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  2. Капитаны, к сожалению, на данный момент сервер снова не доступен из-за технических проблем. Мы уточняем причины и сроки восстановления работы сервера у провайдера. Приносим извинения за неудобства.
  3. Captains, unfortunately the server experiences problems again. This is under investigation.
  4. Will it be rolled back again? Cause i already used all the concessions.... so for those of us who did can we log an f11 to get them back?
  5. Captains, Unfortunately the server is not available at the moment due to technical issues again. We are clarifying reasons with the server provider and we will keep you informed. Apologize for the inconvenience
  6. There's gonna be a rollback for sure - the same, as today before maintainance. So ... don't worry, your fleet is save. ^^
  7. Same here. Was in battle and now cannot get my fleet back to port for repairs etc. Hope I don't lose them
  8. Oui et non, certes des mixs de bois plus cohérents mais pas de choix de bois, ni de choix de spécialisations, sinon c'est la mort du craft et du commerce... Y'a qu'à farmer les elites bots et adieu le peu d'économie qu'il reste. Les elites ça doit rester des rares loots, pas une normalité... Enfin ce n'est que mon avis
  9. Can log into PVP but failing repeatedly on PVE server. It attempts to log in and fails with a message "Error Login queue request failed" Was fine after maintenance last night but is consistently failing now.
  10. You want my l´ocean sunk or what? it's the second time today that the server breaks with me in battle,,,,,,,,please,,,,,
  11. Pour les notes de navire gagnées sur les Elites, il faudrait pouvoir avoir un minimun de choix du bois ou de spécialisations sans que cela tout en random.
  12. With the current numbers it won't really matter much.
  13. Are both servers hosted on the same infrastructure / same company? Would be interesting to get to understand how PvE (lower pop, lower player interaction) has so many crashes where PvP is running just fine.
  14. This is getting out of hand. I have lost so much in the past 4-5 days. The comp was nice, but my lost gunnery ency and art of ship handling was better. Trying to unlock perks is hard enough with these roll backs and crashes. Let alone loss of time put into game.
  15. Third time in four days. We need a new host company for PvE peace server, this is deadly for the community.
  16. CRASH!! Cannot relog in.
  17. Today
  18. Curious thing it always happen right after I start a battle against an elite ship/fleet. Perfect for heart attacks for sudden ship loss.
  19. I hope so because I already claimed the redeemables for the last crash... And I spent my afternoon farming xp for my rank !
  20. Here we are again ... server is dead.
  21. ..I trust this time you have gotten some backups to avoid rollbacks.
  22. Oye ! The PvE server just crashed (again) ... What's happening these days ?
  23. I want fleet battles, straight up and even steven, without shenanigans 👍 👍 👍
  24. Nothing is certain with these developers, don't take them on word with any given promises.
  25. I fully support this concept. Anything to improve end-game / bonuses in the PvE server. What about mixing this with the idea of "Raids" that the admins posted about recently. This could mean clans can group together (or multiple clans ally) to do a mini port battle against NPC's. Maybe not restrict it to clan only bonuses since there will be a lot of small clans on the server who couldnt do a significant raid. Perhaps getting a faction bonus to a post (e.g. English successfully raided this town, this provides X days time frame for English investment into town. After time frame is over, ability to invest closes, and England must raid again to continue to invest.) This would mean that multiple factions can raid the same town This would make a decent end game concept where not only do players from a faction have to work in battle, but it would also create focused economy hubs for factions as people have put time and effort into developing an area. Also not sure what it means to "Raid" a town already flagged as England.... Perhaps it wouldnt matter as this is more about game content and you can always make a narrative about a corrupt governor (not sure how many people would care for historical/narrative consistency if its providing decent game content). Perhaps the occasional defence from an NPC faction, but that might be asking too much development focus from the Devs.
  26. It depends a bit on what you are looking for in a mod. New battles, factions, etc almost certainly not unless support is built in. However, it is possible to mod weapon/campaign/perk balance changes, UI improvements, some new features, and changes to AI logic. Several mods are now available for UGCW and while none have been released for UGG the same process would work for that game. Hopefully this game does well enough that they are able to support modding more officially though.
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