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  1. He didn´t say the Basic Cutter will go away (removed), he said, the BC being used to swarm other players is a temporarily problem, and this behaviour will most likely go away.
  2. Devs promised us that we will keep our ranks/xp, and then they realized that this means we will all start maxed out and tried to make our rank less usefull. (not the only requirement to use a ship at max efficiency). If you grind through all the ships you will most likely have gained more xp then you need for max cpt. rank. A clever and mean way to make us all start over again.
  3. Yes I am, and I do not only want to take away from them, I want them to act like pirates, so they can be treated like pirates and be given their own mechanics. If you act like a national, you will get treated like a national. I mean how many of you pirates do actually play like a pirate? Why do you join pirates if you still want to take part in RvR? You know you can technically take part, but you will be at a disadvantage (unless the player uses multiple accounts which makes all those restrictions useless) and yet you ask for stuff to be more competitive in RvR? And just to make it clear, I do not have a personal problem with you, I just don´t understand why you think you should/have to get involved in RvR and crafting allthough you flying the black flag? Treat those RvR or crafting mechanics that you still have as leftover code, and show the devs that there are actually enough players who want to act like pirates. Maybe then they will have the motivation to do some coding work and give you piratey mechanics?
  4. Just noticed that this thread is in the tribunal... @admin or mods Well feel free to delete my posts. ;(
  5. Sure he could, but the way they are doing it now allows both of them to have fleet traders... Besides that ,a counter tag is somehow realistic since one ships "attacks" the enemies to slow them down enough so the other ship can escape. And then the other ship will still be on OW and attackable. Quite a difference if you ask me.
  6. Maybe it is you who don´t get that you may have chosen the wrong "faction"? You knew what you were picking, and now it´s you guys who want to have more stuff. You do not have to get involved in RvR as pirate, you could actually play as pirate and capture ships instead of wanting to build them. Do missions or capture traders then buy anything up to 5th rate and go pirating. Do not chose pirate and act like a national. I blame devs for not being "hardcore" when they decided to create the current pirate model like it is, but I also blame players that pick pirates and act like nationals (wanting to craft and capture ports). The devs wanted to make the game way more "hardcore" (challenging) but yet they don´t alter the mechanics so that they are real pirates . Maybe they don´t want to put that much coding work in it? Again: Do not chose pirates if you want RvR and crafting, and then complain about their disadvantages regarding RvR and crafting... It is the players that treat the Pirates as a RvR nation..because the game mechanic still allows it. I hope one day devs finally remove those mechanics and maybe we won´t see any pirates that are asking for something that has nothing to do with being a pirate. If most Pirate players would be acting like pirates, devs would maybe see the need to give them pirate mechanics instead of what we have now. Acting like a nation but still wanting to be something else doesn´t really fit in my opinion. Wouldn´t you like a real pirate experience more instead of this half baked nation?
  7. Too bad they couldn´t make their trading ships invisible back then... Honestly man, you can´t be serious. This exploit makes it impossible to attack/sink/capture their trading ships->game breaking.
  8. Neither nor... They are a bastardized nation. They shouldn´t get involved in RvR at all. I guess the average freebooter would not care about politics, he would care about getting plenty of loot.
  9. Keep it as it is or remove even more of the BPs. Pirates aren´t ship builders, they are meant to capture ships they want to use... I hope one day the devs will actually make them pirates and not a "bastard" nation.
  10. flawless logic.. They didn´t bring cannons to not waste 2million gold, instead they only waste their unarmed ships? If they would really wanted to save money they wouldn´t have shown up, or escaped as soon as they realized they wouldn´t stand a chance (IF this wouldn´t have been an arranged PB for valuable marks...)
  11. ...player who exploit a game are never a symptome, they are a problem!
  12. I wonder how much "fish meat" the kraken will supply when I killed him. ;P
  13. Oh boy, I´m sorry,I didn´t know that you are "the guy" who has the insight of what exactly caused the players to leave (?your?) server. If you are pro TP = bad player...lmao
  14. Well I don´t see how teleporting your char without any "gear" is bad for the game or would affect others players, while it is officially allowed to have several accounts.
  15. Or just keep the no limit/cooldown for TP.
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