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  1. Divided nations and trust

    Logfiles for the Warehouse will be good for bigger Clans a big YES for that. Many asked for that. Too achive a good Clan-managment is often hard especial in big Clans how many get acces to the WH and many other thinks that must get managed. So you get a + from me.
  2. Divided nations and trust

    I will not delete my clan to merge with others. POINT. I was in Clans sometimes the Leaders left the Game or other thinks happens. I want to do the stuff i want and play like i want when i want. So after 2 years i made my own Clan with 2 members. Both are my Accounts. One for trading one for Fighting and PvP. I speak with people in battles and try to be friendly the most time. Nothing more to say.
  3. which ship?

    Snow is good. I got attacked by a Spanish Aga when i was sailing to tumbardo on a teak/crew Snow 1h20 mins lost by bording cause i didnt want get closer to the tower he surrvived with 30 crew. But he was thinking he got a easy target.
  4. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    What i expectet is more like that what you said here and what i said above when i first heard about the Patrol-Missions and PvP-rewards. We will see what the Future brings what i have read in the forum gives me a positiv fealing for the Future.
  5. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    I got the hope that Patrol Missions are more like u select a Region where you want to Patrol like Bermuda or Cartaghena. You go out search for some Ships Players/NPC's. For Combats agains players you get PvPmarks and NPC Combatmarks and if you achieve the Order you get the PvPmarks. Next thing i was in hope that you will get a reward for participating in a PvP-Battle (Openworld) even if you loose. Something like you did 2k damage and reseve 1PvPmark and 10k gold and the Xp. But Patrol-Missions are more like a Gangfest for one alone.
  6. Crash near port royal

    Only tip i can give you if Game crashes is, restart it get in Look if yo are pulled in battle or not get to a safezone(Habor) and then get something to drink or some food. Your Ship stay a decent time in the Open-World i think the 2minutes rule appears here like you woud exit the game in Open-World. So you are vulnerable. And a lost ship i woud say it is lost. Only it was a Major-Bug, in your case i woud say you lost it cause you went to the kitchen and get something to Drink and eat instead of Log in. Sry for your Ship lose.
  7. Reinforcement zones, too big, too many

    Reinforcement-Zones are realy a bit to large. Not the length of them a long the coasts more how much they are going in to the Sea. I have seen Players waiting in front of Habors starting attacking NPC's from there Spawn at the Habor in Reinforcement-Zones. So they are double Safe. I give a Poop on the Ports, i restartet with a few Ships, Gold, and some Upgrades in the Pirat Nation on the first Houre i saild to Shroud Cay and startet there to make a few Missions on B-Cutter. At the point i reached Scoundrel 120 Crew i took a Snow and Attacked Openworld Ships sometimes i attacked Players or they Attacked me. Now i am Plundere 200Crew and explore the World. To find some Players who sail not in Reinforcement-Zones to get some fights. Pirats shoud be more like a Hardcore-Nation give them Raids let them operate out of Freetowns like Shroud or Tumbardo give them there the access to the Pirat Den(Admirality). They shoud not have there own Ports. Pirats shoud not be a Nation.
  8. Little things you'd like to see

    Yes please more outposts. And please add 2 more freetowns one on Eastcoast like Sunbury or a bit more south. And one by the Dutch Nation Coqui woud be nice.
  9. Viel erfolg! Werden in zukunft vielleicht öfter mal etwas zusammen machen, wie am Wochenende. TS-Daten habe ich gespeichert.
  10. Oak ships

    Crafters will dont like the idea of making ships only from two woodtyps. I postet it in another threat to get ride of those many woodtypes. And crafters came over and sayd the like the variation of the different wootyps. + ships will be more balanced + most ships will fill up a roll(hunter,brawler,multipupose) + no fantasy warpengine for ships by building it on Fir/Fir - no variation in shipbuilds More negativ points i dont know if someone have more please post.
  11. Merge the nations!

    I think different nations are not the problem at all. If a player can choose a flag at the start where he is familary why not. But those nations shoud be more like Traders ore coud do Missons for the Main Nations GB,NL,ESP,FR,US,SV,DN and get some reputation from there Admirality. If they got enough reputation they will get a Privateer-Status for that Nation and get acces to build buildings in this nations and can do PB for that nation. This Sub-Nations are not abble to do PB by them selfe. If a player have choosen a Main Nation he can not select a second. Chinese-Privateer-GB Playername Same for Pirats i dont like the way it is right now Pirats shoud be more like the Hardcore-Nations. Delete the Pirats from Character creation screen and make it only avaible like it was in the old days if u attack a player from your one nation u went Pirat.
  12. patroll mission thoughts

    I joint a ongoing Battle in the Zone on a Basic Cutter, 3 more came in over a view mins. Did over 100 hits only on hull and some on sails and crew. I will make it with the Basic Cutter like others too, so i can save some Repairs and Rum.
  13. patroll mission thoughts

    In the Shallows it looks a bit diferent. Ship coasts nothing Repairs coasts nothing. I woud say it is not the way like it shoud work?
  14. patroll mission thoughts

    @admin Basic cutter alert!!! Its like cheating some guys use basic cutters in the Patrolarea Ship is for free +free repairs. Please Fix
  15. Outlaw "nation"

    # DELETEPIRATNATION. #OUTLAWS. I think yeah everyone wants to be a Disney Jack Sparrow. But the way pirats are right now in the game feals wrong give them the hidden island and the neutral ports to opperrat from. And restrict them building ships maximum to 4th rates. All higher ships must be boarded. They shoud not be a Nation like they are right now. They shoud be more like the new nations but with anothere restrition. They shoud be unable to cap ports More hardcore for the Pirats. Delete the Option to select pirates in the character creation menue and make it like it was in the early times that you can get pirat by attacking Friendly ships but only after you reached a higher rank and let there a option if someone attacks a friendly ship that he can pay something to prevent to get pirat. Only PvP marks shoud be granted to the players wo wamt to get pirat and the one who payed to attack a friendly ship will not reseve pvp marks.
  16. New Player Exeprience - 3 v 1???

    @Liq How many new players know about the perks. I think they shoud get guided to the perks in the Tutorial. Then new players know they can set some perks like double ball to make there life more comfortable.
  17. Please Explain This

    Let's try to explain. NPC'S like they are in every aspect they aim better in combat, npc's have Marines and can load faster. Have you noticed this? Npc's are full with upgrades to make them not to easy, special boarding get's tweaked a bit in the old days you coud cap 1st rates in a 4th/3rd Rate with 2 or 3rounds in boarding.(with the right upgrades). For now if you do not run boarding upgrades you shoud first grape the Npc befor you board them. Take attention to your crew and the Npc's crew. If Npc got more Crew then you, you shoud take some attention to go not under 3.6kn. If you get under 3.6kn Npc will board you.
  18. Fragen zum Spiel

    O7, 1. Alle Schiffe in ein Freeport alle Resourcen in den Freeport. Bleibt erhalten. 2. Gold bleibt auch ausser das was du ausgibst zum auflösen der Outposts. 3. Shipknowledge bleibt erhalten. 4. Genau deine Papiere löst du im Freeport ein. Shipknowledge und Gold/Rang wird nur dann angerührt wenn du deinen Char löschst.
  19. Bitte Um Hilfe, Warum hören die spieler auf ????

    Das erinnert mich an was aber an was Kann Ich Nicht Genau Sagen. Es kommt doch vor, hat man doch gesehen das es leute gibt die ihre schiffe schnell mal weggekappert bekammen und das mehrmals in kurzer zeit. Lang ist es her.
  20. Bitte Um Hilfe, Warum hören die spieler auf ????

    PvP marken kaufen schön und gut. Von den PvP profis die ein Schiff nach dem anderen an der US Küste versenken. Ehrlich gesagt habe ich kein bock drauf die paar Kroschen die ich in eins bis drei stunden am tag erfarme auch noch dennen zukommen zu lassen die meine schiffe versenken. Wenn ich mal 2millionen habe ist das viel. Handel ist ein witz ausser du hast ein contract über repairs am richtigen ort was wieder ein zeitaufwand ist da hin zu kommen. Oder die Repairs erstmal herzustellen. Für Hölzer gilt das selbe. Aber egal. Wir haben eine jungen Spieler im clan. Der vor einer woche angefangen hat. Er hat an 2 tagen 3 oder 4 Schiffe verloren. Das ist sehr förderlich für das spiel. Wenn es nicht leute gäb die ihm seine Schiffe ersetzten würden währe er woll weg. Denn den PvP Profis ist es egal ob es ein anfänger ist hauptsache PvP Marken. Das Spiel ist nur noch für leute die entweder viel zeit in gewissen sachen aufbringen können Ressourcen investieren und stundenlang durch die gegend dümpeln und hoffen das sie ihre sachen losbekommen. Oder für leute die dauer PvE missionen grinden um ihre level zu steigern(Shipknowledge). LANGWEILIG, ja hab ich immer zeit dafür nein. PvP an den Hotspots als mässiger Spieler mit beschränkter zeit keine gute idee. Stundenlang an küsten langfahren um ein geeignetes ziel zu finden das nicht an einer Haupstadt oder in einer safezone ist wird schwer.
  21. US disaster Inc.

    @Lz3 Nothing agains the Portbattles in the Bahamas its practice for both. But timers are bad on both sides for American bad timers now to attack you and bad timers to attack Americans as a eurpean player.
  22. US disaster Inc.

    Nice but why do your Prussian guys attack weaker players instead of a more organized Clan in front of Portbattles never seen Prussians attack Brits when thaey attacked US on the other way i have seen Prussians attacking US players on there way to a Portbattle.
  23. US disaster Inc.

    @Slim Jimmerson I woud say we can life whit that situation, more attention is needed when sailing. Make deliveries when not so many players are on. Or do it when it is important stuff whit escort. Let them stomp the Nation its not the first time. @Christendom Like the good old times when SORRY came and Oneportet US, or like in the finewood times when everybody comes up too get there Liveoak. But changing the Nation will not solve problems at all. British Nation also have many discrepancies, French Nation and Spanish nation is mostly French or Spanish in chat cant read there anything. Going Dutch woud end in the same like to be US. Going to the Danes where many Russians then i must learn russian. Russia is good organized but thx no. Prussia for me as a German it is a nice to have it in here thats all. Poland i like the flag but dont will join the Nation cause there are not so many players and it coud end that they will be one portet too like all of the new Nations coud be pushed out off the Map. @All British RSC does a good job, theye stay as a group for the most time in Battles, when US walks like Headlees Chickens criss-cross. (dont know if Criss-cross is like in German Kreuz und Quer) Next Point is that freaking alliances who everybody is making. Every red player on Open Sea shoud be at first an enemy where the Captain decide if he will atack him or not and not an imaginary Diplomate stop that dump cross-nation diplomacy. Dont attack Clan A from Nation Z but you can attack Clan B from Nation Z its stupid. Its only big talking but the rest is Air. Best thing was Rio Seco where outside the Port a meeting was that was looking like a NATO meating Prussia, French,Spain, Pirats,US and when i dont missed it Brits. Six Nations in front of one Port(PB). Awsome how many players like the Eascoast.
  24. I didnt complain about the times i only want to show you how it is from EU-US. But hey you are a Forum Veteran and i will not stop playing cause you say it to me i give a BEEP on RvR i play like i want. Now you know i give a BEEP on Ports. So i say life with that what i was trying to say you or let it if you dont understand it. Have fun a greatings from an US-Nation Player lifeing in Europe and a not Nativ english-speaker.