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Ship Crew Sizes & OW Ranks


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iirc it is only craftable by pirates



Not craftable and does not spawn as AI ever. It can only be bought from the vendor in Basic quality (ie: terribad). It's a terrible ship anyway, don't even drool over for one.

i disagree, it is a great ship, it is comparable to the frigate however heavier armed


source: own 2 pirate frigates

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On 5/21/2015 at 1:12 PM, Dom said:

Yeah I have moved my thread to this part of the forum as it is easier for people to find and view.


Also the post has been updated as the Ensign and Midshipman rank have been switched around in seniority! :) 

Commodore of the British fleet does have 700 crews not 800 like it noted...

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