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  1. Interesting @GeneralPITA! What about the differences in "Reloading" and "Range" (show only graphically) that appear even though the weapons are the same? (2nd set of graphics, 4th and 5th brigade examples).
  2. What does $1,000 added to Supply in the Army Management screen actually represent?
  3. @JaM are these conclusions reflected in some of the gameplay decisions, as far as you know?
  4. I came across this article today that attempts to de-bunk some of the myths and inaccuracies about Civil War tactics. Can any of the buffs/historians on here weigh in with their opinions? http://johnsmilitaryhistory.com/cwarmy.html Thanks!
  5. What I mean is that when you play the Single Player "campaign" you could opt to alert a pool of human generals to take up one or more of the battles in the campaign. After a certain amount of time it would expire and you fight the AI if no human general takes the offer.
  6. Hi - have you thought about having a multiplayer lobby where players can go to find a human opponent for the Campaign battles? I would be willing to wait a bit (10 mins?) for an alert to go out to a pool of human players inviting them to fight one of the engagements in a campaign. If no humans reply within your set time limit, the battle is contested by a random AI general.
  7. I would add that arty should not be able to continuously fire back on an infantry unit that is charging it. Edit clarification: when an infantry unit charges arty, it looks like it's engaged but then the arty unit miraculously fires even though its 50 men are surrounded by 1500 screaming lunatics.
  8. That is an epic defense @Koro - I can't even come close to playing like that. How do you make a single line of infantry without them all bunching together? Just recognizing the spacing they need on the map? Edit: I just tried the Group > Group Formation and it works fairly well. Is there any other way of getting units into a line?
  9. I have to lend my voice to the Napoleon camp - seems like a logical next step and one that will bring new fans. I look forward to seeing cavalry implemented!
  10. Thanks - once my Steam friend connected they showed up in the Invite list so you can only invite when they are actually in the game or have Steam connected. Thanks!
  11. Looks like they have a longer range than regular infantry, always seem to run, and can shoot at artillery positions from outside of canister range. They also seem quite useful using the Fallback command to harass advancing infantry which can be very useful.
  12. Hi! This is a really enjoyable game. How do you add a friend in order to invite them to a game?
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