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  1. Abram Svensson

    Please remove the 3 cancellations of combat mission

    Leveled all ships in PVP except the first slot on first and 2nd rates for Portbattles.
  2. Abram Svensson

    Tutorial feedback 2

    In my opinion it is fine if the devs want it as a heavy challenge. I actually felt good when i passed the last missions because they were challenging. But maybe add a note for new players, that they dont have to do them and are able to skip them and retry them later. They might miss that point at the start.
  3. Abram Svensson

    Tutorial feedback 2

    made it on first try. git gud bro
  4. Abram Svensson

    1v1 / 2v2 tourney ?

    i prefer 2v2 aswell. to ships: maybe a BR again and the teams can choose their competition or (and i like it more) randomize the ships the teams have to use maybe from 5th to 3rd rate. when you draw the matchups, draw a ship aswell which has to be used by the teams in the match.
  5. Abram Svensson

    RvR informations are totally useless

    https://twitter.com/zz569k you can open this in background. it is pretty accurate and is always fast up to date.
  6. Abram Svensson

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Basic Cutters need a nerf again. 2/3 Cutters were armed.
  7. Abram Svensson

    Open world hunting

    And dont forget the stupid hard grind for a new player. Read it several times again in help chat that people cant get over a basic cutter.
  8. Abram Svensson

    Forged Paper DLC

    I actually feel harrassed and used xD
  9. Abram Svensson

    Forged Paper DLC

    Do you need me so badly?
  10. Abram Svensson

    Open world hunting

    Fleetship had no cannons. i agree that traders can fight back. I sail my traders full boarding equipped, demast my enemy and board him. They just never really try to fight back, but a LGV and an Indiaman have good opportunities to fight back.
  11. Abram Svensson

    Forged Paper DLC

    or is there a "special way" to use it? or does it come after the maintainance? @admin @Ink
  12. Abram Svensson

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Shall we do some kind of market for players? right now so much people are moving maybe a nation makes an offer - VP paid rediii 20k Combat Marks for moving to VP - Denmark paid EXILE 1k PVP Marks for moving to Denmark - Russian Empire offers Sweden 5 Billion gold for taking Bernadotte back - HAVOC buys Abram Svensson from HRE for 1 Fish Meat and a bit of salt
  13. Abram Svensson

    Forged Paper DLC

    sorry that i didnt want to use YOUR money. i will do better in future
  14. Abram Svensson

    Forged Paper DLC

    @rediiithe game wants me in sweden
  15. Abram Svensson

    Forged Paper DLC

    same issue here.