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  1. Not really. I think he is just saying that DD perk should be temporarily suspended when you are crew shocked. Quite simple to implement i think.
  2. I am also enjoying the wind boosts but I agree that zones would be an improvement but a great deal harder to code and implement properly i suspect. There are some situations where much larger ships can surround you when you are not boosted and you are particularly vulnerable when you have just left port, which is a little bit of a problem and might need a resolution. Some kind of auto boost when you leave port? Its not perfect but an improvement particularly with low pop where it is sometimes necessary to travel further to find pvp
  3. I have found a duping bug! 100% certain. Allows you to place upgrades onto a ship and then apply it to another also. What do i do? If i explain it on here everyone will start doing it!! dev pm me or i can just explain it on here?
  4. Hi I am having problems logging into alt steam account with sandboxie. It logs into steam but everything is blank. I have tried creating a new sandbox and browsing to the steam.exe launcher in the program files but still not working. I have even un-installed and re-installed sandboxie but to no avail. Anyone experiencing similar issue and/or know of a fix?
  5. These wind gusts get you around the map faster, and get people interacting on the map more quickly. They let you get where you wanna go with less ball ache if you are prepared to sit at the PC and go from gust to gust. They have some basis in reality but it is a game still of course. You can use the gusts to close in quickly on enemy ships yes, but a lot of this Bellonas catching Snows stuff should not happen if you are paying attention. It doesn't matter how fast someone is in the open world, they still have to get a really good tag and/or be faster in the instance. If you just defensive tag and/or turn at the last second to get upwind, you will still be able to disengage (this is a skill that you should learn if you havn't already). The probability of something else happening is higher of course, a faster ship could join and catch you or a friendly Bellona can come in and you can turn on your attacker = more PvP. I personally like the idea that just because you are in a fast ship you are not 100% safe from being tagged and this from a player who plays solo 90% of the time. I don't understand why this has caused 'crushing the clan's morale', there have been far worse patches than this! (don't get me started). This is one of the better ones imo.
  6. yeah i've been enjoying it too. Wind gusts are fun. I did my first loki too - daft but funny
  7. The gusts are a bit arcady as its been implemented using the existing functionality. I would have preferred zones where you pick up the wind in a particular direction. But having said that I actually quite like it so far: It rewards non-afk sailing. It means you are not 100% safe in fast ship. Reduces length of boring A2B sailing journeys (makes it easier to get to Gulf to sink Russians). Increases likelihood of meeting other ships in open sea. Loki and logbook seem fine
  8. rumour has it, that it changes the appearance of your ship, so you look like an Indiaman but you are in fact a Bellona
  9. What took them so long? Russians should have taken the map ages ago! It took them 8 PBs yes but it was aIways inevitable. The only way to defend in the long term is to prevent hostility and you can't prevent hostility when no one is online. Last hostility we talked about responding and we had 4 players with 1st rates available. Everyone has 'given up' because everyone is bored. They log in for the PB for a nice fight yes, but nobody cares cos everyone knew what was going to happen months ago. I have 2 1st rates stuck in Cartegena now (cos i don't play weekends, another shit mechanic and btw @admin - re: your post fyi Eve online has something called 'Asset Safety' so you do NOT lose your stuff if a Structure gets destroyed). I will now have to sail to the port in a tlynx and then sail them out again x2. Will I bother? Will I hello kitty. I'm not wasting 3 hours of my life on that shit. Russians have won in RvR, good on them, well done, (a high enough proportion of active experienced players clicked on the white flag with the blue X, that's what decided it all and that's when it was decided, the rest is just a long boring wait for the inevitable). And If/when they eventually get round to taking the crafting Ports, even more will quit. So I'm 'crying' yes, I'm crying about the fact that nobody cares about Cartegena or Maracaibo or who wins RvR cos its all so dull. *just logged in game and seen the multi-flip lol
  10. If it's available it should work properly.
  11. My 2 cents: Alliances won't work anyway. I cant see nations coordinating effectively when they are in different map locations, have different incentives and priorities and a different flag. There's nothing to stop alliances anyway with multi-flipping and screening and no reason to believe it will correct imbalances - unless you can collate players numbers, average player skill and activity level, it is just as likely to make it worse. Seasons is a better idea. Make buildings much cheaper so less grind and start again every few months or until a nation completes an objective (eg hold 100 ports). Don't reset map to neutral but have ports pre-owned as before so none of the initial port grind which was just painful. It could be different each time even. You can keep all your xp if you want to, or you can opt for complete xp wipe and get a veteran star and change nation and if you have Forger then you can change AND keep xp (so no complaints for having purchased the DLC) . People prefer a challenge and I think there are many clans that would consider leaving a Zerg so as to balance things out, but atm it's just not possible. I also think that making assets temporary for a season only, might mean less hoarding and players a bit more willing to risk ships for a good fight - then you are only grinding for what you need to fund your war effort for that period, not accumulating and storing vast wealth, equals more time for RvR/PvP.
  12. Well the 'Suicide Squad certainly lived up to it's name (apart from me! I crawled out with 25% structure doing about 5 knots). Was a fun fight but crafted ships v admiralty shite, there was only ever gonna be one winner.
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