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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    Completely agree here. Hostilitysystem gives a clear advantage to the attackers due to the NPCs on Defenders side.
  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    Portbattle at Rosaly Attacker: France Defender: Sweden Result: Swedish Victory Swedish Commander: rediii French Commander: Louis XVI(?) Swedish were Downwind and shot on masts. After an engage they managed to focus 2 ships down and got neutral wind from that. After that battle was decided, French ships got focused down and started retreating. Our Portbattlefleet in Grand Anse didnt get a fight and decided to do hostility in Roseau. In the second mission a french Defense fleet joined the battle. We sailed upwind and called the Fleet of Rosaly for help. With their arrival we startet a brawl. We lost 3 guys, because the french joined around them and 1 in the brawl. Swedish command: Ser Abram Svensson, rediii (after arrival), Palatinose (after arrival) French command: Kierrip de Badas(?) Thank you for the fights Frenchies o7
  3. XP/PvP-Marks-Farming

    i dont think it was XP Farming. Pretty sure this is PVP mark farming. I would suggest to take a look at the captains aswell he was trading to after this time. Probably an alt account.
  4. Server Merge Proposal

    I dont like the idea of Timezones at all. This game is about clans working together as a nation. With different timezones and players "who can represent your nation in other timeszones" you gonna have one nation for each timezone. You want to bring people together, but with different timezones on a server you gonna split the players on one server. People want the merge because they have nothing to do on their primetime, thats why Global players want a merge and EU players feel fine. Right now i would actually propose 3 different servers, maybe 4. EU PVP, US PVP, ASIA PVP and maybe OCEANIA PVP. When all these servers hit over 1k people i would rethink a merge. Right now non-EU-Players have no reason to start in this game. Why should they play a game there nothing is going on (Global) or nothing is happening in their primetime (EU)?
  5. Nothing whatsoever about bounty hunting

    Pay Sweden and Spain to shoot them back to the Safezone
  6. Disappearing upgrades

    Just tested it aswell. I bought 1x Additional Ballast, it landed in my warehouse. After that i bought it again 1x, but still had only 1 in my warehouse. So i dragged it into my upgrade chest and bought another piece. Now i had 1x Additional Ballast in my Warehouse and 2x in my Upgrade Chest. Seems it stacks up correctly but doesnt show it.
  7. [PVP EU] battle results

    Next time in Kemps Bay we may give you an equal fight. We wont lose the port but why dont have some fun ^^
  8. Thickness Upgrades

    You mean like this but without double?
  9. [PVP EU] battle results

    My left armor was down to 20% and i lost my backmast what brought my sails to 44%. With my repair on cooldown for around 8 minutes and 3 of your L´oceans running in my direction i took the opportunity and left the battle to join the PB at Grand Anse. After you cut my way off and i was in the middle of 7 russian captains i already thought im done, but somehow i survived ^^ I should believe more in Odin and Thor
  10. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    HRE 2 would like to do the first match this week. We are available in the evening and on weekend. Please hit me up on TS @elite92 @tonyxyx @Mikocen @GhastlyGhost @vazco or here in Forum/Global chat @TommyShelby @SeaWolf_ @Sureshot Notice for refs: @Liq @rediii @Christendom @Cornelis Tromp
  11. Fragen zum Spiel

    Findet den größten Nutzen, wenn ein gegnerisches Schiff kurz davor steht zu explodieren. Dies führt neben Segeln zu erheblichen Schäden an der Crew. Mit Brace kann man die Verluste verringern. In naher Distanz kann es auch dazu kommen, dass ein Schiff von der Crew direkt aufgegeben wird, weil die Moral natürlich auch in den Keller geht.
  12. The Battle of Trafalgar Video

    These are videos i can recommend too. Its a channel who analyses movies and their historical accuracy.
  13. I think you can use Niagaras and Cerbreus too.
  14. Would like to see the BR in battle on Scoreboard aswell. In Camp du roy 3 of us got screened and i head no idea from inside the battle how much BR is still able to join. I needed a guy outside to tell me. Sure you can count it, but i think it isnt a problem to show the BR behind every ship and at the bottom the total BR per side.
  15. [PVP EU] battle results

    Now thats a good one. Two fleets able to fight each other, thats how we get good battles.