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  1. ok, working as intended then We did fight the same group of Danes in 2 consecutive battles (this happens often as players often come back out for revenge) However, spending hours PvPing and coming in on leader Board with 426 points has essentially earned me 4 combat medals. Probably near equivalent to sinking an AI LGV in the PZ.
  2. Have all 3 of the PvP hunt missions up and active got an assist on a buc that gave me 0.3 Then got assists on 3 x Wasa, 1 x Bellona, and probably more (I think i got a kill on Wasa but cant be sure) I also had kills on Trinc and Belle Poule and x 2 Ratisivans + numerous assists on Ratts and trincs Score of 426 on leader board I did change my name yesterday from Hulla de Bloed to Hulla de Bloedige which became active after todays maintenance PVP 3-1 still shows 0.3/10 PVP 5-4 shows 4.8/10 (seems low but might be right as it could be brand new mission) The Belle poule DID register on belle poule S&D mission I have screens of the BP kill and the Ratt and Trinc kills and the assists on the trinc and Wasa (let me know if needed) Should i just delete this mission and start a new one? Thanks
  3. ok just got some more xp and it has ranked me up now
  4. just minutes before posting here , so 13:30?
  5. In game name: Hulla de Bloed Reached xp for Flag Captain (ValggenKapitein). But didn't give me the rank, just set new XP target of another 12k xp F11'd it Final xp was awarded at end of hostility mission
  6. Really hoping that Clan Leaders are being mindful of Zergs? Naive perhaps, but would be nice if we had situation where there were a few nations that were quite evenly balanced in terms of RvR.
  7. battle results are meaningless atm as you can't see which ships are port bonused
  8. I think you are right but I think the initial spike might actually be really high. I'm aware of a LOT of old players returning and even whole clans reforming. But all are saying: 'I will have a look but if grind/trading/PB's/Hostility/Upgrades etc etc havn't been fixed then I won't stay' .....and let's be honest...they havn't been. The new player environment will be as brutal as ever so I can't see brand new player retention improving too much either. Having said that, the (intended or otherwise) nerf of DLC as a by product of Port Bonuses and damage model has watered down the PTW label somewhat, people think/know/hope that there are no more asset wipes and of course the perception that the game is 'finished' will all help. There is a vicious circle of: low pop effects playability - causes low pop. A sustained period of 1k peak 4-500 off peak might just be enough to keep it a playable game for longer and so sustain it and perhaps even build it up? Optimistic perhaps, all guesswork of course, but it's just about possible, perhaps, finger x'd, you never know, maybe.
  9. Someone should revive letter to the king. Pretty sure Jeheil would be pleased
  10. You clearly do not get it 1. No one will have the books for a few weeks, yes, but soon some will and some won't. Their will always be haves and have nots and newer people playing catch up, whether you wipe the books or not, so why bother? 2. Some players (like Hachi above) are not prepared to grind again for no reason and we might lose them, we might lose some good player also 3. New players will get farmed for cms to replace wiped books, this does not benefit new players even if they think it does. I'm not upset about losing toys, or even having to regrind, I will do it, I might even enjoy it to a certain extent, but there is no point to it, it's just a waste of time, it achieves nothing
  11. Not by everybody. There are many players who have no interest in sinking noobs, and routinely let them go. But when they are forced back into an arms race to get CM's to get the books they want/need there will be a lot fewer that are inclined to do that.
  12. Have some members of this community not bothered actually reading the thread and just posted some sanctimonious shite? I think so
  13. I feel sorry for new players too. They think they are getting a level playing field, but instead of being helped and/or given a chance to learn the game, they are going to be mercilessly slaughtered for combat medals as vets farm combat medals to replace lost books.
  14. I will get the books eventually and you don't have to have them anyway. It's all good. I'm looking forward to release. It just seems funny to me that people keep going on about 'level playing fields' which is just nonsense. Their is nothing 'fair' about any of it as I have already explained (and I'm not talking about me, I am a very active player, I will probably get the books faster than many others). As admin has already said in the thread about the xp wipe, it's not being done because it IS fair, it's being done because it LOOKS fair. I kinda understand that, so ok, but most of us know that in reality it's just a pointless pain in the arse for us testers and it does irritates me a tiny little bit when people don't see the obvious and bleat out platitudes about 'wipes are inevitable' and 'stop crying' because they failed to work that out. One might also argue that it might alienate some of the current player base who are simply not prepared to do all the grind again. We will see. Nuff said, Signing Off
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