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  1. Domestikos

    British port battle fleet moving nation

    Oh yeah, silly of me, i forgot
  2. Domestikos

    British port battle fleet moving nation

    LONG LIVE SWEDISH ZERG! In case you're serious and not trolling, then the rest of us will have a hard time in GB..
  3. Domestikos

    New Player Experience - the 1st 5 hours...

    The tutorial should say: " Should you get lost in open sea, head South." In the Caribean map you will always find land if you head south, that's a fact.
  4. Domestikos

    Exciting OR RNG crafting is back, and I have a problem with it.

    I find the change good should the percentages of getting rare ship refits be too low after many builts so that someone that makes let's say 10 ships of the same class, receives the 10th as a super rare ship. I understand the logic of it and i like it but please.. keep the percentage of getting them low.
  5. Today, I was near Shroud Cay with my character named Themistoklis (my name in OW is different with the one here). I engaged in battle after the player Captain Rover invited me to tag the prussian player Flintch. I also got invited in a battle group by Captain Rover. Right after the battle started, as i was throwing chain shots at Flintch, i got broadsided twice at almost point blank range by Captain Rover who was also making it look like fun hitting his fellow nation player. Prussian player Flintch told him to stop doing this. Afterwards he just broadsided Flinch again as i was trying to get away and they continued the battle as i left the instance in a hurry. I'm irritated by this unsportsmanlike behaviour by Captain Rover cause i thought clan players respect their fellow nation ones. I guess the fact that i got multiple hull hits by him can be proven by battle logs. Yours, Domestikos(Themistoklis)
  6. I've sailed many hours since yesterday, still no bottle for me. An also, no sharks at all
  7. In the first case pirates won the field but lost the port. Clear victory fro the Brits.At the second battle, Pirates not only lost the port but messed up and at battle. I see that some pirates will be hanged at Jamaica Nice writting and presentation, i enjoyed it.
  8. So.. to many of you guys your big problem is the word "content" in the title, the changes themselves doesn't seem t bother you much but that word is. Interesting logic...
  9. Is Fir such an "exclusive" item? There really is a big demand and there is nowhere to be found...
  10. Domestikos

    Playtime questions

    To fully understand the scale of the world the devs have made, you need to go through most of it's part.I'm really satisfied with the current time compression and the distances.
  11. Domestikos

    open world of tommorow

    http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/5187-current-list-of-planned-fixes-and-known-issues/#entry99209 This is the list of the features-modules e.t.c. that we are asked to help in testing and send our feedbacks to the devs. Better for you to deal with it.The game is far from ready to be played properly.
  12. Traveled yesterday from martinica to Barbuda Island took with battles in the way nearly 2 hours. Today i continued my journey from there to the Virgin Islands and then to Puerto Rico spant another 2-2.5 hours with only 2 battles. Current speed seems ok to me.Turning speed of vessels in open world should be a little lower.
  13. Where do i send the crash reports?