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  1. NOTE: table is only current as of 5/30/2020 NOTE: If you find an error please let me know. Also, if you are looking for a specific ship try using ctrl-F. UA:AOS Stock ship loadouts and Gun stats: Stock ship loadouts: 1st Rate Santisima Trinidad-class (144 gun): Crew: 900 Top gun deck: 40 X 9lber Upper Middle: 36 X 12lber Lower Middle: 34 X 24lber Bottom: 34 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 7.6 Acceleration: 6.8 Turn: 3.1
  2. First of all, I really enjoy the campaigns and find the scenarios interesting, but occasionally I just want to load up a SoL and just lay about smashing frigates all around me, and you can't really do that in the campaign. So I thought for a bit and it occurred to me that between the campaign interface for buying and modding ships and an existing roster of maps creating a custom battles generator is quite feasible. Take the interface, pair it with a map selector, and give the AI a list of pre-built ships to purchase (preferably with a pair of check boxes for frigates and SoLs [both
  3. I was playing the US Super Battleship mission when the game abruptly crashed. The only error message it gave me is "Too many threads". The crash itself is also odd. The game minimized itself and became unresponsive to me clicking on its icon rather than terminating properly. Had to use task manager to kill it. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. Is anyone else getting a "Too many threads" error crash since the latest patch? I can't narrow down what's causing it but it doesn't seem to happen in custom battles.
  5. We all know that the accuracy system is in desperate need of an overhaul. Here's my idea of a system to replace it, which should be feasible from a programming point of view and accurate to history. I think the best way to describe my proposed system is by example: Ship X fires at Ship Y. Upon firing, the game calculates the flight time of X's shells and predicts where Y will be that many seconds in the future based on Y's current speed and heading. At that point (a literal point on the XY grid representing the predicted center of Y) the game will generate two dispersion circles. The
  6. Has there ever been a case, real or considered, of replacing a warship's main armament with guns of the same caliber but of more modern construction? i.e. replacing a 12/50 MK1 with a 12/50MK2?
  7. I would such a function be a modding option that can be placed on the Steam Workshop.
  8. Once had a full health AI battleship flee from my nearly sunk battleship. It was a 2v1 and I managed to sink one of the AI BBs, leaving be in the teens of structure and low twenties on flotation and only able to make 3.7kn. If the AI decided to engage, I was sunk, that was a certain outcome. It decided to flee with its completely undamaged BB instead. I agree that the AI flees too often.
  9. Historically, various nations have had limits on how thick they could reliably manufacture armor plates and this was a major factor in warship design and construction. Right now, there's nothing stopping me from loading up Japan's Super Battleship and slapping 40in of armor on it with said 40in being just as effective as a 10in plate. Needless to say, this is not historically accurate. I'm not saying that this should be a hard limit, nations can and did take two smaller plates and fuse them together (see Yamato-class for example), but two smaller plates should not have the same qu
  10. I think they already simulate where the ammo is stored, they just need to add in code that reduces the available ammo for that gun type by 1/(number of turrets) and automatically destroy the gun that had the ammo detonation happen.
  11. I can think of a good compromise: Keep the snap points for the AI but, like turret placement, allow the player to ignore them by pressing and holding L-Shift.
  12. I think its due to graphical rounding. It probably had something like 0.3% structure left but since the game doesn't show fractions it rounded down to 0% on the display.
  13. Exactly what it says. Currently 1 gun turrets have the same diameter as 3 gun turrets when they should actually be smaller.
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