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Found 7 results

  1. Prologe: Current NA Navigation is based on straight lines if not other extern tools are used like Stopwatch, certain extern maps, f11 coordinates (that will vanish with release). But what if i want to sail to a destination that is direct into the wind. Currently we have 2 options stay on course and be slow. Or do it realistic and tack. The 2nd option is lacking some tools in my opinion therefore... Suggestion: Lets introduce the hourglass an ingame Event timer This tool will allow the captain to keep track on time spend on a certain heading and notify the next tack to keep on track. Pros: makes OW navigation easier Cons: more UI stuff
  2. So in response to my previous post, I assume there will be no way for me to replace the ship I lost after hours of work and careful sailing only to lose the ship due to something out of my own control? I really enjoy the game but the incident outlined in my earlier post has ruined the game not just for me, but also my friends and clansmen. So I inquire, is there nothing I can do to replace my vessel being an original supporter of the game and following all of the development over the years, through the good and the bad? Here is a link to my earlier post: Thank you for your time, Signed: A dishearted captain.
  3. So I went out for a quick mission in my Santisma today unknowing it would be my last. I was doing my normal 1st rate mission Santi vs Santi. Everything was going as planned and he boarded me. After three rounds winning against him, something went horribly wrong. My timer said there were 10 seconds left, then it immediately went to 2 seconds left. Thus, I could not properly coordinate my attack rounds and lost 150 of my crew. Then the next round came and it was even worse. If I remember correctly, it went from 10 seconds to 3 then back to 5. I was doing all I could to select the appropriate defense moves, but I could not work against the clock this time. While I could just very well be bad at boarding action, I know not to counter-attack into an attack, but nothing like this has happened to me before. I have no idea whether this will happen again or how to correct it, as the issue makes sailing too dangerous to try. Needless to say, this is a large loss to my fleet and I and others experiencing the issue find it hard to sail out of port again in fear of this issue happening again. Thank you for any ideas and help!
  4. In the upper right corner there's a timer to show how much time there's left of either a smaller battle or each phase of a larger battle. Instead of having only one timer in large battles, it would be better to also have the time for the whole battle. In Gaines' Mill, when you play for the CSA, there is first the phase until you receive the reserves in your 1st and 2nd Corp (1:59 hours), then another phase until the beginning of the evening (2:29 hours) and finally a phase until the end of the battle (1:59 hours). When a battle is made up that way with a mission to overtake positions in a first phase we don't know whether there will be another phase or the reserves will come within that phase and whether we'll loose the battle if we don't manage to take the positions within the specified time. When we don't know whether there will be a second phase and how much time we'll might get in a possible second phase, we feel a need to rush to be able to finish the mission in due time so we don't loose. Of that reason I think it would be good to have not only the timer for each specific phase (Mission Time) but also a timer showing the full length of the battle with all phases added up (Battle Time). That way we don't feel the need to rush our brigades to overtake one position or more, but can stay put for a while and let the rifles and guns do their job to ease up the area a bit before we decide to push forward. If Game Labs want us to rush to take positions within a specific time, they could give the general we're playing some extra reputation points, money or something else if he succeeds with this, which makes it worthwhile to send the brigades on a suicide mission. It would be great to have the indicator for rifle's and gun's shooting distance in a colour that is possible to see. If the colour is of a kind that might be disturbing for certain people, there could be a hotkey to toggle it on and off. Some Questions: Why isn't it possible to turn a brigade with the help of the keyboard, like in Total War games, instead of only by the help of the mouse? It has happened to me several times that I want to turn a brigade a few degrees left or right and the brigade turns around almost 300 degrees instead with the result that they get flanked and routs. Is there a reason why brigades sometimes don't charge when ordered to do it? Is the refusal to charge sometimes connected to them being in a forest or any other reason except not having enough stamina (condition)? How come skirmishers often run quicker than cavalry and how come cavalry (except enemy cavalry) is so slow in general? How come the visibility of some enemy brigades is so bad when it's possible to see enemy brigades not far away from them. It would be great if it was possible to group brigades and give them a number on the key pad. If I for example have three artillery brigades that I want to shoot on a specific spot, instead of each time holding the Ctrl key and picking each brigade I would be able to choose the number on the keyboard that is dedicated to them and decide where they should shoot. The field of view should be greater for all brigades. I understand that enemy brigades in a forest or behind a hill sometimes can "disappear", but when they're out in the open the brigades should be able to see them if they're not too far away. Brigades being blocked from shooting seems a bit out of the blue. It seems that sometimes brigades which have an open field in front of them, but are behind two other brigades with a small part of each flank, get the "Blocked" obstacle and can't shoot. What exactly are the reasons for when they are blocked although they don't seem to be?
  5. Assuming we go back to port battle timers, I would like to propose we have timers for each day of the week. The issue today, you play on a weekend in the morning or during the day, you can end up scheduling a port battle during the week when many people cannot attend. A 10am PB on a weekend is OK for me, but 10am on a weekday, I'm working. I would propose each region have timers by day of the week, rather than a single time slot for all days. With a total number of hours allowed for attackers being assigned to different days. In the example below - having 8 x 2 hour time slots that have to be assigned by the lord protector - one for each weekday, three over the weekends - with the weekend day time slots spread a minimum of 6 hours apart. For example - using eastern USA time Monday - 8pm-10pm Tuesday- 8pm-10pm Wednesday- 8pm-10pm Thursday- 8pm-10pm Friday- 8pm-10pm Saturday - 8am-10am, 6pm-8pm Sunday - 10am-12noon Then when the attacker buys the flag from the admiralty, the flag is purchased for 2-3 days into the future. When you convert these times to Australian or Chinese times, there is always at least 1 day of the week were each port can be attacked in a players primetime. The reason for only one extra slot on the weekend, Sunday night in the USA, is Monday morning in Australia or China. Thoughts?
  6. Alrighty, I think that a lot of people are going to be waiting/dreading for this Tribunal post to be put up here. I don't feel like I am personally the best when it comes to forums, but it seems that this is the only avenue that allows for justice to be served in a case like this. I am fine with there being spats in chat and even attacks on the open sea as I think most of us are, but I do not believe that this kind of abuse should be allowed in game, and the people responsible should be punished. The people who griefed our entire clan out of attacking ports that we had planned the entire week waiting for and blocked our ability to play the game, are willingly destroying our gameplay on purpose out of spite. I hope that all of you will agree this should not be allowed, but the only question that should be asked is, what will the punishment be? So I am the leader of the clan FTS inside of Naval Action, we play on the Pirate faction as most of you know. Today we decided to get on early with as many members we could muster during the European Timezone, people dedicated time and effort getting this to happen. So we all logged in early and when the time window for the first port that we planned to attack opened, we sailed out and successfully captured Samana with minimal resistance. This did not go over well with a few of the Pirate Clans who do not agree with what we were doing, that was fine they prefer a certain playstyle and that is ok. They didn't just leave it there though, they had two of their officers purposefully pull flags to to prevent FTS from attacking the remaining ports. As you can see in that screenshot these two officers pulled flags at the same time for ports that were next to the ones we had just recently taken. So now you ask, did they plan on attacking those ports? Probably not, but give them the benefit of the doubt. Until they openly admit it inside of pirate chat. Now, not that Kuthara is the leader of the clan that these two players come from and they are both officers inside of the clan. Now, I'm not one to normally post on the Tribunal trying to get other people punished, but these 2 or 3 players essentially robbed my friends and I of our time and effort, by abusing game mechanics and then gloating about it. To top it all off, we were not able to pull the flag for those ports after they expired, eliminating any possibility of our plans of taking them. Will all the evidence that is here, it is obvious the intention of these individuals and the abuse of current game mechanics that caused a huge discussion on a previous Tribunal post. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11759-abuse-of-flag-mechanics-2-decision-needed/ These players are obviously guilty of griefing even if not necessarily exploiting. They had the clear intent for this outcome and were probably aware of the Tribunal post discussion about this same topic, but they decided to pull the trigger on their plan regardless. So the question remains, do we want these types of players knowingly abusing game mechanics and griefing other players who are testing the game? Or will we make an example of these two and prevent players from using this style of gameplay in the future, because they know that they will not get away with it. If you made it through this entire post, thank you for reading down this far and I would appreciate any discussion in this thread.
  7. I think that PVP battle window close all to quickly which means clan members can not get in to help with a battle, which means you get ganked,, PVP battle windows should not close,, That would both make PVP more interesting and a bit more fair,
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