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Profanity usage in game.


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On 11/7/2016 at 2:37 PM, Captain Pickle said:

I agree those are not insults hell i know more insults in other languages that work better than that nonsense and a profanity filter not a bad idea but then instead of saying fuck which would be caught you would say probably say f.u.c.k. or some other form of the word like my fave Fu-cK more looks like an element on the periodic table than a swear easy.

This is still considered swearing.  Just don't use those words when addressing your fellow Captains, it's that easy.

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9 hours ago, Groslulu77 said:

This one in is quite rude...

Captain, please do not forget to report such cases via in-game chat report function (right click on the character name with the abusive chat string and click on Report)

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profanity usage :on behalf of BRUMMIE6 dutch member vwic 

for tribunal 

game member :


BF clan RUS


in game in battle:



later outside the battle in PM.





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On ‎2‎/‎11‎/‎2015 at 6:12 AM, admin said:

Hello Captains


As we said before - a well timed curse or swearing can lighten up a conversation. (*****ing weather). 

But using profanity against other players or his relatives is forbidden. We know that frustration can be very powerful and you can still address the captain causing this frustration. Age of sail gentlemen were polite but they could be angry. 


One of you posted the spectacular guide on how to address another captain if you are very frustrated. 




I am not an english speaker - so don't know if some of the words here are offensive. But if i was address in this way i would be less willing to go to tribunal because of this. 

This is awesome.


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9 minutes ago, Shane_Martin said:

@Ink @admin

Can the following be looked into, reported using the in-game report tool, tried to report on Tribunal but that post got deleted.

Dear Captains,

All chat report tribunals are recieved and appropriative actions will be taken after weekly investigation of chat reports.

The reason chat report tribunals are not approved is that it should be reported via in-game report function, otherwise the Tribunal will be flooded by similar cases.

Please post in the tribunal only if you received real life threats/death wishes abuse - in that case immediate actions will be taken.

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