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  1. I can see how it makes sense, more data to crunch in real time equal more lag for slower connections or nodes that are far away. Still I'm impressed at how well it play even with all the shortcomings that people complain about. Even playing on EU server from the USA is fine. (I'm on fiber though that might help a bit too)
  2. Not thick but really hard to hit intentionally while shooter and target are both in motion (and rolling as well) . Not being a programmer I don't know how this is modeled but the target to hit while aiming at the mast for guide from a distance is the base of the shrouds. It is a wider target than the mast, especially on a large ship, and easier to hit and also it is a much softer target that can get significant damage from even small ordinance like a 6 pounders. Once damaged it is hard to balance the huge pressure from the sails and the ship must be handle gently. If one side of the
  3. I like the idea of one dura ships, however at this time I think they're sinking way to easy. I would want mechanics that allow these ships to survive even when the outcome is dire just like they actually did in real life. Also everyone would avoid sinking them most of the time, on one side to save their own skin and on the other to preserve the prize. I like the idea that ships stay alive after battles are lost and can be re-captured later in a future encounter. Recently someone presented to me a ship I had lost and they had captured it back from my opponent. It only happens after boarding an
  4. I have crafted an Indiaman specifically for capping traders. Once properly fitted with all boarding and enhanced maneuvering/speed upgrades it is a capable boarding ship and certainly can own its own in a fight against a 5th rate (depending on the skills of the other captain of course.) The funny thing is if I'm going against an npc they try to chain shot me because I'm a trader for them to chase and board and they seem very confused that I'm the one attacking/boarding.
  5. Maybe I have been playing the wrong games(?) but but I have never seen a BETA look as good and polished as this ALPHA. Please devs don't listen to complaints from impatient gamers, take time to polish this game to your already high standards. Personally I'd rather wait as long as it take and play a stable, beautifully finished game. NA is well worth the wait.
  6. Loss of ships from capture is one thing, sinking of ships is another. When a ship is captured it can always be captured again at a later time. When it sinks.... it's gone. I think ships sink way too easily in this game and there should be more chances for ships to survive battles. I posted about this very subject just a while ago. Winner or losers, captains would not let ship sink. It was a loss for all without even talking about loss of lives. There should be alternative end game for disabled boats that have not been boarded and are about to sink. Check out my post here: http://forum.game-
  7. Here are some suggestions that in my opinion could improve game play in some areas. At least, if technically possible some of these should be tested/assessed. SHIP NON-PERMANENT UPGRADES _______________________________ The easy way to address the non permanent upgrades would be to look at reality. If I have 2 ships, I most likely will have a set a amenities in each and they will not appear at the docks magically for availability in an upgrade window before I set sail. It's a convenience that is not possible in the real world unless the ships are moored next to each other. You can't j
  8. I must admit that my willingness to take a chance in fight with unfavorable odds has gone up with rank and more so with the ability to craft high quality ships. When I was not in a position to replace a lost ship I was must less willing to take a chance and therefore was missing out on some great action. I think that real expertise comes faster if one is not afraid to loose, as lessons learned through defeat or failure are vividly felt and retained in contrast to the ones learned through success or luck. I think for folk who don't pvp a lot, the lesson to learn is that no matter how bad
  9. The scumbags you're referring to know enough to kill easy preys but not enough to be able to stand their own against seasoned captains. They probably need as much help as the newbies to feel up to face a real fight. I think the BR system in place for the rookie area will help a bit level the field. Even if the seal clubbers have an advantage as far as know how over new players, they at least will not have an advantage with ships and weapons within the confines of the Rookie Region. I think experienced captains will have a real opportunity to show sportsmanship to our community as a
  10. it's also nice for more seasoned captains to take on new recruits and help them rise through the ranks as we've been doing. If we isolate different level players it's harder for the newbies to get to next level.
  11. I would add that everyone is in a shark frenzy for new ships and keep changing at every battle. I find that if you know one ship really well and equipped with a specific set of weapons and you stick to it for a while to get really proficient with it, you'll have more success than trying to adapt to a new situation with a new set of cannons setup on a new firing platform at each battle. Captains who have been in the game a long time might be ok doing this but if you're a beginner to intermediate player it really will make a difference.
  12. Ethics? morality? ideals? pride? It all depends on folks being interested in playing this game because they actually want to sail and fight with these great warships and uphold the virtues associated with captaining them. If someone wants to bug the whole thing by bypassing the fun part of the game (sailing, battles, etc....) just to be able to "win" whatever they think that means... I don't think you'll be able to avoid these situations. I suppose It's for the rest of the community to ban these behaviors when witnessed. Some folk don't get that the winners in this game are the peop
  13. I guess what I don't know is what mechanism triggers the door to open the port battle. Maybe my issue is with "hostility level" label. I doesn't illustrate the dynamics of what is supposed to happen. Maybe it should be referred as defense status or border protection or something that shows that when defenders fail to keep the area under control or clear of enemies it opens the passage for foes to enter the port and fight over it. If a gang of 25 1st rate show up at the border I would hardly call that low hostility level just because I was able to repel them.
  14. Yes, and also hostility is not an end in itself, in this case, it is a precursor to the possibility of a port battle and potential capture.
  15. Hostility drops every day by a certain amount - so if attacking nation does nothing the region will eventually become peaceful -Yes, that makes sense, if there is no war, then it is peace. If both sides in a battle lose 5 sols the effect on hostility will be somewhat neutral -No, that does not make sense. It would be like saying that there is no hostility between Palestine and Israel because nobody is actually winning. As long as there are battles in one area, hostility is building. Even if nobody is a clear winner, a certain level of aggression is present and in my opinion there sho
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