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  1. Santa Celia also has initial 20 prep i think
  2. I have had a problem for months now that often I get the 'boarded' notification in combat news but when I sink the ship the 'sank' notification doesn't show. I still get the xp and the mission % and the leader board points though, it just doesn't register the sinking on combat news.
  3. Perhaps, but I would say that this new battle exiting system might prove to have the nice side effect of making certain ships that didn't have bow chasers, which pretty much made them unusable for OW PvP, suddenly usable again. I'm thinking ships like Belle Poule and Essex.
  4. I completely agree about DLC in general, it is p2w and I would rather there were none at all. But tbf at least this Vic isn't OP like the herc was and the Req and the Redoubt are now which has badly unbalanced the game. But this VIC is not a 'must buy'. If they had made it an 11 knot 1st rate and unbalanced the game to make a quick buck then that would have been shameful, but this ship seems balanced, I don't think they will sell as many as the Redoubt so I am grateful devs have shown some restraint this time.
  5. I don't like the ability to join a battle that started while you were in Port, this will cause more 'Port games' players jumping in and out looking for the gank. If the battle timer is extended then I think the leaving Port join timer should be too? So far I am liking the new exit system, it appears that ball in the sails with chasers is not enough, but chain is. In the 4 battles I have been in so far it has worked really well. The only slight problem is that if you don't shoot at all you have over 7 mins b4 you can leave even if miles away (bad tag) (it looked like a battle start, then a 3 min timer, then further 3 min countdown?). That's quite a long time to wait when you already know the battle is not going to happen. I usually complain like hello kitty on this forum but I have to say I am happy with the trinco as a DLC and the new Vic is sensible and not game breaking (unlike the Redoubt which is OP) so personally I am quite relieved and pleased about that side of it. We will have to wait and see on the RvR but so far I think this is a decent update.
  6. Looks to me like: Russia lost a Pavel and a Implac, Sweden lost 2 Christians, Prussia lost nothing, Brits got into PB. Job done. Was fun fight though, thank goodness for screening eh, without it, this game would be unplayable.....;)
  7. They do not make the masts 'invulnerable'. Some players cannot afford any decent mast mods at all and so they will pretty much always lose against a rich player, even if they outplay them. But yes I would prefer a lesser Admiralty mast mod for cheaper, but that's not gonna happen cos its work, reducing the cost of the existing would be easy to implement.
  8. De-masting meta means that most Solo or small gang engagements are dictated by de-masting. Imo it is too easy to de-mast atm and mast mods are expensive (particularly if you cant get access to French Sail cloth). Most of the rich well known players will brawl you for a bit, but they always know they can just demast if they start losing. Pinot Ocote just doesn't cut it and Elite French is gazillions of reals. This is effectively a 'safety net' for the rich player, to ensure their invincibility against the poor one. There is only one mast strengthening upgrade available in the Admiralty but at 60CM's it is eye wateringly expensive, I think only Naval Clock is more expensive. Why not give them a bit of a challenge and make Navy Mast Bands a bit more affordable for casual players? or would that upset the wrong people?
  9. I don't think anything can be done. Even if those clans left there would soon just be a different zerg. At least REDS and BF were there from the start. As for those that have recently switched. I have no respect for it, but they do what they do. As for 'burn out', try defending ports when you have players in your PB fleet who can't even tack properly cos you simply don't have the numbers! That will give you burn out! :)
  10. Please can you at least fix the fleeting exploit, so everyone doesn't have 4 of them?
  11. Major. Cheaper edition launch (could happen a week later due to valve approval) All current edition owners will receive a free DLC ship New price will be set at much lower levels DLC will be then set for sale for new buyers. This is going to be basically a 40-50 dollar gift for current version buyers Google Translate: We will make this game cheap to buy and pay to win. The DLC will be OP SOL which we calculate many new players will buy. We don't want you to complain too much about it, so we will give you one of the game breaking ships to shut you up and bullshit you that you are gaining from it.
  12. I believe so yes, xp is related to BR difference of you and the enemy ship (and the amount of damage you do hull sail and crew). Your rank just means you might be in bigger ships so more damage, more xp. I think your approach is a good one: just sail the ships you can and have fun and just let the rank xp look after itself. Focus more on opening the knowledge slots you want on the ships you like to sail and the ranks will come by themselves.
  13. I think it is already there. Penetrating shots do kill crew, and you can look on this as 'wounding' if you like by simply viewing the total number of crew as a representation of your crew's overall effectiveness, rather than an actual headcount, (particularly as they can be 'resurrected' with a bit of rum anyway). 'Spalling', as you put it, occurs, as crew damage is heavily influenced by the wood type and it's splinter resistance and the angle of shot penetration. Crew numbers have a massive effect on the battle, affecting sailing, reloading and boarding. LOL, apologies, this is not a Naval Action post
  14. Yes, my understanding is that if you are tagged by an enemy ship that is too big for the PZ then that is just a normal open world battle (no circle of death)
  15. Enemy ship captured in the battle?
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