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  1. You want to increase 'traffic' in OW by charging the teleports? I think you will have to change the tow permit prices (into doubloons) to force players to sail between ports. Sideeffect: It will also increase local shipbuilding.
  2. thx for update and fast notes Permit for 6th outpost almost doubled and costs now 250.000 instead of 450.000.
  3. thanks for giving back that lats and longs The protractor tool is nice - a smart and simple solution!
  4. i don't think 79.998 players bought this game because no position fix was implemented, when I bought this game GPS was implementent.
  5. great patch, i really like it But why did you remove GPS ? What is the beenfit for removing the GPS ? The old system was working nice. Every naval office in the 19th century worth his commission was able to get a fix on the sun with sextant or get a fix on some stars with a precise chronometer and some good maps. So give us a sextant or the precise and correct angle of the sun at a given time to get a position fix. Of course it would be much easier to tell the captains their position.
  6. of course u cant TP to another outpost because of docking limit+1
  7. @JobaSet just bought a Niagara in outpost (thats +1 over my docking limit) looks like basic cutter is not free
  8. thx for information, thought i checked this, will check again:)
  9. looks like we have a kind of deadlock with ships You can buy more ships than u are allowed to have in ports, fleets etc. and when u leave your homeport u will get no warning or information about this. When u have a fight near a freetown and lose your ship in battle now, you will be teleported to the freetown, right? What if you cant buy a ship because of docking limits or if you dont have enough money to raise your docking limit? You are stranded! At a higher lvl this may be 6.5 mio gold!
  10. are there any plans to balance the upgrade slots for the LGV? at the beginning the LGV will be the best ship for ganking: its availiable in the shop, it has low a BR of just 110, enough crew its fast and agile and can outrun most ships and as a trader it has 3 slots (take copperplating, staysails, marines for example) looks like there will develop a kind of LGV race after wipe
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