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Thats the description of Ntional News section:

Diplomacy, role-play, events, battle reports, light forum PvP


Yet the mods delete every comment from EU towards global, while the opposite seems totally fine. I get that you want to help global start rolling, but thats not the way.

Some examples, everything gets deleted:

Meanwhile global monkeys are allowed to keep trolling, noone gives a shit:




Get a grip, thx. @The Red Duke

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I honestly think we need this EU v Global (the server that never sleeps) melarkie a rest. I respect the fact some folks want windowed biff and some folks want open biff. Leave it there and lets help and PROMOTE both communities.

Having lived in several countries over my life, I have learned we are all pretty much the same, have pretty much the same amount of idiots, clever folks, beautiful folks and ugly gits. We all hate our banks, pollies and parking meters.

I see no advantage in players, mods or dev's pushing one over the other. I am sure players will move between the servers for various reasons, some try and play on both and some get annoyed with both :)

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Oh I'm not so sure about that, my meagre amount of shitposting in response to the global folks doing so on half a dozen EU server threads hasn't been moderated yet  ^^

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You guys simply don't know how to handle fair moderation do you?  You've had it so good for so long....

I for one appreciate the mod/dev team for keeping an eye on the global naysayers and attempts to diminish our population.  Good on them.  

Players like @Jon Snow lets go@Cornelis Tromp and @Pablo Frias have attempted to sabotage several of our global recruitment efforts and discourage members from joining.    

Here are few choice examples.





+ an assortment of various other posts that were deleted and Tromp's rants on discord as the numbers on EU ticked up that will remain there.  I'm no snitch.

The amount of gloating here is sickening.

Please note the usual suspects on all the likes.  These are players that want the global server to fail at all costs to pay the US players back for their attempts to seek content in their timezone (aka night flips).  Players like @Cornelis Tromp revel in the disparity of the population numbers, openly brag about the "failure" of the the global server and frankly should be removed from these forums for their damaging efforts.  Their labors on the first couple days of the patch to turn away users simply cannot be quantified.  How many more players could we of had if @Cornelis Tromp wasn't posting multiple screenshots on the forums bragging about the numbers or constantly posting updates on our discord every time EU gained 20 more people that first day.  His damage alone to the chances of the global idea is staggering.  Can this be a tribunal offense?

Again we global players appreciate the mod/dev team for fair moderation and removing damaging posts from these obviously bitter and game disrupting players that just want to see the global server fail.  A post like this shows they just don't get it and want no one else to enjoy the game the way they want to play it.

Thank you.


Edited by Christendom
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Being happy the Eu server did well after months of propaganda that global would be the place to be is a bad thing? 

Give me a break.

I'm not posting in topics from the Global server. I'm posting replies in topics in the EU National News of primarily Global players that are spreading lies and propaganda about the EU server with the purpose to get people to switch servers and thus diminishing the total amount of potential fun on PVP EU.. 

People like @Christendom want the same: If they can't have nice things, nobody can. Now stop dragging me into this subject and discussion, I didn't post in this on purpose. To try to NOT have this discussion as it is moot. New players need to come from outside, not within the game populations. So stop the negative feedback hostage taking (i rank it the same), grow a pair and improve the servers. Stop your warmongering. I'm not on PVP Global whining. Congrats on reaching 400 users. You deserve it.

PS: Keep your toxicity on Global please. the atmosfere in EU is quite pleasant. We actually had a nice productive chat with GB diplos yesterday. Who would have thought that 4 months ago.

Edited by Cornelis Tromp
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6 minutes ago, Pablo Frias said:

This has to be a joke, Chris.

No joke sir.  

Bragging about global server numbers on day one and posting discouraging screenshots.  Why?  to pay us back for night flips?  How petty can you be.

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19 minutes ago, Jon Snow lets go said:

No need to have this shittalk again Christendom, all I want is either free speech for both sides or neither in National News.

To be fair, I think admin has mentioned on these forums that if you want free speech go to reddit, this is a development forum...not a PR one. 

Though I agree, moderation should be fair and equal.  I don't see a disparity between who and what has been moderated lately.  I've had a few posts deleted as well, just as I have had over the past year or so.  Such is life.  I would like to direct you to the numerous reviews on steam that feel that has been heavy moderation of posts in favor of the EU player base.  Perhaps what you are experiencing is an adjustment to something more fair?

Regardless some points here are correct.  National news should stay just that.  I'll keep my nose out of your affairs, I hope others reciprocate.


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42 minutes ago, Christendom said:

Regardless some points here are correct.  National news should stay just that.  I'll keep my nose out of your affairs, I hope others reciprocate.


I agree with you there.

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On 07.06.2017 at 0:07 PM, Jon Snow lets go said:

Yet the mods delete every comment from EU towards global, while the opposite seems totally fine. I get that you want to help global start rolling, but thats not the way.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (catches breath) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....ha..ha...ha... Ah that was a good one :D

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