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  1. Super, dass Du hier so ausführlich Deine Erfahrungen weiter gibst und die Lernkurve beschreibst. Genau so läuft das in diesem Spiel. Der Help Chat und die Spieler der eigenen Fration sind meist auch gerne bereit ingame zu helfen. Kleiner Tip: versuche mal den vorderen Mast auf E und R zu legen und Depower auf C. Dann liegen die Tasten näher zusammen. Einen Guide in deutscher Sprache fürs manuelle segeln gibts auf youtube von plak.rocks
  2. Mein ingame Name in Schweden ist jetzt Kpt Beowulf - Kpt Ahab dümpelt in irgendeinem britischen hafen vor sich hin und wurde durch den EA Zeitenwechsel wohl aus der Geschichte gestrichen ;-)
  3. Good to know you out on the Caribbean Sea again Captain!
  4. Am i wrong or is the hit accuracy of bots far too good? Even from range they hit with 50-70% of the shots, even from small ships like the brig or the Snow although these vessels are pretty unstable. I really had trouble to fight 2 Snows with my gold Frig because I had to get separation from time to time to tack and attack again to prevent them from surrounding me. They can turn faster and immediately start firing and hitting, sometimes with the most of their shots from pretty far away. Fighting bigger ships like Cerberus is even more painful especially when there are 2 of them ;-) btw - can it be that the firepower of Cerbs got increased?
  5. ahh ok then it fuels the possibility to buy more flags for port battles -> data collection spotted ;-)
  6. 500K gold? Even if that was that much you can't get it away with your ship so it renders useless ;-)
  7. Thank you for answers Captains and i am now under the wings of the most honorable Kpt Allons and his fellow Captains ;-)
  8. Dear Captains, i wonder if there is any guide for upcoming traders around as it appears very complicated to me with what goods and harbour/selling strategy to begin with in order not to fail drastically and lose your precious gold but to get rich and therefore valuable for your family and the society...
  9. But proper positioning doesn´t help if you find yourself in the instance with the wind turned 180°...
  10. The Frigate "l´Hermione" - the ship on which the Marquis de Lafayette returned to Boston in 1780 to declare the support for the american Independence War by the French, was rebuilt and finished in 2012) and is now sailing around the Atlantic on a history tour? It took 30Mil$, 3000 oaks and 17 years to accomplish that. The original l´Hermione was built in 11 month!!!! The original plans were destroyed by fire but the Brits caught a sister ship and still have the plans which they made to know how the french have designed such a fast and nimble ship in their archives. The l´Hermione had 3 sister ships the la Courageuse, la Concorde and the la Fée.
  11. I really don´t understand it - if you go for a trading run you have to ask for escort and pay for it and it will take all participants the time it takes. If you have no company well... tough luck. But making it easy for ppl who just look for fights to get there isn´t really what it should be. If merchants have to go the distance escorts should the like. just saying
  12. well - this game has taken us by surprise and it is still because of the level of commitment of the Devs and the whole team as well as the existing community. They all have done a great job in all regards. i think it will show that the high level of interacting has done a LOT to understand both, the role of a game developer and as tester - at least for me. And the community really shows it´s immersion by contributing loads, both in data but as well in following and feeding the Forum. GJ all and I am SO looking to the future of this title...
  13. Privateer trading/exploring on known seas and beyond with the protection of the almighty...
  14. I am hoping to hit the "Siegfried-spot" to overcome the defense lines ;-) ...and the Honorable Administrator already gave us more info than I´d expected (Some important things must be finished we want to try to get them done this and next week)
  15. Can you give a VERY rough estimation when this will happen?
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