fun. I was a huge supporter or the "pirate nation" idea until my clan mates corrupted me and showed me the fun of attacking other pirates.Edit: to expand on your comment, technically you are allowed to attack any team mate in any game as long as the friendly fire mechanic enables it. However, as
  5. Henry, thank you for the reply. It has provided much more clarity than other responses. I'll ask you, then, since you are in the know: am I, as a pirate, permitted to deliver green on green damage to another pirate with the aim of assisting a clan mate of mine who is attacking that ship? I don't believe that action makes me a jerk, as we're just attempting to operate within the confines of the currently incomplete pirate mechanics. EDIT: I understand that delivering enough damage to cross the "kill" threshold is punishable. Delivering some damage, yet not enough to get credited with a kill, wi
  6. I will call your attention to the following rules specifically: "Green on green friendly fire results in -3x xp for every point of damage. Green on green friendly kills will result in demotion to midshipman if the number of kills reaches 2." Do you see where it could be construed that the rules specifically call out the difference between green on green for the sake of damaging a green ship (with mention of the XP loss punishment) and green on green for the sake of sinking a green ship? Again, I am not trying to argue against the rules. I am not trying to change the rules. I am not trying
  7. Crafting hours are the only device that keeps the economy in check, and maintains scarcity. Since players can theoretically harvest an almost infinite amount of raw materials from buildings, being able to build your own labor hours would in effect create a snowball effect leading to saturation. More shipyards -> More hours -> more crafting -> more money -> even more shipyards -> even more hours -> even more crafting -> even more money -> and ever more shipyards off to infinity.
  8. It's bad enough that these rules are not within the game itself - digging through a forum to verify rules which, when violated, can end in someone losing their account (and their money!) is not an acceptable state of affairs from a professional organization. Since this is alpha early access and the devs are requesting feedback for how to improve things, here is my feedback: - communication of player expectations requires improvement. You freely admit it is hard to find.
  9. Those are great points. Also, with boarding ships being the historically accurate method to the ending of naval battles, encouraging players to engage in boarding rather than sinking would go a long way to growing historical accuracy that the devs desire.
  10. There should be a new section in the forum clearly named "In-Game Rules" wherein the rules we are expected to follow within the game are plainly spelled out.
  11. PvE server is such a desert that it doesn't make any sense for the devs to single it out for upgrade.
  12. Yesterday I went into battle against a 5 ship British gank squad - no way I would have been able to sink them with cannon fire because they definitely outgunned me. Quickly boarded and took one ship, came about and took another one, then sank 2 more and the last one thought the better of it and escaped. Because I took the first 2 ships without causing any damage to them, I received no XP or gold bonus from a kill.
  13. Yes, as part of the American Revolution, a major land war which embarked armies and required the support of a legitimate fleet. That's not really what Naval Action is about is it? To clarify my position: 1st rates are great. The end-game of Naval action where everyone simply shows up in 1st Rates is not great. Variety is the spice of life, as my big fear for Naval Action is that it will stall out and lose players when it's just 1st Rates waving their members at each other.
  14. Yes, because that's where the lumber was! She spent her entire service life on the continent, as did the majority of 1st rates, as they all played the blockade/counter blockade game during the napoleonic wars. The fleets that fought each other at Trafalgar briefly popped over to the Caribbean to amuse one another, but on the whole, (and anecdotal evidence besides) 1st rates were far too valuable on the continent to be pissed away with colonial bickering. The end-game notion of NA is just 25 1st rates going at it with each other over some cannon towers, and that's what concerns me. I fully
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