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  1. this can be a total nightmare and can be abused in so many ways... suond like a good idea but people in games don't act like angels or in a wise way pls no
  2. a swedish that want to hang a danish told ya! sweden is the empire of evil
  3. must be put on record that the pirate Skully was at 15 second, 15 second, from Christianstead heading E and i was waiting for a fellow captain to make a mission... dear captains i see no gank here. btw that explosion kill all the men in the surprise did you get the kill?
  4. the blast killed 400 brave Danish men [Aziz] will initiate a lawsuit against Skully for attempting to overcome his function of judge (he was clearly trying to become an executioner) and the reckless use of naked flames on his vessel, sign of his contorted pirate mind.
  5. my idea (well the first thing i was hoping for when i see the pray button) if you pray your ship stay clean, if not your ship become dirty (sail become grey/black ect...etc...)
  6. i don't know if you never play Tripwire's (if not go and play RO!) games but Ro series and killing floor for me have a good solution to this i don't know anything about coding, so i don't know if this is possible in NA but with this you always have perception of what you have around you
  7. thats one point I too think we need a durability for craftable mods but actually there is NO market for golden craftable mods, shops are full of grey mods but i only see once a golden upgrade in CS pvp1 (don't know about other nations) because high rank crafter are not making them (probably not intersted in making them because they are full of money and prefer to craft a first rate or "insert ship here").
  8. lol this topic. can i share my experience? only once i try partecipate in a pb (i was in a inger in a 4rate pb btw) and now i know all the jobs my mother do at night (i really don't care but others maybe care) so, i stop caring about it and i go around/near pb with a frigate ganking lone/late players. Hell i escorted a russian player last week to Azua i wasn't even interested in the pb but the last thing he said was "now go away noob we don't need you", LOL is not like he asked (try to think when one of his clan ask again for an escort what i'm going to answer...) Just LOL if this is the case you can think the defense too btw this is why i don't even care anymore when people call in chat "every ship needed for the defence of xxxx" and i think there are more people like me if we can't join cause we ruin your pb why lone/rogue players are blamed if they don't show at the defensive pb? really that piss me off. it's hard to write "follow x player we got a strategy" or "focus z" or "insert things here" in chat. because you think they do it on purpose? really? all are spy exept your clans member? lol __________ On my part i play the game like i enjoy it but really stop saying your is the only way to play the game because your clan did an alliance/agreement with a clan from swerige/pirate/french/insert nation here. And especially after this week when, after the brits buy a flag, the chat become a hell of different letters (imho those are hieroglyphs ) of people that insult eachothers (devs we really need need a translate button or a way to copy more line of text) and as result there is only chaos like this topic where the OP said something that clans need to comunicate more to the plebs and you ended again talking of how you like the game in one way and fox2run(or others) in his way. now btw all this discussion about politics is ininfluent because the alliance and war system make even rogue and lone players more focus in the direction chosen by all or the make less money and xp from pvp (even if they don't want)...
  9. inbefore i was late for the event and finded nothing in the wrechs... actually i think is better if paints are rare and not craftable... and... don't kill me now, i like if they were even more restricted by nations, like fox2run said before. i think is a reward in spending time in the game and can work as money sink for high rank players that have billions in hold but never use them.
  10. we need to keep the letters with us? at least this...
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