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  1. Thanks guys ! By the way i have my own thread now : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14027-dixits-interactive-map/
  2. Thanks for giving me those details. It's really strange what Norton tells you. I dont host anything else than this map and other local stuff on this server... Moreover the threat is "Drive by download". But the map only calls this exacts same url : all ressources download come from map.licornes.eu not from another website which could inject malicious content like malware or other stuff. It's like Norton had put this url in an "untrusted list" but the thing is this url had been created 5 days ago and i dont have any other site on this url... But again thanks for your investigation and repor
  3. Hi, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunatly you are the first one to have this issue. Can you tell me a bit more about what is your browser and which version please.
  4. Greeting captains ! First of all, apologise for my poor english. Here is the interactive map i'm developing for about 2 weeks now : http://map.licornes.eu/ It's based on the amazing map done by Siegfried. I would like to thanks him a lot for his huge work ! The map is currently still in development and totally opensource : https://github.com/Rodrive/na-map Feel free to contribute, report bugs, ask for new features or do whatever you want with it. Since i'm developing it on my free time, the development can be low and the code quality is not really great. At this time the
  5. Hi there. Here is an other map done thanks to this api. The goal was to try to gather all features we can find on differents map (like burningsails, tdamap etc...) and add some features. The map is Siegfried's map, thank you for your amazing job ! You can find it here : http://map.licornes.eu/ This is an opensource project under MIT licence so you can do almost whatever you want with it : https://github.com/Rodrive/na-map You can contribute to it and report some issues or event features requests. I will i accept pull requests, all your help is welcome. I am developing it on my free
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