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  1. The forums are working properly for me again (on both my computer and my phone). I didn't change anything on my end but whatever the issue was seems to be fixed now. This is what it looked like for me while I was having problems (now that the problem is gone I can actually upload this):
  2. to answer my own question: When the same Item ID appears twice in a ResourcesAdded array, then both entries apply. The daemon that processes these lists does not appear to notice or care that it already saw that item in that port previously, when it reaches the duplicate entry.
  3. I've found more duplicate ResourcesAdded values in the Shops API (these are on us2, aka PVP Global): Port=La Habana [38], Item=Iberian Dried Pork [790] Port=Kingston / Port Royal [79], Item=Lancashire Iron [806] Port=Les Gonaïves [93], Item=Fine Fabrics [824] Port=La Tortue [96], Item=Provence Oak [829] Port=Fajardo [116], Item=Iberian Dried Pork [790] Port=Christiansted [129], Item=Norwegian Fox Fur [819] Port=Gustavia [133], Item=Cape Coast Honey [833] Port=La Désirade [139], Item=Languedoc Violins [825] Port=Fort-Royal [156], Item=Corsican Mint [823] Port=Carri
  4. Also I just tried using Safari on iPhone. Same result. It's as if the stylesheets for each page aren't loading at all (which maybe they aren't).
  5. Ever since the forum outage all I see now is raw text, without styles. This makes the forum very hard to read and some features (like going directly to unread posts in a thread) don't appear to work at all. I would attach a screenshot showing what I see except the "choose files... Click to choose files" link does nothing. F5, Ctrl-F5 and Shift-F5 did not help. JavaScript is enabled. I tried opening this forum in IE rather than Chrome and got the same result. Anybody know what I need to do to fix this? I assume it's just me seeing this otherwise I'd have expected to see complaints from o
  6. I really think this was something special, and more importantly it wasn't an event limited to just a few people in one night, it was nearly the entire French nation (at the time) over a several week period. The defense of Pedernales in particular was glorious, and it became a point of French pride that we refused to allow it to fall without a fight, even if it meant sitting inside the port for 2 hours every night just in case a flag was launched against it. The other 22 hours of each day was packed with PvP, and it mattered -- it wasn't just sinking ships for fun, it was all-out war and
  7. I think Vllad includes traders and crafters in the category of PvP players as long as they're willing to do their trading and crafting in potentially unsafe waters, in support of the greater war effort. This is one of the things that makes this such a good PvP game -- ship combat and logistics both play a role.
  8. I don't think CCCP can afford to treat France as an equal. It would look bad and people might think all that saber-rattling was empty talk and start to re-evaluate their own relationships with the Danes. So they will define a victory condition for themselves ("reduce France to one port!") and if they achieve it they will declare that they have won the war, and they will not be able to understand why we keep sinking their ships and stealing their cargoes even though they have already "won". I suppose the next step would be to demand the devs fix the game because it's obviously broken if
  9. Also, I noticed that while the API indicates which ports are in which counties, it does not actually provide the *name* of the county (only the list of all the ports in the county). I found this a curious omission.
  10. The "ResourcesAdded" array for the La Habana Shops entry has Item ID 790 (Iberian Dried Port) listed twice, once at the beginning of the array with a value of (67, 0.28) and again at the end of the array with a value of (62, 0.28). What does it mean when the same item appears in the ResourcesAdded array twice? Should the final effective value be taken as (62, 0.28), (67, 0.28) or (62+67, 0.28). This was the us2 server data if it matters.
  11. McAfee SiteAdvisor blocks that URL: An unacceptable security risk is posed by this site. McAfee Content Category: Phishing McAfee Security Rating: Red it looks like the loading bar displays, then the security screen comes up, so maybe something is being loaded from somewhere else with a problem?
  12. I don't see how curvature itself would improve the game at all, but I do see how ship visibility due to curvature could add realism tothe game and improve the sense of immersion. And I agree that switching from 2 to 3 coordinates is a huge waste of CPU time and bandwidth. Far easier to simplify it as follows: 1. In a battle instance, the earth is flat. change nothing. 2. On the open sea, ships appear to sail lower in the water the farther away you are. This would be something done client-side without any server involvement. Ships that render near your own ship (or near the camera
  13. The cost to collect a resource from a building (not counting labor) is less than the price you can sell the resource for at a port that consumes it. This makes buildings the equivalent of a money fountain, all you have to do to make money is collect resources then sell them for a profit. A labor hour requirement limits how much free money you can produce this way per day.
  14. the BR limit needs to be surpassed before the battle closes (or the 2 minute join timer needs to elapse). This means that if the current BR ratio is 300:200 (1.5x exactly) the higher side can still add another ship. Any ship they add (from Basic Cutter to Santisima) will then cause the BR to go past 1.5x, which will then prevent further joins on the higher strength side.
  15. I was thinking about the change to the XP curve in Patch 9.7 today, and wondering what tools the developers have to identify the best shape of the XP curve. For example, how many players get stuck at rank 5 for a long time because the required XP for rank 6 is a big jump but their ability to gain XP doesn't go up as much? Is there a way to measure this? If you make an adjustment, how easy is it to measure the effect when you don't reset things? How are the developers going to test whether the new curve is in the right shape if there are no testers left at rank 1 to try the new curve and
  16. moderator color change should be considered interim because the best color in the existing gray/blue UI might not be good later when the UI is redone possibly in a different color. red and purple are terrible colors in the current UI but yellow and green are readable. if colors are being adjusted I recommend also adjusting the purple color for mastercraft upgrades because it is very hard to read on the gray background (find a purple ship in the shop for an example). for battle markers, depending on the weather and time of day sometimes the dark shadow of the marker is more visible than t
  17. Yes, exactly. This is a game that is still under development, so there is still time to make it not like Monopoly. A sandbox game without comeback mechanics will devolve into a "play to crush" game where the smaller teams eventually quit or join the biggest team. If the game were to release today in its current state, I predict that within 3 years the meta will be for the majority of players to reroll to the same nation, then see how fast they can repaint the map. Then reroll to a new nation and repeat. There will still be die-hards playing the "right" way and of course for econ purposes
  18. The end goal is to have fun playing the game, that is why we are here. Yes, winning is fun. But winning by figuring out a way to prevent your opponent from fighting gives you the fun of winning by robbing your opponent of the fun of playing. Because this is a game it needs to be fun for both sides, which means removing or limiting mechanics that are only fun for one side. Taken to the extreme, this style of conquest becomes a PVE contest -- a question of which team can PVT the most ports the fastest. This is why Monopoly is hated by so many people. It is very rare for a game to be
  19. Ok, this is good. We are making some progress in identifying the issues. It does not help to call them names, "horror show" tells me you don't like it but it doesn't clarify for me the reason why. You are very clear about communicating your dislike but you rush ahead to the conclusion without giving us the reasoning that got you there. So, regarding the problem of busywork. What we have now isn't good either. When a flag is launched a notification appears on your screen for only a few moments, if you weren't watching you could miss it. You could check the map every few minutes to che
  20. Galileus, you're not taking any time to think of refinements to make the idea better. How about this: Players who want to join the attack must gather at the regional capital where the flag launches from, and register for the port battle. This allows them to join that battle as attackers. There is no cost to register (or only a very low token cost, maybe 2k-10k gold or a variable amount that depends on whether the target is shallow medium or deep). Players may register as attackers up to 30 minutes before the flag is launched, and any time after that until the battle ends (Players may
  21. There might need to be some adjustments. Scale rewards based on number of players. Maybe you should never get Compass Wood or Exceptional upgrades as a reward for fighting NPCs (this should probably apply to open world as well). 7 hours may not be a big enough delay between attacks. But these are things that can be tuned and do not necessarily mean that the idea is fundamentally flawed. An idea that needs refinement is not the same thing as a bad idea. It's possible that this is a bad idea but so far I'm not seeing why. Personally I think 7 hours is much too fast given the number of
  22. Here is how it would actually go: - Hey, Frank, go check if this time it's a real attack - It was just NPCs. I sank them (with the towers helping) and got 120K gold and some Lignum Vitae 7 hours later - Hey, Frank, go check if this time it's a real attack - NPCs again. This time I got purple Marines. My hold was still full of Lignum Vitae from before so I dumped all the Coal I got this time. 7 hours later - Hey, Frank, go check if this time it's a real attack - Just NPCs again. I think I might open an outpost here to collect all my loot. I got Compass Wood this time. 7 hours la
  23. The key thing to remember related to battle timers is that open world time is not the same as battle time. When you enter a battle, time slows down. You can spend 90 minutes inside a battle and find that several days have passed in the open world. This is important to keep in mind because of reinforcements. when somebody joins your battle 2 minutes after it began, that means that 2.4 hours have passed in the open world. In 2.4 hours the fight would already be over, there would be no point in joining. Extending the battle timer effectively means that people farther away can join the fi
  24. When I am away from home I play the game on a Dell Precision M6700 (Intel Core i7 3740QM, 16GB DDR3-1600, Quadro K3000M 2GB, 17.3" 1920x1080). Runs fine.
  25. Something we've been seeing more of lately is when one enemy rams another enemy in order to sink their ship, in order to prevent it from being captured (i.e. it is better for your Victory to get sunk than to allow it to be captured by the enemy, even if getting sunk means getting rammed by a friendly). Technically this is green-on-green damage but I don't imagine it ever gets reported because it's desired (even requested I think) by the player getting sunk. I suppose there is still risk for the captain doing the ramming, if the ramming damage is enough to give him kill credit then he migh
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