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  1. Pah! I could of gotten away from them easily.... but 1 v 4 against REDS? ...... I took the fight , and very nearly sank 2
  2. This has just made a mockery of the game! 1st rates were supposed to be rare and special, now they are everywhere. The seas are full of undercrewed sabicu/bermuda shabby Pavels, maybe with a basic tackle refit slapped on! Gazillions of combat medals for sinking virtual noobs! I've had more fun in this game this last week than i've had in years! I'm sinking players and they are saying things like 'good fight mate was fun!' WTF! People having fun and being friendly! This is Naval Action FFS! Change it back!
  3. Was in battle in Trinc v Rattsivan in PZ at 1:18:00 (12 mins after battle had started, 7 more Pirates joined. 10pm server time 08/10/19 I F11'd If I've mis-understood please explain ty
  4. Not working for me. Was in trinc fighting Rattisivan and 7 more Pirates joined after 12 mins. Bugged
  5. I like this idea. Historical accuracy doesn't matter to me so much. The idea that to build for speed you must sacrifice broadside weight is the kind of mechanic the game needs.
  6. Voted no of course but it's not just front lines. Its all shit. EVERYTHING outside of the battle instance is broken and boring.
  7. Best ship for naked breasts, I count 9! Wonder what player will nickname it....'Cat o 9 tits'?
  8. I think because it is a broader problem that Wasa just exemplifies. Wasa is good ship but not so OP when compared to other 3rd rates, if you nerf it, then how? You just open up a whole new can of balancing worms, you want it to remain a useful ship. It's not really changing the WHOLE wood mechanic really, just a simple restriction on light woods for larger ships means no new balancing required and problem alleviated across the board. Atm fir/fir is very cheap, very effective andvery boring.
  9. Admin might do it if he thinks it will sell more copies. Historical accuracy is less important than a fun game and a fun game becomes popular. Smaller ships must have a good chance of escaping larger ships, the game doesn't work otherwise. Its no fun for less experienced players being executed by Wasas. Restricting light wood types altogether is nice and simple and it's not that much of a restriction. Perhaps? 1st- 4th rates - no fir or cedar 5th rates - no fir* 6-7th rates - any * I think this might help a little with the fir/fir chasing 5th rates that just chain and run too. oak/oak would be the cheap crafted 5th rate, a lot more fun to fight. Make up some crap about 'lack of structural integrity' in the crafting window and your done!
  10. Saw a Pandora being chased upwind by a Wasa today. That's mad. I suspect the Wasa was fir/fir (there are a lot of these about, which tells it's own story). This ship has probably long sailed but I don't think the balance is quite right. I have no problem with the Wasa in terms of balancing when compared to other 3rd rates and it should have it's uses, but a 5th rate interceptor should not be one of them. I didn't see the end result but it's not much fun being out paced by a ship 3 classes higher. I see no point in sailing a teak/wo Agga when a fir/fir Wasa is superior in virtually every way. I'm just using the Wasa as an example, it's part of a wider problem with Port Bonuses and balancing I think It occurred to me that a reduction in the speed bonus for lighter wood types as you move up through the rates might be a way to ease it? Does anyone else think this is a problem?
  11. You are right it is very expensive for a 1.25% increase but I would say 2 things 1. it used to be 4% but applied to OW only. Now applies to battle instance too, hence the nerf 2. 1.25% is not much but when stacked it can give a player the edge when chasing and gives it a niche use (full on speed). Ship fitting is better when there are decisions to be made and balances to be weighed up, increasing this book to 3%+ would make it a 'must have' book on nearly every ship. Perhaps the price could be dropped a bit but maybe it is good that you must invest a lot for that slight edge in speed?
  12. ok, working as intended then We did fight the same group of Danes in 2 consecutive battles (this happens often as players often come back out for revenge) However, spending hours PvPing and coming in on leader Board with 426 points has essentially earned me 4 combat medals. Probably near equivalent to sinking an AI LGV in the PZ.
  13. Have all 3 of the PvP hunt missions up and active got an assist on a buc that gave me 0.3 Then got assists on 3 x Wasa, 1 x Bellona, and probably more (I think i got a kill on Wasa but cant be sure) I also had kills on Trinc and Belle Poule and x 2 Ratisivans + numerous assists on Ratts and trincs Score of 426 on leader board I did change my name yesterday from Hulla de Bloed to Hulla de Bloedige which became active after todays maintenance PVP 3-1 still shows 0.3/10 PVP 5-4 shows 4.8/10 (seems low but might be right as it could be brand new mission) The Belle poule DID register on belle poule S&D mission I have screens of the BP kill and the Ratt and Trinc kills and the assists on the trinc and Wasa (let me know if needed) Should i just delete this mission and start a new one? Thanks
  14. ok just got some more xp and it has ranked me up now
  15. just minutes before posting here , so 13:30?
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