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  1. Online player count info should not be available on release. we have seen spiraling effects as a result of that number in the past. simple remove it. needs to happen.
  2. Sea Lords Royal Navy God Save the KING Admiralty House - LONDON ************ [sLRN] ************* Welcome to Sea Lords Royal Navy [sLRN] and thank you for your interest in joining our illustrious group. We are a rapidly growing band of like minded individuals of varying experience and expertise, who like to indulge in a little light role playing in a friendly, disciplined and co-operative environment and blowing the enemy to to hell and back! A lack of experience is no barrier to joining as we are happy to assist you to become one of the finest Captains on the Great and Narrow seas. Please also note our code of conduct which may be found here..Code of Conduct STEP 1: Create an Application http://forum.sealordsvf.org/index.php?/forum/93-slrn-sea-lords-royal-navy-officer-recruitment/ IMPORTANT : Fill out all the information. Failure on any of these elements or missing entries will not allow us to continue your application. TEAMSPEAK is mandatory! Contact a member of the SLRN Fleet in-game [hail SLRN in Brit chat] you will be given our TS details. We only accept British Captains with a minimal rank of 1st Lieutenant and above. However this doesn't mean you cannot sail with us until you reach said rank. Your sponsor must post in your application post before we can proceed with your application. The Sponsor must be a Full Member (SLRN rank: Master & Commander or above). Without a sponsor you cannot join us! Character or In Game Name ​ Age Range (20's, 30's, etc): General Geographic Location (UK, USA, etc): Normal playing times (Local Time): Example 12:00 GMT Are you interested in crafting? Naval Action Rank: Do you have a working mic and willing to talk? (Y/N) Gaming Experience (to assess likely ability and potential training requirements): Reason for application to the Sea Lords Royal Navy: SLRN member sponsor's name: All Captains may be called to pvp to defend our king and country! STEP 2: Sail with us! Once your application has been approved you will be assigned to the fleet for additional training. You will be required to sail with us over a short period of time [min 1 week]. Failure of being active and contributing to the SLRN Fleet will postpone your promotion and may cause your recruitment to be canceled.
  3. Bytt nation? Precis börjat spela? Söker du gemenskap? Vi ser helst att alla medlemmar hjälps åt med resursproduktion där målsättningen är fri tillgång på skepp. Vi pratar givetvis 100% svenska och spelar såklart i Sverige. Skriv till någon av oss officerare in game: Rigge, TraxxxoN, Tjomb eller Demsity Åldersgräns 20 år - Då våran medelålder ligger på cirka 35. Vi har heller inget aktivitetskrav. Men vi ser gärna att du tittar in då och då! Vi finns på PVP servern. Välkomna!
  4. Die GMU (Gott Mit Uns) stellt sich vor. Wir sind ein freundlicher und hilfsbereiter Haufen. Unser Clan besteht momentan aus 30 Kapitänen. Bei einem kühlen Krug Bier verbringen wir unsere Abende auf unserem Discord und fahren mit unseren Schiffen auf See. Gespielt wird PvP-RvR(Portbattle).Wir nehmen alle Schiffsraten mit , denn Spaß und Abwechslung stehen an oberster Stelle. Wir sind auf der Suche nach neuen Kapitänen , die Spaß am Spiel haben, nichts gegen eine gemütliche Runde im Discord haben und gerne in einer Gemeinschaft segeln. Am Ende der Woche führen wir ein Feedback Gespräch um Fehler oder Unstimmigkeiten zu beseitigen. Wenn du uns kennenlernen möchtest , dann schreibe uns einfach im Game an und wir melden uns bei Dir und laden Dich gern auf unseren Discord ein , damit du Du dir deine eigene Meinung über uns machen kannst. Unsere Anschsprechpartner : * Imperial armored GURKE * Otto von Steiermark * Kexor * Meerungfraumann Grundvoraussetzungen: Mindestalter ab 18 Jahren Teamplay und respektvollen Umgang mit Mitspielern Discord mit einem funktionsfähigen Mikrofon Spaß am Spiel, sowie bereit Neues zu lernen Discord: https://discord.gg/HrMgVjYV
  5. Caribbean Red Squadron (CRED) CRED (pronounced "c-red", or "see red" if you prefer) is a band of private men of war operating under letters of marque and reprisal granted by His Britannic Majesty. In game terms, we are a small friendly GB clan with a strong focus on PvP and RvR (i.e. port battles and related stuff). We do not look down on players who prefer only to PvE (you bought the game - you are entitled to play it whatever way you want). But if that is your thing, this clan is probably not for you. This is a server that not only allows but actively promotes PvP. So unless you never leave the capital zone, you may not have to look for PvP in order to get it. Soon or later it will find you! As a clan we try to do all the usual things to support our members and make their game experience as enjoyable as possible. We provide access to ships, mods and books which a solo player might find difficult to obtain. We replace ships lost in pursuit of clan objectives. We offer advice on understanding the game mechanics, surviving in OW, and basically enjoying the game as much as its current unfinished state will let us. So all the things that nearly all clans promise. We just like to think we do it a bit better! To be recruited to CRED, you must be prepared to abide by our four basic rules, which are that members must:- 1. Be mature both in attitude and age (over 18) 2. Treat other players with politeness and consideration 3. Have a basic understanding of English 4. Use TeamSpeak/Discord when asked (with working mic) To progress to being a full member (officer) of the clan, members will need to demonstrate that they:- 5. Contribute to the material wellbeing of the clan 6. Have completed the in-game tutorial 7. Have achieved at least one solo PvP kill 8. Command the liking, respect and trust of existing full members A happy and efficient ship - a very happy and a very efficient ship. Some of you might think I'm being a bit ambitious wanting both but in my experience you can't have one without the other. A ship can't be happy unless she's efficient and she certainly won't be efficient unless she's happy. Captain Edward V. Kinross (from the movie "In Which We Serve" 1942)
  6. Arrr! Ahoy! Arr ye seeking a Pirate crew worthy of sailing amongst to pillage and plunder thee West Caribbean!? If so, yar in thee right haven! K33N’s pirate code is simple: Fly thee Jolly Roger and show no quarter to those whom stand in ye way. Thee Pirate life is for me. Is it for ye? Join our discord today!
  7. Hey guys! For a while now, it has been a problem that people leave when they see who you are in battle. Sometimes people prefer an easy fight, other times they tag someone they realise is a friend. Other times they have heard rumours of the person that they have attacked and prefers to stay away from whoever this person may be. This problem first started back when names were removed from Open World. This was not too bad initially, although I personally wanted the names to be displayed. With the latest changes to tagging I see some new problems arising in battle. People now spawn much closer than they did before, and it takes a lot longer to leave battle. While I am personally in favour of this new mechanic, I do see some of the old things being somewhat out of date. If people join and decide to leave because they will not fight the person they have tagged, it will now take 8 minutes to get out of battle and for both sides to continue playing the game. I do not wish to discuss the mechanics already implemented, I am sure that the developers have had their reasons and I am fine with that. What I want to focus on is what is now outdated. I suggest the following two solutions to the problem: Make names visible in Open World again Make names invisible when the battle starts and only reveal them after 5-10 minutes For this feature I would also suggest disabling battle chat until the end of the ‘reveal timer’ or until one person has died from the opposite team. With option no. 1, we will satisfy a lot of people who are worried about tagging players in Open World, but it is likely to introduce a reluctance to PvP against some people thus reducing PvP combat. Option no. 2 is the one I personally consider to be the most interesting, this means that during the initial phase of the battle you will not know who you are up against. This could keep some people in battle who would otherwise leave very early. Feel free discuss; maybe the third option is to simply leave the mechanics as they are. 🙂
  8. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] Russian Empire (War Server) For the Great and Glorious Mother Russia! The Red Banner Fleet [REDS] has been chartered by our beloved Tsar Alexander the Blessed to pursue conquest in the Caribbean. Captains taking up arms in our Company are offered steady pay and commission aboard some of the many freshly build vessels already fitted and prepared for the Caribbean Campaign. To join us you must hoist the St. Andrew’s Cross (or plan to do so), you must have Teamspeak, and you should understand English. Find us on our Teamspeak, fleet.red, for an interview with one of our Officers. Server: War Server / PvP Nation: Russian Empire Teamspeak: fleet.red REDS is the merger of clans PLANB, CHAOS/KINGS & RDNN/LEGO. For our freedom and yours! The Russians are coming!
  9. [SNOW] is now recruiting. Applicants much use Discord, be over 18, and have passed the final exam in-game. Please PM a SNOW member for more information on our recruitment process. English speaking clan with a few peculiar foreign people such as Germans and Greeks. PvP/RvR focus. Benefits of membership are to be accused of being a ganker solo in a snow and to make excellent puns such as, "you stand snow chance of escaping" or "it's snow problem sir!" This is the SNOW Discord link: https://discord.gg/9J8YHBt SNOW is a democracy, upon full membership you get to vote, use clan warehouse and use our fun GoogleDocs spreadsheet. We pride ourselves on being a modern clan and have made an effort to boost diversity and be an inclusive clan. We have a token Pole, a woman and a stereotypical organised German! Believe it or not we know Dean Martin and he was kind enough to record our official theme tune which can be found below Bing Crosby not wanting to be outdone had a crack at is as well. You get the general gist. Be a special snowflake today!
  10. Kameraden! Our beloved king, the König von Preußen, wants to make an announcement to his loyal subjects regarding the recent unsettling news in the New World. His Majesty, feels that the interests of our glorious Nation in the neuen Welt might be in danger. Therefore, his Greatness has decided to increase the presence of our ambitious Navy in the West Indies. All seamen, experienced and inexperienced, captains and ambitious landsmen willing to start a new life at sea are hereby invited to appear to the nearest Königlich Preußische West Indische Compagnie and enlist. Seine Majestät promises adventure, fame and the pay to be delivered accurately every week! His Majesty is also willing to grant Letters of Marque to all vessel owners who are willing to pursue a career of a privateer against the enemies of our glorious state. General info and Requirements: Laid-back attitude Decent knowledge of seamanship (game mechanics) EU timezone Main language = English. Current secondaries: German, Greek and Dutch Goals of ROVER A Clan playerbase of around 6-10 active players engage into commerce raiding engage into trading/crafting/escorting PVE as Port Raids / Privateer Fleets If you are interested feel free to contact Z4ys or Sella ingame or here in the forum for more information.
  11. So just had a battle that a LOKI popped in. After he disengaged from boarding while I was dealing with the other AI he ran and escaped. I heard that they been doing this a lot along with surrendering to deny a fight. Should this be allowed?
  12. @admin Давайте поговорим о старых багаже и фичах, которые давно можно и нужно подправить: 1 - нельзя передать больше, чем 9 999 999 за 1 раз в меню трейда игрок-игрок 2 - сундуки (пвп / пве / мертвеца) не складываются друг в друга т.е. имея 20 сундуков на складе / корабле 20 ячеек на складе / корабле 3 - все выглядит одинаково визуально не отличишь 4 - рефиты на мачты -визуально все одинаковые 5- модули на пробитие / даблы / чарджи / книги 6 - модули на мушкеты все на 1 лицо но ттх разное 7 - модуль вуден шеттинг выглядит как купер плейтинг 8 - во время обмена игрок-игрок не может передавать те вещи, которые есть в кораблях из флота / дока на обмен пишет - "игрок такой, что он не принадлежит" 9 - нота ганбота с адмиральского сундука !!! 10 - бутылки переделать 11 - дублоны стакаються по 10 000 на складе ЧТО как я вижу нужно исправить: 1 - исправить, чтобы не было ограничения 9 999 999 - если это возможно, не особо кретично 2 - добавить возможность их складывать в 1 стак до 1000 к примеру 3 - ввести цветовую рамку: -серая рамка - миссион чест - серебрянная рамка - сильвер чест - золотая рамка -голд чест - дедман честный - чёрный рамкой или чёрной рамкой Вуд честно / приват честно. 3 - для пвп сундуков изменить картинку или дорисовать: Честно говоря, вы видите только уменьшенную картинку сверху и внизу. адмирал честно-та же самая сундук адмирала с золотой рамкой + адмиральская шапка + уменьшенная картинка пвп медали 4 - рефиты: Ремонт французской буровой установки - флаг Франции Элитная французская буровая установка - флаг Франции + золотая рамка Ремонт Пиратской оснастки - добавить флаг пиратов Элитный пиратский риг ремонт - флаг пиратов + золотая рамка Ремонт буровой установки - флаг Голандии Британская буровая установка - флаг Британии Элитная британская буровая установка - флаг Британии + золотая рамка Испанский ремонт буровой установки - флаг Испании Элит Испанский риг ремонт - флаг Испании + золотая рамка не менее 1/4 картинки внутри круга. 5 - модули в мешках Книпеля - к мешку с книпелями добавить рисунок книпеля Двойной заряд В этом случае вы можете найти только 2 единицы заряда. 6- мушкеты, много разных, и они разные. 7 - рисунок вудден шеттинг сделать деревянным т.е. плитки раскрасить в другой цвет 8 - не разбираюсь в игрострое. 9 - убейте всех, кто не знает, что такое книга, а не пермита. 10 - я считаю, что это может быть только один игрок, и если он проиграл миссию пропала т.е .: - заходит в бой игрок и там ничего - 1 корабль боевой затонувший и его нужно облутать - 2 корабля торговцев которые можно или захватить или утопить - 4 корабля пиратов до 3 ранга включительно пускай рандом поможет тому кто зайдет .... 11 - добавить стак дублонов до 100 000 или если нельзя то побольше 10 000 т.к. при накоплении они занимают много места З.Ы. Я думаю, что я забыл ... Дополнил: (по состоянию на 16.02.2020) увелечение функционала кнопок интерфейса: - стандартное поведение для TAB и Enter - SHIFT + drag'n'drop = перенос и разделение в одно действие - SHIFT + ALT + клик = разделение и перенос на корабль / склад игры для удобства - Вся эта возня с флотом откровенно раздражает. Сделано бы что ли - Alt + 1 + клик - в трюм второго корабля и т.д. - Кнопка автоматического пропорционального распределения команд. Колесо мышки при распределении экипажа работает. - команда автоматической настройки и пополнения команды после захода в порт. - Чтобы увидеть, сколько нужно денег, чтобы вы были в экипаже на 4, - там же можно посмотреть, какие стоят пушки. - Если добавляешь корабль во флот, то книги слетают и потом их надо восстанавливать. Это может быть связано с тем, что миссию доставляют только из активного корабля. В итоге приходится все время переключаться и заново ставить книжки. - Если товар перегружен в магазине, то товар не падает по аналогичному товару. - Когда нет выхода в порт, где нет выхода, есть ли корабль, чтобы отправиться в порт, где есть возможность отправиться в порт, где нужно выйти из порта с открытым исходным кодом - добавить возможность сдачи в открытом мире? - сделать стаки пушек по 1000, а лучше по 10 000 - введено пушки теперь имеют стак 1000 - лабор контракты стак 25 -нужно увеличить вместимость пачки корректировка отображаемой информации: - Сделать так, чтобы в бою не было ни одного штатного БР. - когда стреляешь с океана попадаешь себе в бушприт и паруса - Когда ты делаешь ядро? фичи которые давно просились: - добавить возможность выпадения с элитной записки кораблей из S дерева введено, теперь и непись в открытом мире может быть из s дерева - чат, клан список
  13. Dear captains of Naval Action.💗 this is very awkward. i have been a part of the danish-norwegian community since i started playing for about 3000 hours ago. i have my share of portbattles, screening, ganking, pvp hunt, and pve. i have had a extremly fun time and i loved it, but i think its time for me to try something new. i need a clan that has active players on Teamspeak, players that love to speak and laugh. a clan that is not afraid of supporting the nation in RVR or PVP i have much to learn and im willing to learn. i would like to find a clan with only norwegians, but thats impossible. the main language need to be english( or almost english) I dont use alt because i think its crap. i am online mostly daytime and after kids asleep. i cant join a russian clan, if BF suddenly ask if i would like to join i say yes, ( they are extremly good sailors) i can join other danish-norwegian clans. i hope for positive feedback i dont need to leave my nation, im good here, but i want more.
  14. Балтийский Флот Собственно началась наша история еще на просторах ПотБс. Так же как и в ПОтБс, наша группа занимается разбоем и грабежом, только пвп, только хардкор. Нету никакой политики, союзов и тому подобных вещей. Топим и тонем, догоняем и убегаем везде и всюду, всех и везде Играем за Российскую Империю, но в душе мы пираты! Сообщество создано для семейных и работающих людей, которые приходят в игру ради отдыха и получения удовольствия. Которые хотят, прийдя вечерком с работы, провести весело время в этой игре, в душевной и веселой компании, и потопив десяток буржуев, с хорошим настроением и приподнятым духом пойти брать на абордаж свою женщину Что для этого нужно: 1) Иметь микрофон с наушниками и установленную голосовую связь (ТС) адрес: rus.rdnn.eu 2) Быть адекватным, с чувством юмора и просто крутым мужиком 3) Возраст 20+ 4) Желание рвать и метать все что видно в море. 5) Не боятся сливать свои кораблики, ибо это всего лишь картинки 6) Написать в игре в национальный чат о желании присоединиться или же личным сообщением: "Captain Reverse
  15. Hello devs! I guess it was already debated, but it would be lovely if you can implement this new feature in the game. Once a battle start, like a Prince hunting down a Indiaman, there should be the option for the hunter or the hunted to propose the end of the fight in change of a compensation (reals). If the agreement takes place, the hunter is prevented, by game mechanic, to hunt down the same player for a certain amount of time (half hour?).
  16. Hello Devs! I did see this kind of map/video ages ago and i was wondering if the same can be done with Naval Action, like on a monthly base indicating all the sinking taking place in the Caribbean. ***** "A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - by Isao Hashimoto" *****
  17. Hear Hear! Captains! I will suggest that we bring back information about sailors in open world! Why? I miss open world communication. saying hi to the enemy, ask him to let me go, ask if its alot of fish where he comes from You know if you tag a bloody alt, a pvp king or a new guy sailing for the first time.' some of us, are actually naval action friends, and dont want to fight eachother. instead of wasting time in battle we can just sail away from each other. I know some pvp kings feelt like they where hunted more if they know who they where. i get that. but thats a risk you need to take when you are a pvp king. Please keep the conversation on a medium level of seriousness.
  18. Hi devs! Question: Ratty can tag privateer, but privateer cant tag Ratty. Same is for the 3rd rates. Is it possible to fix this?
  19. The community on the Global Chat is kinda funny and people try to organize duels in the PatrolZone, but its not always easy cause the mess on the waves. So why dont we try to develop this particular feature, Solo PVP in the PatrolZone, to a better and higher level, with both duelists streaming the fight on Twitch/Youtube/Whatever and the NA community betting (dubloons, reals, upgrades, whatever but not RL money) on the winner?
  20. Hallo Community heute lief es mal richtig gut mit den Group fights . die Piraten haben uns einen guten kampf bescherrt (die Briten sind dem gefecht nach gejoined) hoffe für euch lief der start in die woche auch gut lg lukas
  21. I'd like to see a player ranking system, not a daily ranking, a permanent list. I don't know how the rankings should work, that can be discussed. However, one important thing is it should be a ranking of player skill, not based on time spent. The daily pvp board is just total BR sunk, so that's obviously time based. Once there is an initial list of player ranks, people should be able to challenge those ranked above them, and if they win or the challenge goes unmet, they move up the rankings.
  22. Beware the rise of the blood moon [SNACH] Scalawags Naval & Charter Haus We are the scourge of the sea always looking to expand our international navy of scalawags who are not afraid to shed some blood upon the decks of our enemies. Our focus is PvP/RvR and are part of the all-call rats ready to join any battle anywhere. We also dabble in econ and have a few blacksmiths and shipwrights ready to build armed fleets for our squad and others. Simple requirements: Participation - Be ready for the call to arms. Be willing to help fill the warehouse with reals, doubloons, resources, and materials for our blacksmiths and shipwrights. Be willing to participate in the grind helping everyone to rank and gain ship knowledge. Be willing to help build our ports. Be willing to use your labor hours for materials. Communication - Once in clan we need you in TS as often as possible, even if it is only to listen. We are primarily English speakers with a couple French-Canadien. Maturity - Be an adult. Be courteous to all, even our enemies. Be confident. Be courageous. Be ruthless. Pixel Fodder - Remember this is just a game. Don't be afraid to lose a ship or few, for they can be replaced if everyone does their part. OG Founders: Big Balls Buck - Squadron Commander, Ball-dragger extraordinaire, Hunter of the big buck - USA TZ Nek Von Kraak - Diplomat - CAN TZ Yonar YawWalker - Diplomat - CAN TZ Dread TakeFam - Diplomat - USA TZ Poonhound - Officer - USA TZ Farrago - Officer - USA TZ Rhumb - Officer - AUS TZ Vinnierial - Officer - USA TZ van der Clam - Officer - USA TZ Onbekende - Officer - USA TZ Scalawags: billy bowlegs - Officer - USA TZ Captain Grundal - Officer - CAN TZ Egregious Twat - Officer - AUS TZ Harley Davison - Member - USA TZ John Jean - Member - CAN TZ Mishmash - Member - USA TZ One Eye One Horn - Member - USA TZ Purple People Eater - Member - USA TZ Speedy Gonzales - Member - USA TZ Be not afraid to shed some blood and join the SNACH squadron!
  23. Hi devs, What happens in case a nation get totally wiped out of the game, in this case Poland? The players of that realm will have to restart everything from a free town (Shourd Cay) ? In my opinion every nation should have some non-conquerable home ports like GB or Spain. Are there any news about the seasons system?
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