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  1. Sadly not alot of players are playing the game at the moment. This makes it really hard sometimes to team up with someone and do some proper pvp. I am looking for players who play the game regularly and are interested in pvp. I play on the Danish-Norwegian faction so I would like to team up with anyone from either Denmark-Norway,Sweden,Spain or even the pirates. Please add me on Naval action if you are interested in huting some players with me.
  2. Mate these clans can do what ever they want to do. If you dont like their decisions then go do your own thing. Nobody is telling you to do anything. What you have to understand here is that these three big clans are the majority of the active playerbase in this nation, and if they agree on doing something then they should be able to do that. "They wont tell any besides their clans about port battles they are planing or are going to do" Well the last time someone from your clan joined a pvp battle he ended up shoting me and tried to push me into a burning, soon to explode ship so maaaaaybe that is why we're not too keen on inviting your clan.
  3. I think that paint should be open and craftable for everyone and not just for people who participated in the event. Paint is a really cool feuture and can actually bring some diversity into the ships in this game. It's really boring to have a port battle where everyone is sailing the same ship in the same colour. I dont know whether or not there will be more events like the one we just had or not, but In my opinion paint should be craftable and easy to get. I say this because I believe that everyone should have the ability to change out their paint several times, pick the one they think looks the best and pick a paint for a ship they actually like. Having paint this rare and random is immensely stupid in my opinion and I think most players would agree. Let me know whether or not you guys agree with me or not
  4. Norwegian naval flag used from 1814-1821. The traders used the national flag, which was this at the time, without the middle cut out. Thought this could be an option to use for the Denmark-Norway players. I know Denmark and Norway both used Dannebrog (the Danish flag) during their union, but the age of sail goes on after the union ceased to exist.
  5. I think the normal portbattles would be alot better if there were 3rd rates fighting instead of 4th rates. Portbattles are a big deal and the 4th rates seem too puny for a PB. 3rd rates would make things alot more interesting because it would make lines and communication a bit more important in my opinion. It would also make the game more fun I believe considering most players prefer battling in great Bellonas and 3rd rates and not connies and ingermanlands. There used to be alot of these 3rd rate battles in the past when everyone didn't have a 1st rate, and people seemed to enjoy those battles. Anyways these are just my thoughts on the subject so let me know what you think.
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