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Ship Crew Sizes & OW Ranks


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I really wish they would somehow add the ranks/xp levels and ships/max crew in-game.  This could be the #1 question players always ask...can I crew x ship at y rank?  How many crew would I be missing then?

The first post in this subject by Dom just needs to be updated to the new numbers. It was/is great for all of us.

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Says 200 But ingame alot of ppl say its 150 For that rank


Ingame for me it shows as 150, 2lt 120, 1lt 150


Oops sorry, different nations different ranks, if you are brit 1st lt is 150

if you are US its 200 because it is actually a rank higher than the brit version it looks like

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All rank names are "provisional".  They're place holders for now.


With regards to "English" ranks, I'd agree that the "Of the Fleet" is excessive and I'd like to see the top rank simply be "Admiral" as well, with maybe an extra Lieutenant added perhaps.  One challenge is that many Navies at the time had a rank structure that was far more flat than we need to indicate advancements in progression, from memory, I think the US Navy only had 3 or 4 total Officer ranks at the time.  I suppose a few ahistorical nods to gameplay might have to be made.


Back in the day the Dutch Navy would have several admirals and they would have been assigned like this:


In the case of 3 admirals in 1 fleet it would look like this:


1. Fleet is formed

2. Admirals are compared based on Seniority or Experience

3. The most senior or experienced Admiral would receive command over the first squadron. He would be ''Admiral''

4. The second Admiral would receive command over the second squadron. He would be ''Vice-Admiral''

5. The third(youngest) Admiral would receive command over the third and rear squadron. He would be ''Rear-Admiral''


If you want to call the ranks in the native dutch tongue this would be it:


Admiral - Admiraal

Vice-Admiral - Vice-Admiraal(in original dutch the rank would be Viceadmiraal without the - in between the 2 words).

Rear-Admiral - this one has 2 possibilities: Either ''Achteradmiraal'' or ''Admiraal van de achterhoede''. The first of the last two mentioned would translate in to rearadmiral, the second of the last two would translate into Admiral of the rearguard.


This would be the way to go if you want to keep the amount of ranks you have and still have some historical accuracy.


If you want to go full blown accuracy this is a need to know fact: 


The dutch never assigned admirals outside of the Royal family(The stadhouder(citykeeper) would be assigned a rank of admiral in different variations over the years) since the position of stadhouder was the same family that still remains the Royal Family of The Netherlands. However there was a special rank created for Michiel De Ruyter when he was assigned a similar position to the general position: Admiral of the Fleet. The position he was given (created specifically for Michiel De Ruyter) ''Luitenant-Admiraal-Generaal'' was to point out to other parties that Michiel De Ruyter was superior in rank to all the other ''Luitenant-Admiraals'' (or if your talking about only 1 it would be ''Luitenant-Admiraal''). This rank was never officially worn by another officer, but it was offered to Cornelis Tromp but he never had the chance (or just never did) accept the rank before he himself died. After Cornelis Tromp died the rank was never offered to anyone again since.


If you want me to find you a specific amount of dutch naval ranks from the old days I might be able to help you out since I am a native dutch and I have a interest in history. This being said I could and would be willing to help you out with getting historical accuracy right concerning the Dutch in the game.

@admins: you can contact me on my registered e-mail address if interested.


Hope this might be of some help.


Kind regards,



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