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Greeting captains !

First of all, apologise for my poor english.


Here is the interactive map i'm developing for about 2 weeks now : http://map.licornes.eu/


It's based on the amazing map done by Siegfried. I would like to thanks him a lot for his huge work !


The map is currently still in development and totally opensource : https://github.com/Rodrive/na-map

Feel free to contribute, report bugs, ask for new features or do whatever you want with it.


Since i'm developing it on my free time, the development can be low and the code quality is not really great.


At this time the map works really well with chrome but i am having some issues with some users who use firefox. The map can lag or totally freeze with firefox. This is something i know but dont succeed to reproduce in my own firefox.


For now here is the features in the map :

 - compass to plan a travel and give a course (Double click one time to place the compass and double click another time to draw a line from this position)

 - ports update everyday

 - information for all ports with : Timer window to capture (server hours), if it's a capital, if it's a regional capital, if it's a shallow port, what it produces, what it consumes

 - Some stats for each nation : at this time this is only the number of ports

 - Cursor position on click

 - Gps : I made an accuracy gps but in my opinion this feature was a bit cheated and break the game. So the gps only gives you a zone and you can be anywhere in this zone. You can know approximately where you are but not your exact position except if you use the cursor position to find you.


There is also a fps meter but this is more for debugging purpose than anything else.


Next big feature i would love to implement, is 'live drawing' to help our admirals to coordinate his troops move. I will keep you updated about this.




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McAfee SiteAdvisor blocks that URL:


An unacceptable security risk is posed by this site.
McAfee Content Category: Phishing
McAfee Security Rating: Red


it looks like the loading bar displays, then the security screen comes up, so maybe something is being loaded from somewhere else with a problem?

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