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  1. You can 'grind' ship knowledge slots by PvPing btw (but not books), AI grind would be worse as it would then be advantageous to have read every single book. It would also mean more uniformity. Every ship would be essentially the same, applying every bonus to every ship. All ships would be repairing/reloading/speed/armour boarders? and you would be able to instantaneously apply every bonus to any ship you sail. I don't see how wiping out ship fitting theory crafting and gaining xp in the ships you like to sail is much of an improvement at all. As if there are not enough things that actually do need fixing. This is wipe info thread btw
  2. Potentially every single book applied to every ship? I don't think that is a good idea. The book/ship knowledge system works well as it lets you theory craft ship fits for specific roles. Specialisation and playing to strengths and weaknesses. There is no time for messing about with this again. The game needs to be released, it works as it is. I couldn't care less about rank xp. Many of us have probably clocked top rank many times over already. Same for crafting. Having to re-grind ship knowledge slots is fine by me too as it is the same for everybody and everyone has to do it. Players with alts would have to re-grind for ALL the alts which is as it should be. Finding and learning books however is different I think. It is either a just an RNG dice roll requiring endless PvE (that a player might not enjoy) or pure economic power. Wiping it will mean that the mega clans and multiple alt players will just get all the good books first with buy orders across nation capitals (ripping off noobs who don't know value) and using monster amounts of reals from multiple alt trading routes. Art of Cargo etc will be an RNG windfall suddenly making a new player very rich (assuming they realise). Whereas solo players and small clans will have to grind endless PvE in the hope lady luck eventually serves them up. Their won't be a level playing field then until after a few months when everyone active has found everything again, putting everyone through months of (dis)advantage over others, only to eventually reach exactly the same point a few months down the line? That seems pointless to me. Used (read) books may as well be kept. Final Exam should be a bar not a skip imo. It should be necessary to pass it before you are able to attain a certain rank, not a short cut to getting it.
  3. You can still get a bit from ai traders atm (although I understand this will be reduced on release?). I picked up 400 White oak logs and some Sabicu from 2 tbrigs the other day. But its pretty hit and miss.
  4. Ignoring the Troll @Anolytic Yes, a legitimate tactic. Boarding mods exist so why not use them? PB mechanics are as they are so why not kite? Neither are much fun though that's the only point I was trying to make. Upgrade decided PB and to cap L'Ocean in 2 rounds seems a bit extreme but that's a discussion for elsewhere and neither are a criticism of you guys. You deserved to win. You had a better fleet comp too I think. I had little choice but to kite cos I was 1 v 2 against the aggas most of the time. Like I said, I still enjoyed it though and I learned a bit from it.
  5. Instead of just playing the boarding mini-game the entire time as usual? We didn't deserve to win so no complaints. We made some mistakes, the worst being not spending the 5M reals worth of Madagascar Jewels we stole to buy 1777 Muskets! At least the 4th rates had a bit of a fight and fired some cannons on occasion, so I enjoyed it. gg
  6. You used to be able to (just as you do when there is a PB) but I THINK they deliberately coded it out so you couldn't do that anymore, so it seems unlikely they would bring it back.
  7. This is a good point. I think sometimes that NA doesn't know what it wants to be. Eg. I am very much focused on the Openworld mmo aspect of the game. I like exploring the map, sailing, setting up outposts, and Piracy in far off shores. I preferred NA when you could not teleport or tow! It would take hours of planning and logistics and sailing to even just get a usable ship to a desired hunting area. I loved it. (although i acknowledge I am a bit extreme) Others prefer insta-combat. First it was legends and now Admins stated aim is to reduce sailing times to get to PvP so we now have PZ's, Combat News, infinite teleports and towing, simplified crafting and ship notes. I love NA but even I now have a back up game which I play when Nassau Patrol is on. Neither of these are right or better, just different and each step in either direction drives away some of the opposite player base. I think there are 1000's of players who would play either. Dev decisions are focused on player retention and it sometimes seems very short term. It might have been better to decide beforehand what kind of game it was going to be and create that game and cultivate that player base. instead of trying to please everyone and in the end pleasing no one?
  8. Ahh I see! I did know about the new feature but I assumed the location shown on Netlify was the current 'wandering forest' location. I didn't realise there was also a permanent location. Thanks for clearing that up. Sounds like a good idea then
  9. I'm confused. Netlify says White Oak is in New Orleans and Teak is in Bridgetown. Are these not the actual locations of the Delivery Missions then? I like the idea. Having it so that the messages identify the location of a limited qty of rare wood which becomes available for the recipient of the message would work. I think this is what @Cetric de Cornusiac means
  10. Don't be mean! @van Veen That was actually a really good idea! except we already have this: https://na-map.netlify.com/ Unless you mean: exactly where a resource is in the shop at any given moment? In which case it is unlikely it will still be there by the time you even receive the message let alone sail there. (I hope I have understood all this correctly? perhaps not)
  11. I think what admin is trying to do is allow players who want to to get a quick battle with minimal sailing, which I can understand. Not my cup of tea either though. Perhaps with higher pop we could have both. Yes, reinforces my point even more. They are so pointless that players even have to be bribed to go to them! (bit off topic though)
  12. Perhaps. Hopefully we will have high enough server pop so 'spreading' won't have be a consideration anymore I rarely go to patrol zones simply because they have no purpose. If there were PZ's that were raising hostility for a port, then I would go and I wouldn't mind sailing to get there, but I accept I may well be in the minority on that.
  13. Both good ideas. Dozens of different versions of these have been proposed already, some more complex and in depth than others. For sure, hostility should be dictated more by PvP than PvE. However I would like to see ALL activities involved in hostility: Trading, Ow PvE, OW PvP, Missions. At all levels so all national players can be mobilised and make a contribution regardless of clan size and level of experience. My own idea had all these activites triggering a hostility PZ, they could even replace the PZ's themselves.
  14. A few people have been banging on about this constantly, me included. Game really needs it imo
  15. Right or wrong is not the point. Fact is there is confusion. I have heard soooo many players bemoaning that they 'cannot even complete the beginners tutorial' I completed exam this morning. I tried to do it the way @admin suggested (which was the way I had done it before the new damage model) but I have to say, it was much harder. I failed 3 times but i can see it is doable. the mast sniping works then (if you are liq) another tactic is long range upwind so the ai is heeling too much to reach you The other is the hugging exploit, which i resorted to on try 4. I've never actually done it before, not even in game, but even doing it really badly was enough to pass the exam If anyone doesn't know about hugging I recorded what I did and posted it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrgGr7aSDkQ&feature=youtu.be It's pretty horrible viewing, I was making it up as i went along. Even though plenty of people are passing the exam, I suspect the vast majority are using these tactics and a lot of players who are above average skill level, but trying to do it 'properly' will struggle and get frustrated. The bar is either too high or it is more an exam on how well you know AI behaviour and are able to dictate/predict and exploit it, rather than your actual sailing and gunnery skills. Also, the successful hugging run I did, still involved sailing away for 20 minutes to rep. I just went afk and made a coffee and a sandwich! and then had to go again for another. I completed in 52 mins (exactly average) but that means almost two thirds of the exam was spent AFK! Is that good advert for the game? I'm not sure how to get round this. My only suggestion is maybe reduce the repair time cool down. It doesn't confer a great deal of advantage as you still only have x reps, but at least cuts out some of the monotony of sailing away. Increasing the thickness so you get rewarded more for angling perhaps? I'm not sure. But try somehow to make it more an exercise in gunnery/sailing skill rather than your ability to exploit/manipulate AI behaviour if that's possible? and I think it needs to be made clearer that passing the Final Exam indicates the player has achieved a 'high' level of expertise.
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