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  1. He didn´t say the Basic Cutter will go away (removed), he said, the BC being used to swarm other players is a temporarily problem, and this behaviour will most likely go away.
  2. Just noticed that this thread is in the tribunal... @admin or mods Well feel free to delete my posts. ;(
  3. Sure he could, but the way they are doing it now allows both of them to have fleet traders... Besides that ,a counter tag is somehow realistic since one ships "attacks" the enemies to slow them down enough so the other ship can escape. And then the other ship will still be on OW and attackable. Quite a difference if you ask me.
  4. Maybe it is you who don´t get that you may have chosen the wrong "faction"? You knew what you were picking, and now it´s you guys who want to have more stuff. You do not have to get involved in RvR as pirate, you could actually play as pirate and capture ships instead of wanting to build them. Do missions or capture traders then buy anything up to 5th rate and go pirating. Do not chose pirate and act like a national. I blame devs for not being "hardcore" when they decided to create the current pirate model like it is, but I also blame players that pick pirates and act like natio
  5. Too bad they couldn´t make their trading ships invisible back then... Honestly man, you can´t be serious. This exploit makes it impossible to attack/sink/capture their trading ships->game breaking.
  6. Neither nor... They are a bastardized nation. They shouldn´t get involved in RvR at all. I guess the average freebooter would not care about politics, he would care about getting plenty of loot.
  7. flawless logic.. They didn´t bring cannons to not waste 2million gold, instead they only waste their unarmed ships? If they would really wanted to save money they wouldn´t have shown up, or escaped as soon as they realized they wouldn´t stand a chance (IF this wouldn´t have been an arranged PB for valuable marks...)
  8. ...player who exploit a game are never a symptome, they are a problem!
  9. What would be the goal of those changes?
  10. So wie es aussieht wissen das zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt nicht einmal die Devs selber.
  11. Wasn´t it like 15 knots hard limit in instances? @testing Why don´t you give us access to all ships, if you want us to test these things? A few aren´t buildable and the others would take way too much work to build (on a test server that could be wiped anytime). I´m pretty sure you devs have dev tools and are able to spawn any ship/item you like, so go ahead and test them or give us redeemables to test them.
  12. -The brits showed up after we allready intercepted the flag...and it wasn´t a secret that we would attack road town to take it from the pirates to defend our homewater and the window was visible even for the brits... -how can we know if you guys have production in this port or not and it doesn´t matter if you had, you gave that port to the pirates (our enemies) so they could attack our homewaters, we had to react and not wait if we could actually believe you after you gave the port away -your flag leader had no clan and joined RUS clan the day after -we didn´t wanna keep that port we
  13. And they have lots of room to the west and south-west to expand their territory where no enemy capital is even close.
  14. No Rosaly and Roseau are the nearest silver ports. PS: I wouldn´t call that in the middle of their homewaters, just take a look how much "room" they have. It´s more like in the middle of there northern waters (upper 1/3).
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