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  1. Ruthless4u

    Any word?

    Not defeatism, just reality,
  2. Ruthless4u

    Any word?

    This game has no chance of being made, looking at the other sections of the forum you can see the devs have moved onto several other projects. I don't why @admin just does not delete the NAL section.
  3. Ruthless4u

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    The fact that the PVE content in this game drives a player to do this shows what an utter waste of developers time and resources it is to placate the PVE only players. Play the game while not playing
  4. Ruthless4u

    POTBS game Closure

    Why would anyone Potbs come over to NA? I'm sure most of them have heard of NA and are already familiar with the train wreck it's become.
  5. Ruthless4u

    How do you decide to buy a game

    It's been said a few times with NA what you see is certainly not what you get, at least if you base most of your research on the player videos
  6. PVE only guys want brain dead AI fleets to massacre and to sail back and forth between point A and B with 0 risk.
  7. Ruthless4u

    DLC impact on the economy

    This idea of paying over and over again just keeps coming up. Might as well make it so you have to pay a monthly subscription to play and get it over with.
  8. Ruthless4u

    The Daydream – A Concept for Legends

    I'll be honest, I really want to rip into @admin over the legends debacle, but it serves no purpose. I feel they got it backwards, they should of developed legends first, then after its success started work on OW. In my mind it seems more like the logical progression. Everything I find online about Naval Actions gameplay is about the combat, you don't go on YouTube and find vids on the exciting trading and crafting in the OW. It's all about the combat, that was the hook for many players that seen the game in action online. It was exciting, going head to head with ships of old, not having to worry about sea monsters or any of the other fantasy BS that so many AOS games have these days. So now we have Naval Action OW which many have said has lost its way and are unsure what it is anymore, or games like Skull and Bones or Sea of Thieves. Shame that the latter is the best we can currently hope for these days.
  9. Ruthless4u

    Remembering MICROPROSE.

    This thread makes me want to play some of those old classics again. Had more fun with those than games these days.
  10. I've been tempted to buy the DLC but as I mentioned in another thread I don't have faith in the future of the game. From just from a content standpoint and if the game will survive.
  11. Ruthless4u

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    I've been tempted to buy some DLC, but I don't have enough faith in the future of the games survival.
  12. Ruthless4u

    Skull & Bones, by Ubisoft

    I applied for the beta to see if it's worth playing( if I get in lol) Worst case a few bucks for a rental, not expecting much so won't be paying full price unless either my oldest loves it or it's just plain stupid fun.
  13. I swear some of these guys here act like it's Dragon Ball, endless talking and posturing. If your going to fight, fight. No teenage or anime drama neccasary.
  14. Ruthless4u

    PVE Port Capture

    You would have the have the possibility of losing ports as well to AI fleets, and as mentioned aggressive hostile ships from other nations.
  15. Ruthless4u

    Is this really what you wanted?

    Might be a large part of it The guys who want more PVP and PVE only guys have been going at it on here for ages it seems. I honestly feel most players don't want to spend the majority of their time tied up in trading, a lot of that has to do with sailing times( which I'm good with). I think a lot of at least the younger crowd see the gameplay vids, expect a decent amount of PVP combat then get bogged down in the Econ work and leave.
  16. Ruthless4u

    Is this really what you wanted?

    24 hour cool down is perfect for the time pressed players like myself, which is why the DLC ships are tempting for me, with a new baby my time is limited so time trading, crafting is a real pain. Never mind it's boring anyways lol.
  17. Ruthless4u

    Is this really what you wanted?

    If I'm going to throw away 2 bucks, then I'm buying a lotto ticket I see the problem that DLC ships presents and to be honest I'm tempted. Being primarily a solo player with variable hours it is a good deal for a guy like me. Can't do clans so almost no support for crafting and trading so easily replaceable ships is hard to pass up, but I'm managing so far.
  18. Ruthless4u

    Is this really what you wanted?

    1. How many are willing to spend money on something they can lose and have to repurchase if/when lost? Even low dollar amounts add up over time. 2. I think awhile back there was a historical issue regarding colored sails. Could be wrong probably been over a year since I thought I read it.
  19. Ruthless4u

    Is this really what you wanted?

    I don't mind the sailing, loved hunting other non trader players in OW. Attacking an unarmed/underarmed trade ship offers 0 challenge. The things I dislike were both trading and crafting, both are tedious and boring and a complete waste of time. I might as well play FarmVille or something along those lines if that's what I'm after in a game.
  20. Ruthless4u

    Is this really what you wanted?

    This game is in no way becoming war thunder
  21. This game was getting a bad rap in reviews long before the issues you mentioned.
  22. Ruthless4u

    Premium ships 24 hours

    Either OP has more money than sense or has someone else's money.
  23. Ruthless4u

    Premium ships 24 hours

    Who needs Eve, my space sci fi wagon is hitched to Squadron 42/ Star Citizen
  24. Ruthless4u

    Premium ships 24 hours

    How many people do you think will be willing to pay 10 or 20 bucks per ship per loss? How would you stop gankers and griefers from hunting these ships down because people paid real money. Think ganking should bad now, wait until losing ships cost real money. No, making people pay cash over and over again for premium ships/content is a bad idea, this is not Eve.