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  1. With the new patch is increasingly difficult to have a stable base where to build ships. I believe that the capital will always have less sense in the future. Move the resource "extra labor" into capital would surely be an economic stimulus and a way to keep capitalis lives.
  2. si c'è un clan italiano nei francesi, appena so il nome aggiorno il post
  3. It's a fantastic implementation LA HABANA :
  4. benvenuti, mi mandi un pm con il link del tuo account di steam grazie
  5. Mi piacerebbe avere le vostre impressioni sul nuovo sistema di danno che personalmente ritengo stia rovinando il gioco. Concordo sul discorso storicità e veridicità dei dati utilizzati per questo nuovo sistema, ma al tempo stesso penso che si debba avere un occhio di riguardo per la giocabilità e il tempo che una persona può spendere per giocare. Voi cosa ne pensate ?
  6. with this new damage system has become boring and unplayable
  7. Double shot Increase damage by 25%/Reduced penetration by 15% The damage should be doubled or nearly so, while the reduced penetration of at least 50% Double charge with ball Increase penetration by 20%/ Reduced damage by 15% Increased speed of shot by 10% (more distance and better ballistics) Why ? this makes no sense. The cannon ball remains the same. It would be appropriate to give a chance to the explosion of the cannon. Then insert different types of cannons, bronze, iron and steel (1861) ... only craftables
  8. A group of Spanish clans as follow: EI, CELTI, RV, RAE, COSA, SCC & XIII are pleased to announce its strategical mutual defensive alliance agreement with the clan SORRY from the Pirate coalition & AUSFC. That means that if any entity menace the current SORRY territory or Spain territory the 2 side agree to help each other. The agreement include also the border with the pirates that was accepted by both sides. Any violation of such border will invalidate the alliance and considered as hostile act. Further to the long term conflict with the British Empire, these spanish clans have voted favorably for this agreement in order to provide with safer sea territories for its trader fleets. Also, this group of spanish clans confirm their friendship & defensive alliance with the French faction and will be deploying all means to help its French comrades in their current war.
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