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  1. Not really the hull is completely different, the picture is also not that great because artists always take some liberty.
  2. Giving the looser also a reward can also work against ganking. You dont need to fight always against the easiest target, and also when you for example give the looser 1/4 of the pvp marks or something it makes less sense to gank someone with more ships since you can get around the same amount of marks when you loose as if they are split between a group (i have old infos here how it works).
  3. "I love PvP when I want to PvP not when you want to PvP" This is actually a really deciding factor for fun we want at least the illusion of having control.
  4. Learning curve well after the tutorial you have hearded about all the stuff you need to know but you are really bad at doing it, so we need something to train people more before they suffer, and we need to reward them so they dont feel bad if they fuck it up, at the moment you can loose at least feeled everything (thats btw. a fact why i still believe durability was a good idea). But i dont have a good idea for it to be honest. Why i think more PVE, is because PVE generates PVP. It creates new player for example and when they feel comfortable they go to PVP without getting forced to do it. But because they want and are interested in the crazy rewards or something.
  5. We want PVE to get PVP, we want it simple to become complex. Basically we need a better learning or beginner curve. I personally think it is to steep at some point a easy fun entrance and after you had your fun there you discover complexity. I would even go so far to think about fishing missions where you learn sailing into fishing circles and follow them and so on and from there you earn a bigger trader or something and go further.
  6. The Problem here is you are a experienced player for you it is easy, now we have the problem that a new player needs to discover this and that is not given. Most player will quit before it, even player that played for longer do this. And from Enthusiast like you the game can not survive since it is a age of sail game, eve in comparison is a sifi game and sifi is for the majority a lot more sexy then wooden ships with sails. What NA misses like the post above me pointed out is a complex economy and things you can do without high loss risk to hook player and make them stay and then they will test PVP and enjoy this part to. Also i think threads like this with reasons why the game is bad and cant survive do not help without ideas what to change to make it more fun. Brainstorming-Threads would be much more useful, some of the ideas may be stupid for one person but inspire other ideas that are better and shouldnt be judged there.
  7. Iam not really playing anymore, but from reading this i had a idea which is maybe bad. Make PVE/PVP Zones and connect it to Ports/Regions meaning the whole map is PVE when a Region becomes a Tradehub and earns so and so much money it becomes a PVP Area (its maybe even realistic because Trade would attract People who want to steal it) exclude the Capital Port from it to protect Noobs. So in the PVP Area is the wealth and if you want to make money you need to decide if you go there or make less and stay out. And to make People willing to go there the loosing side should also get a Reward because else the Winner gets stronger and stronger while the loosing side stays at zero. Also it brings Movement so its not always the same area that gets camped. Like i said was just a fast idea i bet i forgot a lot which can influence the result.
  8. I think some Argentinian Trade Ship that was converted in their war of independence. At least that was what i was able to find.
  9. I was interested in, after half a year, playing NA again and tried the tutorial. Well what can i say its ok the demasting some said has to little time is doable. All in all its good for new player to learn the buttons and so on but we need also one for navigating and boarding more in depth. Now to the bad part the last 2 exams the endurance is a little bit easier and with repairing (repairs from the enemy ship) in between easy done. The final exam i have no idea how to do it boarding like someone recommended is problematic because of the shit-ton mods the npc has, especially if the other one shoots you from behind (wich can be prevented) and after doing it you have almost no crew. Then the idea from admin not shure if there were to much changes in between but out of 5 or so tries iam pretty convinced that the ships try to stay together sometimes they even turn or cut sails for it also with the limited chain i see no way to shoot them to 50% besides its suicide to do it you take to much damage (maybe give us carros and a proper ship and not the fir garbage that alone looses 5+ crew whenever it gets hit while it starts burning). In the end i think it can be done i just didnt find the right way to do it. And i will never and the reason for that is it is as fun as diarrhea! With 20 min crew refill timer and 10 min repair its a real endurance test and you can ask yourself will you shoot yourself in the head before the timer is done or not. Its just a waste of time, then better let us beat 1 cerb and one brig or something without repairs. All in all a one 1 dura ship is not worth it! And if you are a new guy and experience this maybe are good enought to do it then sail out and get ganked iam pretty shure you will ragequit. And the whole "we dont want everyone" well then you should develop mechanics for a 200 people playerbase because i dont think there are a lot more hardcore age of sail fans out there. Sorry if this sounds angry or something iam really not just wrote what i was thinking. BTW. its funny how your never played office noobs are better then so many well known veteran players.
  10. Never realized that the wind is different after the maintenance then it is my mistake, sorry.
  11. Also if nothing has changed pb is created 2h before you finish hostility or something like that so when you shoot it you can definitely calculate it or not? since you know where the wind will be in 22h.
  12. I dont think so at least for PB because you can time the wind when you attack the wind changes always in the same timeframe. So you calculate where the wind will be when you shoot hostillity to get it (basicly tomorrow wind is at that time the best for us so get hostillity done at time x) and when you need to arrive. Meaning the defender side will have the wind blowing into the coast making it very hard for them to do anything when they have to choose between sailing against the wind or heeling (obviously some harbours make it harder then other). For this feature it would be better to have randomized wind and then you get tactical.
  13. When i played active before all the sail-profil patching and merge (decided to stop till its finished and does not change every 2 days) tortuga was a good spot were you almost always found someone la mona had also potential. And if you really find nothing try to raise hostility that can be done fast and will attract defender.
  14. Problem is when we go by realism everyone will sail a ship of the line because everything else is not good enough ... and that would be a really boring game. In that case balance and gameplay should be more importent then realism in my opinion.
  15. Yes it is realistic there is just the little point that everyone sails ships of the line and because of that it is not working historical. The reason for that would be that the admirality did not have 5 first rates in 1h sailing distance for every ship in the water and the reinforcment would consist of frigates and smaller ships, wich are currentliy useless in most engagements were 4th+ rates are involved. So to solve the real problem simply make big ships less desirable so that more smaller ships sail around, and then you can also reduce the reinforcment to a realistic level. Btw. i puke every time when i see 3+ grade hunting ships ....
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