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  1. ViE of Denmark Norway support this Notion.
  2. We had a deal to swap on this matter with the coalition, but things got out of hand thanks to the British.
  3. it states...... : PLAYER PLAYER ​Production levels changed (mostly increased for all resources)This means your buildings. Not NPC Ports
  4. Love the new Marines upgrade, now you can customize better love it!!
  5. It don't sell for 211 in our nation MAN.. Talking about what u can sell to shops. not to players..
  6. so for x1 compass wood, it costs you 528 gold + 1 labour hour. sells for 600. so Level 3 building costs 10.000 + 50.000+150.000 + 10.000 for outpost. it grants 20 per day. total cost 220.000 gold. profit of 72 gold per compass wood. 3055 compass wood to break even. 20 per day. 152 Real days to break even? is this a *********** joke?
  7. you couldn't make this game more time consuming? ^^
  8. can we get a confirmation on which ships that will be added?
  9. No milk today Tine melk, strengthen your body. Might be something for that sick dev
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