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  1. Abram Svensson

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Port de Paix Portbattle We didnt have a full PB squad, but joined anyway. Won the Brawl but lost due to circles captured by requins. GG Prussians P.S.: Can we please remove shallow ships from Deep Water Portbattles?
  2. Abram Svensson

    Encore une tres bonne idee allemande

    You want to adress all players in Naval Action, but only post in french. Vous souhaitez vous adresser à tous les acteurs de Naval Action, mais uniquement en français. In addition, you agreed with the purchase of the game. that the developers have the full power of decision. De plus, vous avez accepté d'acheter le jeu. que les développeurs ont le plein pouvoir de décision.
  3. Abram Svensson

    Splitting goods in Warehouse

    Why dont you just type in the number?
  4. Abram Svensson

    Cant enter Combat Order on enemy side

    So i found a Victory today which started a Combat mission right in front of me. I wanted to join on the enemy side to give it a try and was surprised, that i was only able to join the mission on the players side and not on the other one (here neutral) So my question: intended or bug?
  5. Abram Svensson

    Tow to shallow water

    I bet he means the Port to Port Tow and not the OW Tow. OW Tow doesnt port you to shallow ports.
  6. Abram Svensson

    Caribbean Invasion News

    As an ex Swede let me tell you: You have no idea
  7. Abram Svensson

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Portbattle of La Orchila. GG to the danes o7 No video, because rediii went revenge ganking some hornets
  8. Abram Svensson

    Caribbean Invasion News

    So i cant come to the swedish TS anymore, because i would check only for numbers of players? Wow, just wow. Yesterday i was on the swedish TS to help @troody with a new game he had questions about and last week rediii and me met sveno just for talking. I always rate the people over the game, but it seems the game is too important for some. It is complete bullshit, that we only check for numbers. You can get the adress of the swedish TS in global and in forum or people just know it, because it is the same adress for the full naval action time. Everyone can come to TS and check for numbers, TS rights not needed. You can do the same on the dutch TS, so we need to assume you do it just because you can @Tac and @sam121252? i do the same on the dutch TS and others besides Naval Action, to check if someone i want to talk to is around. When he is not i just log out again. But obviously i am only checking for numbers...
  9. Abram Svensson

    Farewell from Jim

    Cya to the next big update o7
  10. Abram Svensson

    New Ship - HMS Inflatalus

    we had 37° around Münster in Northrine-Westfalia today. I keep laughing at everyone outside my cellar ^^
  11. Abram Svensson

    Great cinematic videos

    Does it affect your gameplay when you play football in an empty stadium? (You cant see or hear the spectators) On technical side it should be possible, since people can stream the game without problems for themself. it just needs a good access to internet, which a server of an onlinegame should have.
  12. Abram Svensson

    Mission changes

    sounds really good !!
  13. Abram Svensson

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    i see that mention of mine ironic after the last two days @rediii
  14. Abram Svensson

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    + attacker almost always has the wind