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  1. And there is another thread trying to recruit global to PVP EU. such is the current state of things
  2. Brits, never ran into one that was a problem.
  3. Thanks, crossing my fingers and hope it gets fleshed out to be different than the nationals.
  4. I did it to be able to fight all the nationals, but I never really bothered raiding traders, so figured now is as good time as any.
  5. No worries
  6. No idea what your talking about. Is that on EU server? I'm on global
  7. Now that I have turned pirate, I am curious as to what ship is best to raid traders. It was not something I participated in before, mainly using a snow when I did. Can't remember what my pirate rank is( changed yesterday) but my old national rank was master and commander.
  8. Not a fan of charging an hourly rate for docking fee, especially if your charged when not online. There are a decent amount of players who don't spend 1/4 to 1/2 of their day playing games.
  9. I know I have very little intrest in SOL's
  10. Nvm lol
  11. Is naval action a simulation game, a guy on steam forums is upset because it says simulation in the store tag but there is too much combat involved. Just curious as to players( maybe admins) thoughts on the issue.
  12. I've seen some old post talking about it, anyone still use it? My hands are a bit arthritic and am looking to it as a possible solution. While I don't expect it completely replace key board and mouse I hope to make the game more enjoyable. Also, never used it before so no idea how hard it is to set up.
  13. Wondering when somone was going to say that lol.
  14. Time will tell, hopefully we get some decent players but not going to hold my breath.
  15. Would be interesting to see the regions have the most player population, I imagine it's Europe and the U.S. I would love to see around 1k on the servers at any given time, not sure that will happen.