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  1. So the population is dropping vertiginously. Today earlier i saw only 20 players at PVP2 and now are 40... Most people reached the top level and, right now, dont have any relevant reason to keep playing until some things get fixed. In my case, im playing because i need 3 lvl to reach the top crafter. So, i almost trading (have to mention that i liked the current trading changes) and crafting. Devs said that new ranks will be introduced, but how? What comes after admiral? And, as pirate, maybe i can be "uber curse" or "ultra curse"? I dont think this will work. Players at top lvl still earning XP (including travel XP). Right now that XP is useless and the system just throw it away everyday on the server reset. So, i propose this: * create the personal XP bank, which store the extra unused and useless XP earned each day; * allow players to exchange that extra XP for labor hours, upgrades, paints, bps, ships, whatrever, just make a way to make it worth (as i said, new lvl will not work). I think that will work, at least to the huge amount of players that are top levels and left the game.
  2. As koltes said, ppl were abusing it too much, but looks like devs found a way to prevent exploits. I have tons of pics of my ships inside and i really like to walk around the ship. Once i visited pacific coast using it. Another cool stuff is visit coasts and go inland. But i think they will restrict it only inside and around the ship, which is obvious to keep it safe from exploits against other players. I tried to found the dev statment, but couldnt till now. It was on a section named beautifull places where players post pics. I think they removed that section, but im pretty sure that feature will back in time.
  3. Dev said about couple months ago it will return soon, with restrictions.
  4. LOL, look who is complaining about infant comments...get a life, kid. If you had all day to play and foolish yourself with frustrated dreams to be a real sailor, seek a psychiatrist fast. Ppl need fun, not to look 4 or 5 hours (or more) to a "empty" screen like dumbs. What is most fun in forums is the fact that ppl believe they had right to insult others because they disagree, and when get a payback they get mad and start to complain as you do now. Very funny, boy.
  5. Good point of view, i like when ppl give real reasons underpined with real situations. Sry about my salt against clans, but it is just a way to emphasize that devs should focus more on solo/single players to consolidate the population of servers and bring more players to the game, and THEN focus on plural things. The way it is going now, newbies and solo players get bored quick and quit if they dont join a clan and no one should to be forced to join a clan to enjoy a game.
  6. No, i see the game by other points of view (traders, crafters), not as a clannie egoistic view like you. You clannies not even need OW, cuz only interested in PB bs. Sorry if i hurt your feelings, kid.
  7. It is not an original idea, nor very popular, but... I just thinking in a way to shorten travel time: when the ship goes in a straight line just after about 3 or 5 min, the time gets a boost, increasing the speed of vessel in like x1.5 or x2.0 more than the actual rate...in case of crossing another player vessel in his line of sight or when the player change the course, the speed and time comes to the normal rate. It is not a warp, just a little boost, and will not affect the interactions in ow.
  8. It is a good point, but maybe 15 days or 20? i agree that each week is too short, but something between that...afterall, bugs happens anyway and can be fixed in minor patches.
  9. To me, one of the biggests mistakes the devs are doing is making us wait more than a month to get new content- and even that, not delivering it in time. Thats making ppl unhappy and bored. Instead, it would be more smart to make ppl happier bringing few new stuff in smaller patches. It is a joy to weakup in the morning and see the list of new patches downloading. And is not our job to make devs happy, but the inverse...it is like a bad joke, when we are forced to smille to not make ppl sad...then, dont complain with bad ratings...lot of ppl are trying to make the game alive and turn the rating to more positive, but with such things, it is becoming harder and harder to make it. btw, as i see, sadly, it is not tomorrow.
  10. Yeah, despite some mistakes and wrong ways in some patches, we must considerer it is an ALPHA, and time to test things that can go right or wrong is now. It is not perfect but it is the best game on that line right now. Ppl will regret if this game fail before releasing, cuz it is better to play it despite not been the game they expected than not playing it at all. Change the negative ratings it is a simple, free, effortless, and a push to help this game keep alive. By other hand, devs must listen more and avoid fights with community, cuz one need each other and both want success to the game.
  11. try: right click at game's name; properties; local files and check files integrity.
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