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  1. Talk to Hartz and Rax. UWS is going for all out war against Spain. and FYI Spain loves to come out Habana in huge numbers and light fast ships of all builds. UWS will be back.
  2. Spain war with France. Spain wants to take the war to us, thats cute. See you all at La habana here we come.
  3. You are speaking for all of Spain against all of France?
  4. Try understanding French logic IE. CBC and the rest of the EU french players.
  5. I have remained quiet in my defense on this because I do not want to recognized players singling me out and attacking me in open forums like this. I will remain quiet with any arguments other than what I have stated already.
  6. Ill start posting every insult, bash, or attack on me in chat. Also any lours in chat to get a response from me that could be used against me.
  7. Again more people going after me and some who are just as guilty.
  8. The US are just targeting me, there are plenty of other people doing worse crap than me. The fact I was US left for France and then turned around and smacked their coastline so hard for a while with a group of people who they could not compete with. The US lost very badly and continues. So why not go after one of the culprits IE me, and they are trying to back getting me ban because I like to throw salt in chat and get people all emotional and p***** off, I think its funny. My alt republican is making money on a trade route that only few people use and the trade resources just sit and stack in
  9. OK well this is turning into a p****** contest and im done with it. I really need to let stupid people be stupid and not worry about them.
  10. Yes it is. Which is not what I am doing. (republican)
  11. I get attacked by french, Prussian and dutch players because they cant read my name, once they do they let me go because they know me. People hop into those battles to scout/help isnt my problem and isnt baiting.
  12. Getting attacked in open world isn't anyone's problem but my own, I'm not calling for help. Also is been announced dozens of times im a sky and alt (Republican)
  13. I agree no need for more discussion. The issue is now know and maybe something more can come of this for mechanics for trading ports etc.
  14. Well the port was dropped to early. UWS figured it out and still grind it up to a PB following the in game mechanics.
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