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  1. I was interested in, after half a year, playing NA again and tried the tutorial. Well what can i say its ok the demasting some said has to little time is doable. All in all its good for new player to learn the buttons and so on but we need also one for navigating and boarding more in depth. Now to the bad part the last 2 exams the endurance is a little bit easier and with repairing (repairs from the enemy ship) in between easy done. The final exam i have no idea how to do it boarding like someone recommended is problematic because of the shit-ton mods the npc has, especially if the other
  2. To be honest the main thing that let me avoid fights against players like liquicity, reverse and so on is the sail shooting so even if it is off topic, how do i avoid getting demasted is there some kind of trick? Or is the only way to get also good at demasting?
  3. Funny i was pretty shure i saw the same thing from the russians when they conquered Bermudas. Yes it was not nessesary, but you had a pirate with you wich you tagged or he tagged you but then all of you jumped south of flatts into the battle. So now somone other uses your tricks now its a bad thing and goes to the tribunal? Or am i mistaken?
  4. Also the Sorry thing was that someone showed up without cannons we intended to fight each other we just didnt want the repair meta. But we were able to have duel afterwards.
  5. You do not get pvp marks for that o.O ... (only if you sink him at least thats what i know) also he was not going to get ganked, i was the attacker the others jumped in and (I even told the only TDY guy in sight what we are trying to do) he was in a reno before that and jumped into new smyrna to change the ship to the trinc for our fight (why would he if someone would have chased him the harbour is save).
  6. Because we are former clan mates Jack told me in TS to board him before one of you get marks from him or his ship.
  7. Since one of my Clan Mates joined the Pirates i asked him for a one on one duel without repairs. Then people from TDY joined i told them that i want to have a duel then i boarded the Trinc and they pushed me out of boarding and damaged my ship. The Person who pushed me out of boarding was Daibhidh and another whos not on the screen. After it they said in global it was intentional (angryscotsman94).
  8. I indeed use that officer perk, but when i gave my ship back to the crafter we had the same numbers. So that is not the reason. I btw. have a teak/white rattle that has a base-speed below 12 if i remember correct. Also till a dev ask for any new screens i wont make any, and in theory they should not need any since they can look it up ingame. So stop this 90's hardware forum thing were when someones mouse wasnt working people wanted to know everything from pc specs to carpet color and seat/table model numbers, and in the end it was just dirt in the rolls of the ball-mouse.
  9. Will you try something for me and put weight on one of your ships and empty it again and tell me how the grey number behind speed (tooltip number) changed? ... if nothing changed you shouldnt post anything more in this thread, thx.
  10. They are both empty only cannons (the same loadout) and its the same when one of us has both so no perk or anything interfers ... also since when is 12,31=12,34 your poor math teacher ....
  11. I hope the upload works, that is mine and Dragon Prites of the 3. They are empty and has only cannons loaded.
  12. Today one of my clans shipbuilder (Dragon Prites ingame) build 3 identical outfitted Rattlesnakes Heavy at almost the same ingame Time and the same Harbour. All 3 of thoose Rattlesnakes have different Base-Speeds (ingame tool-tip and description), we dont know this to 100% but it seems the first was the fastest the last build the slowest. Not shure if this is intended and a mechanic or a bug so i thought i report it here.
  13. I would like to see more big snow´s (or lets say 2 masted ships Brigs, Brigantines and such) .... and different rigs we have so many ship rigged vessels ingame i dont know if we need more even if this is about small ships.
  14. This makes no sense i mean the devs gave you your own server that you are unable to make it a success is more a failure of the "biggest" market, and you want the euros suffer for that ...
  15. So the principle here is: "We open a poll for the same topic every week till we get what we want."? You should consider that the population of the EU- Server will drop significant when the servers get merged since there is a reason for people playing there and not on global.
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