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  1. I have honestly zero idea. I discovered it one day, forgot about it for a couple of weeks and then rediscovered it again. H haven't seen anyone mention it here at all, so I figured it was common knowledge lol.
  2. Right-click on the two stacked task forces. That's allowed me to deal with ships/groups that I have stacked on top of one another.
  3. @o Barão can the English File from the regular mods be used with the Economy Experiment file?
  4. I've got a minor QOL issue with one of the towers on the new Italian CL hulls. The Minimal Tower(Enhanced) attached barbette placement anchor is too far forward, resulting in a gun barbette that overhangs the edge of the tower. This was tested using the new six-inch Italian gun model on both the Large Fast Cruiser and Advanced Fast Cruiser hulls, both of which have the same tower option.
  5. If there's going to be an economy nerf, I'd balance it against ship costs. Top-of-the-line warships in 1940 (for example) shouldn't be pushing the billion (and usually much higher) figure mark. Slashing economy growth numbers by a flat percentage across the board, as well as ship costs, could be a good thing. But as I've no idea how you'd go about balancing this nerf, other than a quaint idea, I don't have much more to say... other than the frankly absurd amounts of money any nation can rack up.
  6. Are we going to see model updates for some current hulls, or is it strictly new hulls to flesh out the roster before models overhaul? All in all, really looking forward to 1.5 (Yes, US 6in-47 gun housings!)
  7. @o Barão I found a small typo. It's nothing major, but I felt it should be pointed out.
  8. In terms of this, the bow shape has a good chunk to deal with designed speed too. The QEs used the old ram-bow type design, whereas Nagato and Mutsu used the newer overhanging bow style (I don't know the term for it). There's also just about a 6-year gap between the launch of Warspite and Nagato, which, for Capital ships, is quite a decent chunk of time (You go from HMS Dreadnought to Warspite in a little over seven years)
  9. Is it possible that we'll ever get the option to enable/disable submarines for Campaign (maybe in the settings menu, or as an extra option on the Campaign setup page?). As it stands, they're still busting ASW fleets.
  10. I have no idea if I'm the only one experiencing this, but I cannot, under any circumstances cancel an alliance with another nation. I'd like to have a chance to recover my nation's economy, but my ally (The USA) has been in a state of perpetual war since ~1896. And despite my efforts to want to cancel the alliance, the button is always grayed out.
  11. I've noticed this in the past. It's either Britain or France, or both, that go off and earn +10% GDP per year. Even if they come out of war a loser, they jump right back up to 12-15% GDP growth. It's a bit insane.
  12. The only issue I think you'd see transitioning between the base game and the new NAR is potential overweight penalties depending on your Propellant/Bursting charge. Outside of that, there really isn't much that it should have issues with. Minus updating a couple of old designs, it works really smoothly.
  13. I've got this same problem. Italy has a BB and a DD in the Suez, and suddenly I can't sail my fleets through the Suez? it's absolutely ridiculous that I can't sail a 16-fleet formation down the Suez, engage those ships and open the passage back up(They don't even control it, but by sheer virtue of their vessels being there, I can't go through it, effectively cutting my capability to move in half)
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