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  1. Sorry Ink if I have duplicated this but I don't see any record of the topic I posted yesterday. Yesterday myself and another player were subjected to a tirade of abuse by another player "Ostupnik" which included racist abuse and comments about his mother. I included the screen shot, I will paste here again just in case. The strange thing was it was unprovoked, it began before the battle even commenced and anything at all was said. There had been no direct interactions (battles) with the player beforehand. I realise that this has been scrolled so I have added another that i
  2. Was in battle with Pirates. Both were sunk and battle was effectively over just waiting for last enemy ship to sink. Just seconds before Player 'Hell Crab' sank a Hercules joined 'Captain Agey'. It immediately upped sails and sailed in completely the opposite direction to where all other ships were. One of our ships was de-masted and taking fire from the fort. The timing was such that it was very obvious that the Herc joined at request, simply to prevent the battle ending. He joined the battle with no intention of fighting. It didn't work as the de-masted ship was able to rep sails and sail aw
  3. Santa Celia also has initial 20 prep i think
  4. I have had a problem for months now that often I get the 'boarded' notification in combat news but when I sink the ship the 'sank' notification doesn't show. I still get the xp and the mission % and the leader board points though, it just doesn't register the sinking on combat news.
  5. Looks to me like: Russia lost a Pavel and a Implac, Sweden lost 2 Christians, Prussia lost nothing, Brits got into PB. Job done. Was fun fight though, thank goodness for screening eh, without it, this game would be unplayable.....;)
  6. I don't think anything can be done. Even if those clans left there would soon just be a different zerg. At least REDS and BF were there from the start. As for those that have recently switched. I have no respect for it, but they do what they do. As for 'burn out', try defending ports when you have players in your PB fleet who can't even tack properly cos you simply don't have the numbers! That will give you burn out! :)
  7. I believe so yes, xp is related to BR difference of you and the enemy ship (and the amount of damage you do hull sail and crew). Your rank just means you might be in bigger ships so more damage, more xp. I think your approach is a good one: just sail the ships you can and have fun and just let the rank xp look after itself. Focus more on opening the knowledge slots you want on the ships you like to sail and the ranks will come by themselves.
  8. I think it is already there. Penetrating shots do kill crew, and you can look on this as 'wounding' if you like by simply viewing the total number of crew as a representation of your crew's overall effectiveness, rather than an actual headcount, (particularly as they can be 'resurrected' with a bit of rum anyway). 'Spalling', as you put it, occurs, as crew damage is heavily influenced by the wood type and it's splinter resistance and the angle of shot penetration. Crew numbers have a massive effect on the battle, affecting sailing, reloading and boarding. LOL, apologies, this is not a Nav
  9. Yes, my understanding is that if you are tagged by an enemy ship that is too big for the PZ then that is just a normal open world battle (no circle of death)
  10. Enemy ship captured in the battle?
  11. tony8888 sank a Pirate player at Aves, 5 times in the space of about 40 mins
  12. Hey Felix Just a suggestion: Apologies if this has been mentioned before but on the Ship Stats/Comparison section I think it would be useful to show the Main sail and Stay sail areas of each ship, and/or some kind of figure representing the ratio between the two, perhaps just a %. This gives the user another indication of how it might sail some more info as to how well it how it tacks and the relative benefit and hindrance in performance of both Pirate and Spanish rig refits on the particular ship. I believe admin posted these values for all the ships somewhere on this forum.
  13. PvP/PZ Rewards. PvP Rewards should reflect more the kind of battle you have won and the risk you have taken and what you have achieved. You should get virtually nothing for a big gank or sinking an LGV in an Endymion. You should get a big reward for an equal BR fight or a 1v1 duel. The rewards are too great for PZs too (I think you are even thinking of improving them further?). Nobody really risks anything as they just use throwaway ships fit for brawling so there is no cost/result/consequence. It favours large clans/nations who dominate with sheer numbers and yet the leader board re
  14. I got tagged by the same Prince 5 times in a row yesterday. The first 3 just to keep me in place til his mates arrived the 4th and 5th when he tried (and failed) to chain me down so they could catch. They didn't even get close. In the final battle I repped only once and after over an hour my sails were at 98%. It took over 2 hours until they finally gave up. Theoretically they could have done it for another 2. You might argue that they did nothing wrong but if so then there is something fundamentally wrong with ROE atm where someone can waste hour after hour of your game-time with very little
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