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  1. Would appreciate that aswell. I think that would increase RVR a lot, would raise the losses of the nations. Crafting a first rate isnt as annoying than driving it where it is needed. But wouldnt implement tow to freeport though.
  2. Sweden declares war on France

    Since yesterday Sweden got a meme already
  3. Sweden declares war on France

    Around Kingstown we saw 2nd and 1st rates grinding hostility for a 4th rate port. 1. Maybe safe on Buccentaurs and build 1st rates instead. 2. You dont need 8 2nd and 1st rates grinding a 4th rate port. take 8 Wasas if you need to be 8 and leave the 1sts and 2nds in your north
  4. Sweden declares war on France

    try to explain again where Sweden is easier than France
  5. Sweden declares war on France

    You are the DEFENDER, what means you dont need more than 25 players to fight that PB. What does it matter if we come with 100 ships, when only 25 can get into the Portbattle. "Outnumbered" is just a dumb excuse from people who are feared to lose their ship in PVP on a PVP server. And where did the devs make Sweden stronger and France weaker? You got 8? Cities which are in a safezone and are uncapturable while Sweden has 2. I barely see people sinking in frech waters. Most are sinking in Swedish and Danish waters. Who came to Sweden again? i think the most are people who are looking for PVP and Sweden aswell as Danmark and Great Britain offer this content to their players. Like rediii said, why should people come to France, when you dont offer anything?
  6. Gustavia in the background, county says Bovenwinds. West of Gustavia is nearly no Safezone. Seems like Bovenwinds county is limiting the Gustavia county. @admin
  7. PB entry bugged?

    works only with capitals. other cities PBs are only accessable over the swords. Edit: my experience though
  8. [PVP EU] battle results

    let the bidders pay with their entry. someone places a bet and pays the money. after the portbattle the winners need to come TO YOU and you pay them their entrymoney and the amount they won. if a winner doesnt show up you keep the money for your work ^^
  9. What's next for Naval Action?

    Would love 4th rates "shallows", maybe call it reefs then. Maybe a spectate mode for Portbattles? Of course with a delay. More content: -Raids, as mentioned before -maybe expeditions, where you need to collect and bring ressources to a certain port. outcome has a chance of failure or huge reward -Treasure fleets, could be PVE only, but like it more with PVP. You see a fleet of a nation on the map. The owning nation needs to defend it.
  10. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    As i remember right we started in Bahamas before the Mapwin system even got announced, because we wanted to give new players the chance to fight PBs. After the system was announced we went for the mapwin. We didnt see the sense in taking another mapwin, because we expected other nations to trade it between each other and we dont need Vicory Marks. We still have Victory marks from the first mapwin and after wipe the mapwin isnt really important to get them. Just play PVE and convert the CM to VM, no mapwin needed.
  11. Best RVR clan in games history

    I play for more than 1 year now and i never understood why SORRY should be such a huge name, because i never heard it until i fought some of them in the Port-au-Prince region. And these guys didnt make a difference to the pirate loss. I dont know SLRN and DAS aswell, that could have been before my time, but from the moment on i was interested in RVR RUS was the only name i heard again and again. So i cant talk for all time best RVR clan, but SORRY was a Noname for me the past year. The most i connect to SORRY is actually Forum drama. That was the first time i heard that name too.
  12. Fully rework PVP/redone PVE

    You complain that you are being outnumbered, but also want battles to stay open the whole time? Edit: Ganking means you are attacking people, who stand no chance against you. - you got attacked by 5 players, you got ganked - you attack a Trader or smaller/slower/weaker ship than yours, you are ganking him - players attacking newbies in front of the capital is the most common type of ganking we had in the past weeks
  13. Best RVR clan in games history

    +1 WHITE