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  1. Oh shit sorry, wrong thread, I thought this was the shit talk thread How you know so much about me? I was not even very interested in RvR. I joined way before this Port Bonus shite which has kinda forced me (and everyone else) into it and way after Havoc had gone into hiatus anyway. If I join Denmark after release then you will have had a point, until then, that is just bollox.
  2. I have no comment. Your comments are worthless as you hide in the forum without in-game name, probably like you hide in battle
  3. oh ffs!. 1. You are obsessed with HAVOC....all 3 of them. That may well have been the case in the past, but it certainly isn't now. 2. that was precisely my point anyway, win or lose, at least we would have done so on our own two feet. 3. AND Most importantly! That post was just shit talk, planned to get a rise out of REDS and/or NN and you just went and ruined it. Whose side are you on?
  4. Thought they were so big and clever and could look after themselves... so Daddy didn't make any Outposts in Cartagena? but it appears they're not managing so well on their own after all. Go on, go ask Daddy for help, there's no shame in it....you tried
  5. With boarding, sailing and gunnery all active a repair can last up to 7 or 8 mins, so when its complete you have another in 2-3 mins time. You also might have to take into account these Port bonused Frankenstein ships that are sailing around atm. They repair an insane amount. I don't think so no.
  6. Gregory has a point, I think the poll result will be influenced by stating which option was advantageous to who, when that might not necessarily be the case. There are pros and cons for both though I think. Option A: gives the opportunity for small PBs which is great for smaller clans and I think quality PvP is always preferable to PvE missions. Option B: Could be fun in theory but there is a danger that large nations can mobilise clans with 60 Port Bonused 1st rates, 5 go in to deal with AI while others wait and they all sail home with the loot, almost impossible to oppose on such short notice. Theoretically they could do multiple raids down an entire coast. Basically just taking everyone's stuff unopposed in a massive show of strength. So B would only work if it was smaller ships and/or the loot was relatively minor (so as to not be worth mobilising an entire nation) and there was a limit on the number of raids in any given time. B would also be better if players could replace AI if they were available on a very short timer? I also think that a raided Port should have a long cool down before it can be raided again. It could be a fun mechanic which provides extra content and a chance for smaller clans to take part in RvR, but if the Port depletion is too harsh or defenders are being constantly targeted it will soon become a pain. Raids should be a fun mechanic for small clans to get involved in some RvR. But NOT yet another mechanic that hands large nations a further advantage over smaller ones.
  7. It's already happening! I saw two of these Wasa super ships near KPR a few days ago. I agree, the second suggestion doesn't go far enough, but at least when you engage an enemy 4th rate or below it will be reasonably balanced.
  8. Imo every single Upgrade and Port Bonus should have a downside too. If you have speed you lose tank, if you have reloading you lose boarding etc etc. Theory crafting different ships for different roles and fighting styles is brilliant. Sailing around on ships that are superior in every way is pants. There is no fun in being destroyed by a player in a much better ship. This is watering down competitive skill, which is the best part of NA and as we can see from above it will not attract and keep people playing the game. I am helping my clan to prepare for release, were it not for this I would have uninstalled and taken a break by now. In it's current state the game is joyless. So called 'elite' players have too loud a voice for devs it seems, they are supposed to be skilful and yet seem to require every advantage possible built into the game mechanics for them (not all of them). Well done Anolytic, who benefits from this and yet calls it out for the farce it is. If only there were more like him. My suggestions would be this: 1. A complete overhaul of Upgrades and Port Bonuses where each and every one has a positive AND negative effect or: 2. Port Bonuses to apply only to SOLs - so that RvR and clan activities do not disadvantage solo players and smaller clans so drastically and do not dictate engagements in the Open World.
  9. You are right (sort of), but not the particular skill set I was referring to there. This has nothing to do with Russia or GB or anyone else. As always, I am simply asking: Do we want Battles to be decided by resource gathering or by Captain's ship skills and tactics? atm it is the former, my vote would be for the latter.
  10. Hey man, its still there I'm not complaining about the result, and I agree with what you say. I fully acknowledge that Russia have done a better (or at least faster) job on Port Bonuses. Just pointing out that that was what dictated the result of the battle and not 'skill' as some idiots were suggesting. Wondering if this is what we all really want? I couldn't be there unfortunately but I cant say I am that sad about that, such one sided battles are boring.
  11. Exactly right NAL was pants, so bring it back so players who like it can go and play that and NA can be a proper sandbox mmo
  12. How about Port bonuses applying to SOLs only? This maintains the RvR aspect but prevents the side effect of undeserving players gaining an unfair advantage in OW PvP
  13. It does, but we are testing, no battles matter anyway atm. The RvR part of this is not so bad. Although there is no front lines system at all now which seems a bit strange as that was supposed to be the whole point? It's the effect of RvR on OW PvP I don't like. If these Port Bonuses were only applied to SOLs it would be better. atm player x meets player y on the openworld. Player x has a normal ship but player y has a super ship. This was dictated by the actions of Clan A and Clan B. Neither player x or y might have had anything to do with this, in fact player x might be more active and have contributed more, but he is still disadvantaged. I just don't see the point of that.
  14. Result says absolutely nothing about player skill or fleet tactics, only about the effective gathering of resources. Looks like admin has at least toned this down in next patch
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