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  1. I believe so yes, xp is related to BR difference of you and the enemy ship (and the amount of damage you do hull sail and crew). Your rank just means you might be in bigger ships so more damage, more xp. I think your approach is a good one: just sail the ships you can and have fun and just let the rank xp look after itself. Focus more on opening the knowledge slots you want on the ships you like to sail and the ranks will come by themselves.
  2. I think it is already there. Penetrating shots do kill crew, and you can look on this as 'wounding' if you like by simply viewing the total number of crew as a representation of your crew's overall effectiveness, rather than an actual headcount, (particularly as they can be 'resurrected' with a bit of rum anyway). 'Spalling', as you put it, occurs, as crew damage is heavily influenced by the wood type and it's splinter resistance and the angle of shot penetration. Crew numbers have a massive effect on the battle, affecting sailing, reloading and boarding. LOL, apologies, this is not a Naval Action post
  3. Yes, my understanding is that if you are tagged by an enemy ship that is too big for the PZ then that is just a normal open world battle (no circle of death)
  4. Enemy ship captured in the battle?
  5. tony8888 sank a Pirate player at Aves, 5 times in the space of about 40 mins
  6. Hey Felix Just a suggestion: Apologies if this has been mentioned before but on the Ship Stats/Comparison section I think it would be useful to show the Main sail and Stay sail areas of each ship, and/or some kind of figure representing the ratio between the two, perhaps just a %. This gives the user another indication of how it might sail some more info as to how well it how it tacks and the relative benefit and hindrance in performance of both Pirate and Spanish rig refits on the particular ship. I believe admin posted these values for all the ships somewhere on this forum.
  7. PvP/PZ Rewards. PvP Rewards should reflect more the kind of battle you have won and the risk you have taken and what you have achieved. You should get virtually nothing for a big gank or sinking an LGV in an Endymion. You should get a big reward for an equal BR fight or a 1v1 duel. The rewards are too great for PZs too (I think you are even thinking of improving them further?). Nobody really risks anything as they just use throwaway ships fit for brawling so there is no cost/result/consequence. It favours large clans/nations who dominate with sheer numbers and yet the leader board reflects who has the most resources/DLC/mates to throw ships at it and stack up kills, combat medals and PvP Hunt missions . I don't mind having PZ's for people who want to do arena style insta combat but the rewards and leader board should reflect that they are risk free and promote more organic OW PvP which is better imo and which the high PZ rewards draw players away from. Rewards should be reduced for DLC ships too, again reflecting the lack of risk. There is too much emphasis on BR size (as opposed to BR difference) too. Yesterday I was sailing around in an Endymion, I had some nice 1v1 frigate battles but didn't rack up many points. Later I was in a Christian and ganked a couple of Redoubtables with mates and then I sank a shit admiralty 3rd rate with crap upgrades. It was easy and yet I suddenly leapt up the leaderboard and came out with an Admiralty Chest and 45 PvP Medals.
  8. I got tagged by the same Prince 5 times in a row yesterday. The first 3 just to keep me in place til his mates arrived the 4th and 5th when he tried (and failed) to chain me down so they could catch. They didn't even get close. In the final battle I repped only once and after over an hour my sails were at 98%. It took over 2 hours until they finally gave up. Theoretically they could have done it for another 2. You might argue that they did nothing wrong but if so then there is something fundamentally wrong with ROE atm where someone can waste hour after hour of your game-time with very little possibility of an end result. I understand that it is very difficult to apply concrete rules to this. I would suggest an 'ungentlemanly conduct' (very British lol) rule where a common sense ruling is made on a case by case basis. In Despe's case imo they wasted an unreasonable amount of time on something that had very little chance of success and that should qualify as 'griefing'. Either that or change the ROE
  9. Hi, I was in battle with a Rattsivan, (myself and a Swedish player who i was sailing with who joined the battle near the end). This took ages because the Ratt ran for ages and only asked for 1v1 after I had spent ages catching him. Soon after a Brit Prince joined, player name 'Thomas Slade'. You can see from the screenshot below I sank the Rattsivan at 16:23. The Prince proceeded to tag me, staying just in range and upwind. I had badly damaged sails from the Ratt fight so had to wait for a rep and then sail downwind to lose him. He kept tagging for as long as he possibly could keeping me in the battle for a good 20 mins extra. When I left the battle he immediately tagged me again keeping me in a battle for a further 15 mins and staying at distance for the entire fight. When I left again he immediately tagged me a 3rd time. We had the following conversation: I escaped the battle again. At no time in any of these battles did he approach my ship. He made it clear he was only there to delay me until his friends arrived. When i left this battle there was an ingermanland and an agga. They chased me for long while. The inger was faster than me downwind and the Prince was faster upwind. After a long chase the Prince tagged me for a 4th time. This time he did attempt to chain me down so the inger could catch. (NB: I had been out for couple of hours and had only 4 hull reps remaining). That's fair enough but he tried and failed. This took a further 45 mins. Even then he kept his distance at the end when the inger was way off and still kept me tagged in unnecessarily. He kept way out of danger only being close enough to keep me tagged in: During this battle we had a short short convo: THroughout these battles he made it clear that he was deliberately wanting to waste time When I left that battle there was another chase and the Prince tagged me for a 5th time It went exactly the same as the last battle. There was no chance that he was going to slow me enough for the inger to catch but even when that was perfectly obvious and the inger was barely in sight he continued to tag. It was even more obvious this time, they were miles away and I didn't even have to rep, it wasn't even close. I went afk for 10 mins. After 45 mins they had my sails down to 98%! Eventually the inger gave up and left but the Prince STILL kept me in battle for another 20 mins or so! I eventually returned to Tumbado at 18:40. Over 2 hours later!!! This is no good. This is 2 hours completely wasted and totally boring and frustrating game time for no other reason but to be vindictive. I honestly not looking for punishment for this individual, he's just a 'scum sucking bum bailey'. But there needs to be some sort of message sent to make it clear what is acceptable and what is not. If this is not 'Griefing' then perhaps there is a problem in the current ROE. Cheers
  10. Levelling the playing field? Have you gone mad? I would suggest this: 'Port Bonused Seasoning Sheds' - Clans can invest in 'seasoning experts' so that woods seasoned in that port get even more bonuses Then: 'Elite Victory upgrades' - these would be even more elite elite upgrades that confer even more bonuses but can only be purchased with Victory Marks. AND then wait a few weeks and introduce: 'Elite Seasoning Expert Officer Port Bonused Victory Upgrade Trims' - These would have all of the above so as to add yet more bonuses and all ships crafted would be....wait for it....'Platinum' ! with ALL the trims, all the Port and wood bonuses and 6 upgrade slots! These would only be available to Officers of whichever clan owns the most ports and Officers of clans who are on their friendly clan list. Benefits A select few players sail even better ships simply by being associated with the richest clan and can consider themselves 'elite' players. You can claim to have introduced even more new 'content' without really doing anything very much Downsides A few of the scrubs might complain, but pfft! who cares?
  11. As i seem to moan a lot on this forum only fair I support a good change when i see it. I have been playing last few hours and didn't know about the AI patch. I don't like killing noobs mostly cos its boring but often end up at MT or KPR anyway cos its easy to get to and quick PvP (other hunters were there usually there too). Was fun being chased off by a massive ai fleet. Since then hunted around PE and SDC instead and got a lot of fights and against better quality players too. It seems they were not having to go to capitals either. Early days but it seems that already the natural focus for PvP has now shifted away from capitals, which I think is good for everyone, particularly those just starting out.
  12. There was lot in your post I agree with but not this. We can all beat noobs in inferior ships that's not the point. Solo and OW PvP is what most people do. Most play in small groups. They should have the option to be a small group of players who craft and play together if that's how they want to play (maybe they don't want to be in a big clan) AND be competitive! Sure, they won't be able to produce ships in the quantity a big clan will and perhaps they would be crafting mainly Wasas and Trincos etc but those few Wasas and Trincos that they DO make should be just as good as the ones the big clans make imo. ALL players should have access to these bonuses, just in smaller quantities. This is the important thing for me. I've played this game for years and I tell you, if the day ever comes that I stop getting Port Bonuses at my shipyard or I have to play with people I don't even really like because it's the only way I can source competitive ships (believe me, I know MANY players in this situation already), I will quit the game until it's fixed. That cannot be healthy for player retention. I used to play Eve online and was into the small ship solo pvp faction warfare stuff (i'm too old to compete in that now, its too fast!). I was in a small clan but we were all totally self sufficient. I had one account but with a bit of trading and looting I could pay my way. This meant that in the big scheme of things in New Eden I was a tiny speck of dust. But, when I was in my frigate in a plex against another guy, it didn't matter if he was Goon or Pandemic Horde, I was in a ship that could compete and I had a chance to win. We are beginning to lose this in Naval Action.
  13. I accept that this is probably true. Perhaps we need to accept that big rich clans will always have better ships, maybe that's just what all mmos are like? When people (examples on this thread) try to attribute their success on skill despite these advantages though, I find that amusing. It is a well documented trait of human behaviour and psychology that people tend to dismiss the obvious advantages they have and prefer to account for their success on their ability, often to the point of delusion. When you win a fight it is never because the you had better upgrades, woods, books, more slots, it is always: "We would have won anyway cos we played better and the bonuses didn't make that much difference". So a bit of a reality check is required: It is NOT a level playing field out on the seas, and it makes a bloody huge difference, that is something we are just going to have to accept I think. The only thing I don't understand is why this added content must always confer advantage? Why can't it confer difference? If seasoned fir was even faster but also even softer and more prone to splintering, then yes that could be good. But when every introduction of new content just adds yet another stat bonus to be stacked, where will we end up?
  14. If you have a load of alts and are in a large clan you get to have the best mods, (seasoned) woods, books, Port Bonuses and gold/purple ships pretty much as standard. All these bonuses stacked together are starting to confer a huge advantage. Port Bonuses are the worst of these mechanics: This game is already dominated by players that simply have loads of alts (have spent a lot of real $) and the PB system confers even more power to them as you are forced to join their crap clans and pander to their ridiculous egos just to retain the ability to craft decent ships. Many imagine themselves as being a part of some kind of elite but in reality are rather average captains and were it not for these huge advantages would be found out. I would like to see more content added that confers difference and diversity rather than always benefit. It's been said many times before, all bonuses should have penalties (like the woods do in the main). This would make for more interesting specialised builds rather than the perpetual arms race towards ever more unbalanced super ships. You should purchase DLC to have more options, different (types of) ships to sail, ability to specialise more and try different play styles, NOT just to gain a clear advantage over your fellow players.
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